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What Happened on THE BACHELORETTE?

August 2, 2010 by  

Ali wasn’t the only one shedding tears during tonight’s finale of THE BACHELORETTE. For the first time since Trista Rehn was the woman looking for love, I invested my time in this series. And for it to end the way it did, was a mixture of joy and sadness.

So who did Ali choose? Was it Chris? Robert? Neither? Find out after the break.

Before we find out who Ali chose tonight, I have to apologize for the lack of details in this post. I made the big mistake of recording the show rather than watching live. (With all my built up anticipation I couldn’t imagine being able to sit through commercials.) But my fatal error was not checking the DVR every few minutes, because the show didn’t record as planned.

How cruel?!

I can tell you this. Ali’s family loved both Roberto and Chris. When she left them, it wasn’t clear which man she was leaning towards.

But that all changed…much quicker than anyone expected.

Ali knew which man she wanted to be with and that man was Roberto. And rather than putting Chris the agony of the final rose ceremony, Ali ended it with him the day before.

So on the final day, when Robert arrived for the rose ceremony, unbeknownst to him, he was the only man left standing. Ali put it all on the line in the hopes that Roberto loved her in the same way she loved him. In the end, her dreams came true. Roberto got down on one knee and proposed. Ali said YES and the two set off to live happily ever after.

As for where the two are in their relationship today? It’s time to find out as “After the Final Rose” is about to begin.

Stay tuned to GIVE ME MY REMOTE for more of Ali and Roberto. Will their relationship beat the odds? Will they make it to the altar? Or did it end before it really began? I’ll be updating throughout the show, so keep refreshing.

But weigh in now. Did Ali choose the right man? Was Roberto the guy for her? Will it be announced that Chris will be the next BACHELOR (fingers crossed!)

After the Final Rose

  • Well, it seems that Ali and Roberto are still going strong. She is wearing the ring and a BIG smile. Roberto hasn’t joined her on the show yet, but I’m anxious to see them together.
  • Frank was supposed to appear on the show and talk to Ali about leaving her, but at the last minute, he bailed. When asked, Ali said that she does forgive Frank and wishes him well with his new love and life.
  • Chris sat down with Chris Harrision. The poor guy  had to suffer through the footage of him getting dumped…again. But he looked damn fine! The Cape Cod summer has been good to him.
  • Chris was asked if he was over Ali, and he evaded the question, but he said he learned a lot from their relationship, and he didn’t seem to hold any grudges. There was no anger.
  • Ali and Chris reunited for the first time since Tahiti and it was sweet.  The first thing he did was congratulate her. Aw, I love this guy! If they don’t announce that he’s the new BACHELOR I’m going to flip my lid. When Chris Harrison asked if there was anything he wanted to ask Ali, the first words out of his mouth were “Are you happy?” I’m going to murder this guy…love him!  He went on to ask Ali what she learned from their relationship. She gave a generic answer. Chris thanked Ali for letting him go the day before; for not putting him through the stress of the final day and the final rose ceremony.
  • Who knew “After the Final Rose” would make me bawl. (Forgive me if they showed this during the episode, but with my aforementioned DVR issues, it’s new to me.) I guess Chris told Ali that before his mom died, she said to look for her in rainbows.  Right after Ali broke Chris’s heart, she looked to the sky and saw a huge rainbow…it was captured on film. She knew in that moment, Chris’s mother was taking care of him. Ali recalled that she was crying, the crew was crying. Someone pass me a tissue!
  • Roberto finally reunited with Ali for the first time publicly since their engagement and they were all kinds of adorable. It seems he’s been hiding out down in South Carolina. Ali said she hasn’t been there. No wonder they are still together…they haven’t seen each other in months. HA!
  • The two seem very much in love. Here’s to hoping they can find a way to make it last. The two of them have rented a place and they will be living together in San Diego.  No firm plans on the wedding, but they have talked about getting hitched as soon as the Spring or Summer. But first they need to start living their lives…and the show will send them off in style. The two boarded a helicopter and were whisked off to a romantic vacation on Catalina Island.
  • According to Reality Steve, the ultimate BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE spoiler guy, Chris will be the next BACHELOR…if he wants it. Here’s to hoping he wants it. I need to see Chris happy.

So that’s another season of THE BACHELORETTE. Ali found what she was looking for, did you?


3 Responses to “What Happened on THE BACHELORETTE?”

  1. Emily on August 3rd, 2010 11:31 am

    I actually really enjoyed this finale. She really couldn’t have made a bad choice. I’m happy for Ali and Roberto, but I was team Chris from day one. What a total class act! The whole rainbow thing left me a blubbering mess. As much as I would love to see his sweet self on my TV again, I’m kinda hoping he’s not the next Bachelor. I’d be more happy if he just went back home and found him a great, normal girl. I don’t want see the trashtastic show corrupt him. Now, to get myself out to Cape Cod… 😉

  2. Jill on August 3rd, 2010 12:02 pm

    I agree with Emily — part of me doesn’t want to see Chris be the next bachelor, it’s like he’s better than that. Although, if he agrees to it, I’ll be glued to the screen for that season!

  3. Insurance on August 3rd, 2010 11:07 pm

    Chris is a nice man but I dont know much about the show.