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FRINGE Scoop: Is Olivia Coming Home in November? Producers Spill

October 25, 2010 by  

Is Olivia returning home to “our” universe this November?

The promo that aired after the last new episode of FRINGE said that would be the case and I was shocked by the bombshell. After all, if it’s true, that’s a major spoiler to drop via “next time on FRINGE,” no?

So, when I stalked talked with show producers Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman and Akiva Goldsman at the Meltdown Comics event last night, naturally that was the first question I posed.

Is it true?

“No,” Wyman answered.

Rats! It seems we’ve been duped by the Fox promo department. So when might Olivia return to our side?

“[Olivia] will return eventually,” Pinkner said.

“Sometime between November and, oh, say, the end of time,” Goldsman joked.

“Fox was a little bit premature with that [promo],” Pinkner shared. “In fact, we said to them, ‘This is a little premature’ and they said, ‘But she will be returning’ and we can’t deny that.”

However, they’re mum on when that return will be. They are quite the cryptic crew.

Are you disappointed, FRINGE fans? Or are you cool with this storyline playing out a bit longer?


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66 Responses to “FRINGE Scoop: Is Olivia Coming Home in November? Producers Spill”

  1. Jenny on October 25th, 2010 3:48 pm

    That sucks. I thought maybe I’d finally get to start watching this season. 🙁 lol I’ve been saving them up on my DVR, cause I hate this storyline. Bleh.

  2. Marisa Roffman on October 25th, 2010 4:32 pm

    Jenny, I will say they’ve handled it surprisingly well. You might find yourself liking it if you give it a chance 🙂

  3. Shelly B on October 25th, 2010 4:37 pm

    I’m cool with it. Things are complicated right now in both dimensions, so I would rather see the writers bring Liv back when it makes more sense than have it rushed. Now how can we rush the next new episode? 😉

  4. Elliot on October 25th, 2010 4:57 pm

    I too am sick of this storyline. They’ve made it slower than paint drying, and less fun. And the whole F***livia is better than Olivia thing is just pervy.

  5. mlj102 on October 25th, 2010 8:46 pm

    I’m happy with it simply because I would rather not have a plot detail that significant be revealed so that I know when to expect it. I’m not against spoilers, but things that big should be something you discover during an episode as it happens, not a month in advance.

    And it doesn’t bother me that it might not be happening in November, simply because I really am fascinated by the story of our Olivia on the other side. To those who said it was boring or slow or uninteresting, I completely disagree. I think they have done an incredible job telling that story and making it believable and completely captivating. Now alternate Olivia over here is another story… I don’t understand how they can do such an amazing job on the one story, yet practically fail 100% on the other story.

    But I’m just getting off topic. Of course I’m anxious for Olivia to return over here. But if they keep up with the wonderful over there stories and they make the over here stories more engaging and believable, then I have no problem if they keep her over there a little bit longer.

  6. Alex on October 25th, 2010 9:05 pm

    I’m happy for Olivia to stay in the Alternate universe for a while longer so we can explore the world over there as long as the storyline of Altivia pretending to be our Olivia becomes exposed. I still don’t buy how our Fringe team, mainly Peter, can’t tell the difference. I’m hoping Peter’s just pretending to be fooled because seriously how long will they drag it out?

  7. hector on October 26th, 2010 1:51 am

    Its nice to see how our Liv over there feels cozy as faux Olivia. Its also nice seeing how she can now handle her pros (eg: great aim). Give them time, let them develop the plot as they like, i dont think it could go any better

  8. KIlburn Hall on October 26th, 2010 3:31 pm

    Fringe labeled one of ten shows to be canceled this season:

    Now don;t get me wrong- I loved Fringe seasons 1 and 2. It was very X-Files- going where X-Files failed to go with Fringe’s paranormal investigations. LIke X-Files which got carried away with all the martian crap and led to the defection of David Duchovny, Fringe writers have taken the show plot in a 180 and turned it into nothing more than a spy vs. spy or universe vs. universe crap. Fringe writers making the same mistake X-Files made and that’s why Fringe will most certaintly be canceled this season. Season 3 sucks!

