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Hey Smallville fans! Huge happenings on Smallville this week. Although it just returned (did that take forever or what?) there was plenty of news while Clark Kent was on break! Not only is Mama Kent coming back to town but Annette O’Toole’s real life husband, aka Perry White, has been confirmed as a guest star later this season! We also have the two hour Smallville movie airing next week that was written by Comic Book extraordinaire Geoff Johns!

What else is coming down the pike? The possibility that Smallville could be returning for a tenth season! And while this doesn’t exactly jive with our current Smallville characters, did anyone see Pete Ross on Blue Mountain State? After the drug bust I didn’t think he would be back on the small screen? Anyways…back to last night’s ep!

The rundown…

This newest hour of Smallville centered on Oliver’s dark past coming back to haunt him. Boy, was the Dark Archer a massive package of muscle or what. Also back in the thick of things were of course the couple of the hour, Lois and Clark. I say “couple of the hour” because I have a strong feeling the writers will be pulling the plug on CK and Lois’ current love fest after last night’s developments. On to that later. Chloe was back to her usual; Zod and Mia were also around. There was however no Tess. I’m sure she’ll be back next week.

Anyone who watches Smallville knows that part of the weekly ritual of the show is watching the characters dodge death. This week was different. The Dark Archer wanted to be killed, and by Oliver at that. Now we know where Olly went after his long Island vacation. He doesn’t however want to be part of the secret society which entails killing off your mentor. Mia managed to get involved in the major maze dilemma as well.

When it comes to Mia I’m somewhat torn. I just don’t know where her character fits in. She’s a new face yes, but her Mentor/student role with Oliver wasn’t what I expected to see since the Green Arrow is a walking mess since Jimmy’s death. The scene where she sneaks up on him fully decked out as a Ninja was kind of off the mark as well.

And while everyone is wondering if Oliver has gone Jekyll and Hide, Lois is in the hospital recuperating from an arrow to the side of the chest. Lois has officially become Smallville’s human target now that Clark can’t hide what really matters to him. Clark’s latest problem is Zod’s demand for help.

Zod wants Clark to help get the Cryptonians powers back or things will get messy. This whole dilemma will most likely play out until seasons end now that Clark is torn between races, keeping Lois safe and Zod under control. He also has worries about Chloe. She has been different this season. Chloe has always been one of my favorites. Now she’s grown secretive and looks to be going dark side. I don’t think she’s our next villain or anything I just think she’s willing to break some serious rules this season!

All in all I thought the first episode back was pretty good. Next week will definitely be better! This week’s episode seemed to prep the characters storyline’s for where they stand in next week’s two hour stint with Hawkeye, Dr Fate and Stargirl. What did you think of this week’s return? What do you expect to see next week?

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