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24 – Day 8: 5:00am – 6:00am

March 30, 2010 by  

Is anyone else enjoying “24” nostalgia since Friday. If you didn’t see the news, or guess from tonight’s promo, it was announced on Friday that this would be the last season of “24.” And, while it’s sad, I’m pretty happy that they’re going out now and that we have had some awesome episodes to turn this “24” train in the right direction.


  • Tarin and Samir arrive at a warehouse where the bomb is being assembled. They start the process of putting the nuclear rods in the bomb and sending Tarin to drive it to its location.
  • CTU attempted to track the two of them after they left the boat, but Dana conveniently cut the feed as they were getting close. They lost them, so Hastings calls the President, Ethan, and Rob, and tells them that he cannot secure the safety of Manhattan. They convene the joint chiefs and the President asks Jack to personally escort the Hassan family to safety.
  • Samir calls the President and tells her that if she doesn’t get President Hassan to turn himself over to them in one hour, they will detonate the bomb. She refuses to do this, but Rob and the Sec. of Defense disagree and begin to set up a stealth strike to make it look like the terrorists took Hassan.
  • While Rob and Sec. Butthole are snooping Ethan’s computer, he has a heart attack. Rob wants to back out of the plan, but it’s too late at this point.
  • While escorting the Hassans, Jack figures out something is wrong and sends them all into retreat mode. They get into a huge firefight. At the end of it all, Jack finds out that, in less than 15 minutes, the terrorists will detonate the bomb unless they get Hassan.

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

My, my, that was a lot, wasn’t it? Well, I’m glad, because this really felt old school, hence the “24” nostalgia I’ve been feeling. We had all of the ingredients in a great episode.

We had a grandiose, inspiring speech from a president standing up for what she believed in, no matter the cost. This was wrapped in another great ethics debate between Rob, Ethan and the President. A great debate is one where you know, for plot reasons, which way things will swing, but you could definitely see both sides of the argument. If, after this ride that we call “24” is over and you’re jonesing for something to sink your teeth into, check out the book “Philosophy and 24.” It examines a lot of these issues that they talk about in different episodes.

We had a kinda dumb, implausible subplot. Ethan having the big one was really ridiculous. I thought, at first, it was all an act that Ethan was putting on to distract Rob and the Secretary. But, no. Alas, it was real and highly unbelievable. But, it happened and we move on, I suppose.

We had a badass moment from an unlikely character. Who knew that President Hassan could shoot from 100 yards out? I certainly didn’t! There were just awesome moments from Jack, Hassan, and the President tonight. This weekend, for a post over on my personal blog, I was putting together a list of memorable “24” moments. It brought me such joy to think about the great, over-the-top things that have happened in the course of the show and I think tonight’s episode added some to the list.

Things I Learned…

  • Daughters are worthless when running.
  • The Secretary of Defense always hates the government or the person in charge of it.

Weekly Kill Count = 10 Total Kill Count = 45

Do you think the President should have just given Hassan up? Are you ready to say goodbye to “24”?


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