    The cutting edge writing of the first two seasons is gone. The X-Files feel is gone. Fringe should have done an X-Files and released a full-length motion picture after season two explaining the us versus them universe then returned with season 3 and resumed paranormal investigations.

    As it is- I have lost interest in Fringe. Anna Torval and Joshua Jackson bore me to tears and they should have let John Noble drop his pants in Do Sheep Dream of Electic Sleep? Might have infused some life into this oxygen deprived show.


  9. Patty on October 26th, 2010 3:43 pm

    I love Fringe in general. I have been watching it since it started, but I want Olivia to come home! Peter should be with the real Olivia, not Bolivia!! Things are getting way too complicated in a way they could never be normal again. What does this mean for Peter and the real Olivia once she FINALLY comes home? I still love the show, but I just wonder where it is going. I definately do not want it to be taken off the air, though!

  10. Kristy on October 26th, 2010 3:58 pm

    UGH!!! Bring her home already! I love the Walter, Peter, Olivia dynamic. That is the main reason I watch the show in the first place, now without the real Olivia, it isn’t the same. They BETTER bring her home during November sweeps or I will be ticked!
    The only good part about the alternate universe is Charlie. I was also ticked when they killed him off. So, writers, please bring Olivia back and have her bring Charlie with her!

  11. Debbie on October 26th, 2010 4:23 pm

    I LOVE this show, I had heard there was a possibility for cancellation and I am hoping that is not true! This is a great show with a great cast. Every week you see something new. Peter and Olivia are very dynamic together and they have great chemistry.

    Walter (in our universe) always cracks me up with some of the things he comes up with, poor Astrid LOL.

    This is truly a wonderful and creative show, I hope it stays that way and stays on TV.

  12. Lee on October 26th, 2010 6:17 pm

    I absolutely HATE this storyline. FRINGE was supposed to be about strange phenomenon. A different storyline with each episode. I don’t care to watch anymore. I am going to delete it off my DVR. By the way, I never leave comments like this but I hate it so much that I want someone to hear our cries and get rid of that storyline. An evil, deceitful and conniving Olivia Dunham….bad idea!

  13. sohccahtoa on October 26th, 2010 8:32 pm

    NO I am not “cool” with it, please make it hurry up and end. Make “bolivia” see that our world isnt as evil as she thinks it is, and then make Olivia come back. Don’t make Olivia and Peter get together either because it suxx balls. And hurry up with the “peter machine” revelation because it really isnt that interesting to drag for AGES

  14. sohccahtoa on October 26th, 2010 8:33 pm

    ALTHOUGH! I am in love with Charlie! So I’d miss him…Can’t Olivia take him with her *sigh*

  15. Jon Powell on October 26th, 2010 10:51 pm

    I love the show and where it’s going. I think as long as JJ can keep bringing in the bucks from star trek revenue, he should fuel the show with more creepy sh!t. One of the things that I’m looking forward to is a scene with the army of shape-shifters. A movie epic style scene that looks high budget? Unheard of! I hope JJ pulls it off.

  16. Stacie on October 27th, 2010 6:20 am

    Fringe is not getting cancelled anytime soon. The ratings might be low when you compare it to other shows, but Thursday night has the toughest line with the most competition for ratings. Fringe is the only show that can pull in those kind of numbers on a Thursday night because of diehards like us!

    To the main topic, I love the current story line and for those of you that hate it, sorry. They have been working towards this since season one, and all the little hints they were dropping during the first two seasons drove people like me nuts. I do agree that the here episodes are a bit lacking, like they are pushing the faux Olivia, spy part. I do love the over there episodes especially when Olivia sees Peter. (And props to John Noble for switching roles so well!) I also think they’ve made it very clear that neither universe is bad or good. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  17. Mr PI on October 27th, 2010 9:24 am

    I DO like season 3. I was quite aware that the first two seasons were just some kind of “foreplay” for the real plot to unravel itself.

