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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover

October 12, 2009 by  

Last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives is all about the past and how it comes back to haunt you. Gabby’s former lover John is back to cause some problems between Gabby and Carlos and the Bolens are desperately trying to hide their problematic past.

John Rowland is back in town and now owns a restaurant. And who applies for a hostess job there? Ana, of course. John goes to visit Carlos to ask for his permission to hire his niece and he gets it, albeit reluctantly. John’s reemergence immediately causes tension for Carlos and Gabby. Carlos thinks Gabby still has some semblance of feelings for John based on her reaction to the news that John hired Ana to work in his restaurant. In typical Gabby style she proves her point by making a scene; her speech to Carlos in the restaurant was dramatic but she proved her point. And I believed her- until she whipped out a hidden photo of her and John later on. I’m hoping she doesn’t end up back in bed with John but I have a feeling that I’m going to be disappointed.

Carlos offered Lynette a new job as senior vice president; a job that comes with a company car, an expense account, and a 50% salary bump. Lynette of course accepts, only for Carlos to immediately reveal that he chose her because the other candidate was pregnant. Lynette now has no choice but to hide her pregnancy from both Carlos and Gabby until she can prove that she’s able to handle her new position. There’s no way this is going to end well. Carlos is certainly going to find out sooner rather then later but I don’t think he’ll be legally able to fire her. Lynette’s decision to keep this a secret from Gabby is also likely to cause tension.

Bree and Karl are continuing their affair but they’re also moving onto entirely new ground; both of them think they have feelings for the other whether they like it or not. I like Bree and Karl together and hope that they’ll last and that Orson will eventually get sick of blackmailing Bree to stay with him. I doubt that that will happen however; as Orson seems convinced that Bree is still in love with him.

Susan is still convinced that Danny Bolen strangled Julie even thought there is no evidence to tie him to the crime. After the police release him, Susan takes matters into her own hands and first physically threatens Danny and then begins to tarnish his reputation. The scene where she was threatening Danny while he was under the car was disturbing. She could have easily killed him and her actions crossed the line. The fact that Angie forgave Susan at the end of the episode after Susan’s previous actions is unbelievable.

As far as the Bolens go, all we know is that they’re not actually the Bolens. Angie alluded to raising Danny while on the run so we can also assume they’ve been on the run for quite some time. I’m curious as to why they’re on the run; right now my theories are that they either committed a serious crime, are part of the mob, or maybe are in the witness protection program.

What do you guys think about the Bolens? Are they a danger to Wisteria Lane or people on the run? Tell me your thoughts about tonight’s episode below.

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