    The first two seasons were okay, but why should we see the same pattern again and again until season 9? I do like changes, if they’re done as great as in this case. But yes, many viewers HATE change and might be unhappy right now.

    I guess, we will have another season regarding this conflict of the two dimensions and then they solve it somehow and other scary things are happening again. There should be an infinite amount of alternative dimensions after all …

    Around season 7 I would like to see the observers become the enemy (or maybe their enemy appears and endangers all dimensions by distroying one after another). Walter already said that aliens might have taken away the humans capability of paranormal abilities. How about the observers did it for some reason?

    Anyway, this show is great. I love the acting! They are doing a great job with their characters and the dialogues are awesome as well. I would realy like to talk to Mr. Noble about Walter and Walternate … it’s fascinating!

    Let’s hopre for 20 seasons!

  18. Mr PI on October 27th, 2010 9:33 am

    Ah, sorry about this second post, but I was just thinking …

    – Yes, so far Fringe was like the X-files for 2 seasons.

    – What if it is going to be like sliders for another 2 seasons (jumping into other dimensions .. maybe being lost there or just trying to safe them from destruction???) and is then similar to lost (being trapped in some strange kind of space between the dimensions??? Maybe in the home of the observers???)?

    – It would be funny to have those kind of changes in the content of the show. I would see it as a great experiment … a show that is always changing, but keeps the same quality level!

  19. David on October 27th, 2010 1:28 pm

    I’m not the least bit surprised Olivia will not be returning right now. In the preview referred to in this story it was Peter talking to Olivia. She’s been having hallucinations of him, so I assumed it was another hallucination. Speculating on this was a silly waste of time.

  20. Fabsie on October 28th, 2010 5:50 am

    I am so so desapointed, the writers have really no imagination, bringing up that story of the bad slutivia, for me this show is not just about Peter and Olivia getting together, althought it was so interesting to see how Olivia came to this obvious conclusion that she loves Peter, it was a lot more. The writters just want to bring some hot scenes, to gain new viewers, dispite what the real fans can feel about this, it’s like they destroyed all they built in the two first amazing seasons. I kind of feel betrayed, I was waiting for Fringe return this fall, I like episodes with Olivia, but really Bolivia’s storyline, I don’t buy it for a second, even if Anna Torv is a great actress, the story is way to unbelievable, Bolivia is supposed to have a boyfriend, and the theories about Peter not being fooled, but knowing he is sleeping with the ennemy, wouldn’t it pop to his mind, if this one is not Olivia, where is the Olivia he was supposed to love ? It has no credibility. And as last year it is so slow, it’s not moving on fast enough, so for me who only has interest for episode with Olivia, it’s like I only had two episodes to watch so far, I hope they have a good reason to choose this storyline, but honestly I doubt… Anyway I’m gonna keep watching, it was my favourite serie, I am really sad believe me…

  21. Helen on October 28th, 2010 9:55 am

    This whole plotline of Peter getting it on with altenate Olivia is unwatchable, come on. Peter is not a moron. Peter knows there are two Olivia’s, yet he can’t tell the difference? Please fix this, I don’t think fans are too thrilled with this turn of events. When is evil Olivia going to see her dead sister and niece, that’s far more pleasant than than seeing Peter act the fool. Please make her more human, at this point she is too much of a b#@$%. I also really like the other plotline of good Olivia in the alternate dimension, but I hopes she comes home soon.

  22. Matthew M on October 28th, 2010 5:33 pm

    Are you negative whiners watching the same series I am?
    This series has been excellent from the getgo. No matter what happens, you won’t be happy. I had hoped the people who left comments here would be more intelligent than the one’s over at SyFy or TrekMovie but no luck. Maybe you are these same people!
    Let see how you whine when you find out about the 3rd. universe – boy yo will all freak I’m sure!
    Now, go stand in the corner on a time out for the rest of your lives.

  23. Anne on October 28th, 2010 5:45 pm

    Kllburn Hall, if you want to watch X-Files again and again, so buy the dvds! I was a great fan of X-files and I kind of liked it when Fringe was x-filesque in the beginning. But hey, Fringe isn’t X-Files! And I think it gets better and better as it has now its own “personality”.
    I LOVE this show and I think the writers are simply genius and doing an amazing job. And the acting is perfect. Anna Torv in “Do shapeshifters…” was awesome!
    I hope they won’t cancel it cause it would really suck.

  24. Jody Johnson on October 28th, 2010 11:14 pm

    Loved the first two seasons, HATE this new storyline. Now they’ve taken the Peter/other Olivia to a place where it can never be the same for the real Olivia. She should be back after a few shows, not months. Each show I become a little less interested. At least I can DVR it and fast forward. It’s just not the same and other Olivia is not likable. Olivia’s “likability” is one of the things I liked the most about the show.

    Well, there’s always another show coming down the pike. I guess writers can’t stay on one for too long…

  25. Fabsie on October 29th, 2010 4:12 am

    Common Mathew M, we are not whiners as you say, I don’t have any problem with parralel universes, if there were many it would be great. What I’m saying is that the storyline with Bolivia is empty, has no credibility, and instead of having a real plotline it is just about Bolivia and Peter doing it.

  26. Mr PI on October 29th, 2010 7:42 am

    @ Fabsie

    What if Peter knows about Bolivia? As you said, he can’t be THAT stupid, beeing such a smart guy otherwise. Maybe he’s just trying go get some information about what happend to Golivia and when and how to get her back. At least, it would be more credible, I guess (think about the “Dancing” and the “Interest in Music” and the “you are different, since you’ve come back”).

    If it’s not like that, then … well … he’s intelligent, but he’s not very smart. Nobody is perfect.

    Anyway, the show is so much more, than this. So try enjoing Walter or the many misteries 😉

  27. Fabsie on October 29th, 2010 8:08 am

    To Mr. Pl – About Peter and Bolivia, if Peter knows she is not Olivia, I don’t don’t think he would pass the last step with her, as he is supposed to be in love with Olivia, it has no sense. For the show of course it is more than this to me, but it is the leading event in the Bolivia storyline as the plotline is not very strong or clear, so it’s hard to get over it, and it will definitely have an impact on Olivia. Of course I love Walter, John Noble is really amazing, Anna Torv is a great actress too, so I’m gonna keep watching, catching all the good left I can.

  28. Noelle on October 29th, 2010 9:22 am

    I don’t really like the fact that you jump from one universe to the other every week. Fringe is kind of losing my attention that way. It might be a good thing that Olivia won’t be returning in November yet, because the feeling will be much better when she returns after a long period of time. I hope the episodes will get a bit more interesting cause I see a cancellation coming otherwise. 🙁 I loved season 1&2 a lot, so I keep watching, hoping it will reach that level again!

  29. seadog76 on October 29th, 2010 4:04 pm

    I’ve been a fan since the very beginning and will continue to be, for as long as the writing and acting continues to be outstanding. The only trouble I’m having is with the whiners who complain about the good vs bad Olivia’s. Or how they dislike the show alternating between the two Universes. I get that some people have limited imaginations and/or short attention spans, but enough already! I’ve always been an avid reader, alternating between 2 and 3 novels at a time. So I’m accustomed to following multiple storylines at once, so as NOT to become bored, or to see the ending coming. The naysayers should at least try to allow for the series to change things up so that the series does not become predictable. If the viewers pull out now, the series will end for sure. I hope the viewers hang in there and expand their imaginations instead of always expecting or anticipating the “obvious”. Which is just another word for boring.

  30. cinthy on October 29th, 2010 5:22 pm

    I love the show and they have to do it like that so it would continue to be interesting! although I want to see olivia (good) with peter again i love the couple ♥

  31. h2olilly on October 30th, 2010 11:08 pm

    We are making the assumption that Bolivia and Peter have now slept together because of the last show. BUT, they were just groping each other. I bet they start the next show with a phone ringing or something that puts the sex off for a bit longer.

    Now I am a fan of the show and love all the characters but they are making Peter look like an idiot. After all the time he has spent with Olivia he can’t see the difference? Her wig looks funny…little joke about here hair not looking the same. (OK maybe she isn’t wearing a wig but she can’t be dying her hair all the time.)

    I do like the story line of Olivia being on the other side. Writers are doing a good job over there. Maybe they will some how figure out how to send Bolivia home and away.

  32. h2olilly on October 30th, 2010 11:10 pm

    Oh but forgot to end by saying I do want Olivia to make it back home soon and for the show to continue investigating the weird and unknown. 🙂

  33. brian on October 30th, 2010 11:32 pm

    ohhhhhhhh mannnnnn!!!!!

  34. ForceX on October 31st, 2010 1:21 am

    I cant believe what a lot of you are posting about season 3. Personal I love what there doing this season. I find this is what I like most in a good tv show.. Some thing that you know but all you can do is wait, it makes for great suspense. But here again I find that when thing get to complicated that people loose interest. I guess that’s why there are 3 or 4 CSI shows.. Now that’s a crap series that holds your hand all the way through. Just remember this is not the X-Files. While it may have started off with that X-Files feel, it was only a means to get the show to a point to where they could really start focusing on there core story. Which they are actually doing, unlike the X-Files which only approached what they had been hinting at during the duration of the show but never actually went there. With Fringe being one of the few shows on TV that I actually look forward to watching each week; If Fringe does end up getting canceled like Terminator or Dollhouse; I’m giving up on FOX. Whats the point of getting to a show if all they do is cancel them.

  35. Bailey Raine on October 31st, 2010 5:12 pm

    You can’t make the bad guys easier to defeat (or the storyline the same) just because you don’t want your main characters to have any hurdles to jump. That being said, I think this storyline is a great direction to take the Fringe team. It challenges them without them doing the same old thing. But just because it’s good doesn’t mean that I like it. I want things to be easy for Peter and Olivia, but I understand why they are doing it. I am more worried about the show ending (rumored…not truth) with out closure. So, please watch, even though your faith in the producers is not that high.

  36. TER on November 1st, 2010 1:46 am


  37. PeBo on November 1st, 2010 4:59 pm

    Funny how folks differ on things. I can’t believe the people who are saying they are not enjoying the current story line, as I’m finding it the best season of the series. The season is proving to be one of the few times where FoxTV has credited it’s viewers with a modicum of intelligence, and it would be a tragedy if Fringe followed in the footsteps of Invasion, Journeymen, Firefly and Defying Gravity as shows which failed, not because they lacked an audience or above average writing, but simply because the networks are not willing to suffer periodic and temporary viewership (read dollars) loses to support superior television.

    Then again, that’s why the viewers are flocking en-masse to AMC, HBO and Showtime where quality of programming trumps all else, and providing high-brow cerebral entertainment is becoming the new business model.

    Fox and it’s traditional TV brethren had better start paying attention. They could all easily go the way of the Dumont network. The mighty DO fall, they simply fall harder.

    Don’t remember the Dumont network?? My case in point.

    I’ve already removed ABC and CTV from my remote as a result of them ignoring fans and canceling Defying Gravity, I have no problem removing Fox as well if the end of Fringe is upon us.

    Finally to those who keep turning the dial as soon as plot lines “slow down” below your attention span, shouldn’t you be in bed by 8pm??? Do Mommy and Daddy know you’re still up?

  38. Vaespertyne on November 1st, 2010 7:04 pm

    season three is spectacular! and quite brilliant at times! they’re pushing the storyline as far as it can go! parallel universes at war, man! brilliant!

  39. John on November 1st, 2010 7:51 pm

    I love season three. They’ve actually got a great a storyline going as opposed to season one where it was about that “freak of the week” garbage. Exploring the multiple worlds theory is orders of magnitude more interesting. So if you can’t wrap your minds around it THEN GO BACK TO THE 70’s!

  40. Ian on November 2nd, 2010 3:06 am

    The show ROCKS, I watch it anywhere on the internet I can find it. Love the different technology and the parallel universe. I also enjoy how both sides conduct investigations using their technology. I liked the sexual tension between Olivia and Peter, the new sex with Fauxlivia is interesting too. Great job team!

  41. Martin on November 2nd, 2010 5:14 pm

    I think this show is going just like it should, it’s random and still follows the story line that the last two seasons set up for it. I have both the first two seasons and have the last four episodes of this season on my xbox hard drive. I love the way all three seasons have come together and I know that the writers are on step ahead of all of us with the situation with Peter and alt Olivia. I personally don’t think they make it past first base when you recall the comment from Peter at the end of the episode, but who knows not us that’s for sure.
    I really hope that the show stays on air cause it’s a very well put together show hands down. For all the people that are upset about the new season there is still alot that can happen in a matter of a couple of shows especially in this well written one. Just give it a chance and I’m sure it will keep up with all the good qualities that the first two had. I would just like to say that we should all be prepared cause I think this story is about to hit hard turning point. And for those people who want more of the random outbreaks and weird story fill in’s I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a whole lot mor of that two. Thanks Fringe writers and actors for doing a awsome job and keep up the great work.

  42. Chris Fox on November 3rd, 2010 1:02 pm

    2 universes. 2 populations. As in all wars, to end them, 2 people have to agree, or worse, no longer be.

    What will Fox do?

    “Believe in the possibility of the impossible” (Vanessa Redgrave, Jack & the Beanstalk, the Real Story, 2001, written by Hart & Henson).

  43. Luh. on November 3rd, 2010 1:06 pm

    I do wish Liv would come home, after all, you want the whole Fringe team to be together, they’re like a family (in its own weird way).
    However, I really enjoy the way the plot is being developed. It’s been completely unexpected and genius! Every episode I feel like I want the resolution to this situation and at the same time i wanna keep getting surprised and amazed each week.
    I think the show just keeps getting better and better. Congrats to all those who are doing this amazing job, writers, actors and CREW!

  44. Pillslanger on November 3rd, 2010 1:39 pm

    I personally like that the Olivias are switched. This is a convenient excuse to develop the characters on the other side and their opinions of the “real” side.

    I am missing the Observer storylines though, that episode last season was easily the best ever.

  45. Smeagal on November 4th, 2010 1:27 am

    This really has been the storyline all the time. If you go back and watch the early episodes, you can see, I think, that the story has always been going in this direction. I do hope that they dont drag it out though. All the shows, in one way, shape or form, have been leading to this. I don’t remember any specifically isolated episodes that just dealt with non-related paranormal activity.

  46. Jamie on November 4th, 2010 1:32 am

    I love this new season of Fringe. I think the actors are doing an incredible job of playing their doubles and I think the story line is intriguing. Best series I have ever watched.
    On that note, it would be 10x more fascinating if somehow they revealed that Peter knew about Bolivia the whole time. It is a little hard to buy that he is duped so easily and whatever happened to the conversation in the diner? It was like he awoke from a coma, muttered a couple sentences, and then slipped back into being brain dead. What was his IQ supposed to be again? =)

  47. Fabsie on November 4th, 2010 5:38 am

    Could someone explain me how the theory of Peter knowing about Bolivia the whole time makes sense, because if so, wouldn’t he ask himself where is Olivia, please explain me.

  48. Maria on November 4th, 2010 11:33 am

    love this new season of Fringe but a like the old olivia better; I hope that she returns soon.

  49. Bill on November 4th, 2010 12:13 pm

    I don’t dislike season 3. I just think that Peter would know that she is not the real Olivia. They tried to cover it with Peter saying that he has noticed changes, but come on!! Bolivia investigates differently then Olivia and not one character picks up on that. In earlier episodes Broyles knows Olivia so well that he knew her sister was getting a divorce, yet he hasn’t had any doubts. Anyway it’s time to bring Olivia back!!!

  50. Jess on November 4th, 2010 11:29 pm

    I agree with not liking this storyline.I just want “our Olivia” back.I really hate this bitch from the other side and get stressed and worried when the evil bitch is around Walter and Peter,knowing she’s against them and constantly trying to hurt and decieve them.I just want to fast forward to when we get the real Olivia back who cares so deeply about everything and “the guys.” I c an’t stand this superficial paramilitary “Olivia.” And also have not been watching the episodes “til I know real Olivia is back.I miss not having that great 3 way chemistry everytime there was a new case.This is just stressful,not entertaining like the 1st 2 seasons.I have real life for that.I have the 1st 2 seasons on dvd,I guess I can watch those and just ck in from time 2 time to see if things are back to being great.It did break my heart tho’ for the writers to decide for Peter 2 find out that really screwed up way instead of by Walter’s letter.How can he ever understand Walter’s side of the story,now.It’s screwed up forever.I just fast forwarded alot until Peter got back.I’m just glad the writers decided to make Walternate evil,so Peter and Walter might have a chance of having that relationship again,when Peter called Walter “Dad”.The first 2 seasons stories were REALLY creative and unique,I haven’t EVER heard of the sci-fi they were coming up with.Really mind blowing,fascinating stuff.Hopefully there will be more of it.That was when I could hardly wait ’til the next episode,not this depressing,nerve racking stuff.

  51. Troy on November 6th, 2010 11:10 pm

    I must say that as someone that thought Fringe was great when in its first two seasons, I am not enjoying it anymore. Fringe when it first aired was fresh, new and very creative and now it has morphed into a show about two worlds, or dimensions, at war with each other but only one really knowing it. The wonderful chemistry between all the main characters, the search for answers, the combination of investigation, science, and “fringe science”, to eccentricities of Walter, all fit together in a cohesive mix resulting in two great seasons. Now this season has absolutely none of that whatsoever.

    Please wrap up whatever storyline(s) you feel you must and return to the formula that made the first two seasons so fresh and new! If Fringe continues on its current path my wife and I will most definitely stop watching it. We don’t watch shows we don’t enjoy.

  52. Kim on November 7th, 2010 5:04 am

    I used to watch Fringe when it aired, Now I DVR the show so I can fast forward through the majority of it. I agree with previous posters, that this season is not as good. This whole storyline is slow. They have watered down Walter’s charater. Walter is not cut out for corporate hassle. He was happy at the college with his lab, Astrid & the cow. Really, why would Bell leave Walter controlling interest ? He knew what shape Walter is in. It would have made more since to be 50/50 with Nina. Also, the idea that Peter & the gang would not know this Olivia is a fake by now is ridiculous. Do the actors feel the same way? It’s like they just come in and read their lines then go on about their day. What happened to the chemistry?

  53. tanje on November 7th, 2010 10:07 am

    i like the story line , but i too can’t wait for Olivia to return, someone else mention that they would like bolivia to see that olivas’ world is not evil like walternet claims it to be i like that idea too. Just give the season a chance you might like where its going

  54. Fabsie on November 8th, 2010 6:34 am

    I hope that Bolivia gets killed soon, or will experience a lot of bad things, I hate this caracter, she is kind of a pure cliche, reflecting a very misogynist point of vue. You know weak, bitchy, faulse, no self respect, she is just a very dirty mean used by Walternate. Very reductive isn’t it ? The writers should have built a different but interesting dopplehanger, but what she has alreday done kills all interest in her. I wait for Olivia to come back, but if the storyline on our side was interesting I would have like her to stay longer over there, because the red episodes are really good, I like the idea of these two universes at war. Peter doesn’t know he is sleeping with the ennemy, otherwise he would ask himself where is Olivia, after all they were supposed to be in love. But Peter’s relationship with Bolivia kind of kills all interest on his caracter too, the con man has been conned, ah ah cliche again ! Dispite all this I hope I’m wrong, and that the writers have a good reason to make all this happen, and that against all odds, it brings a real good storyline for Olivia.

  55. bob on November 10th, 2010 2:21 am

    this season is the first time I did not watch and was not looking forward to watching the episodes, TV or online. I seem to have lost all interest in the series due to the annoying storyline and well acted but annoying Bolivia. I think producers or did a major blow to the series and unfortunately this season may be the end of the series due to this stupid plot, just look at viewership numbers dwindling.

    Wyman and Goldsman, move back to Israel! (yeah, uncalled for).. “Goldsman Sucks!” LOL, you guys are totally ruining this show! Can’t you effin understand – you made the show BORING now!

  56. bob on November 10th, 2010 2:21 am

    this season is the first time I did not watch and was not looking forward to watching the episodes, TV or online. I seem to have lost all interest in the series due to the annoying storyline and well acted but annoying Bolivia. I think producers did a major blow to the series and unfortunately this season may be the end of the series due to this stupid plot, just look at viewership numbers dwindling.

    Wyman and Goldsman, move back to Israel! (yeah, uncalled for).. “Goldsman Sucks!” LOL, you guys are totally ruining this show! Can’t you effin understand – you made the show BORING now!

  57. Fabsie on November 10th, 2010 6:07 am

    To Bob, you know what ? I am really happy you don’t like Fringe anymore, so we definitely have nothing in common.

  58. Riley on November 10th, 2010 12:38 pm

    At first I was kinda ticked off about Olivia getting stuck in the alternate, especially because I really loved the fact that she and Peter finally decided to become an “item”. But I have to say, I’m loving the alternate storyline now. It’s fun to see the differences and similarities between the worlds/characters. Like a few of you had said, I don’t want Olivia’s return to be rushed, but what would be nice is Peter/Walter/Astrid finding out about Fauxlivia *before* Olivia returns.
    That being said, I think that the writers of Fringe really took a risk by separating the characters we know and love, and I think that’s what I love about this show. It’s not the kind of show that you play it safe, it’s a show where anything can happen, as made apparent by the first two seasons. Olivia getting stuck was completely a surprise for me, and although I didn’t like it at first, I admire the writers for taking that risk and making me see that it was a good idea in the long run.
    One more thing to add: Please please please let this show be renewed for a few more seasons. 🙂 It’s just that good.

  59. Matt on November 10th, 2010 10:46 pm

    I don’t really like CSI type shows, but I do like Fringe’s first two seasons, which are both pretty much collections of stand-alone episodes like CSI and other shows. That said, I prefer heavy, mythology-based shows like Lost, in which the viewer has to journey with the charactes of a connected series of episodes with one main plot. This season, I’ve heard the term myth-alone episodes, which combines individual mysteries with more serialized aspects of the show. I love that! It’s such a unique and innovative approach. I also really like Fauxlivia. She’s funny! And she’s not mean or a b*tch. She’s tough, yeah, but so is Ourlivia. I think people are just reacting to the fact that Fauxlivia is working against our world. But I think that we have to understand that it’s perfectly reasonable for her have that attitude, given that she’s from a different world that Walter really messed up. Realistically, their side is more victimized then ours. And you can tell that she’s very human and has reservations about what she’s doing. Fauxlivia has morals and reservations and a sense of duty. I love that neither side is good or bad. And I think this season is the most exciting yet!

  60. zabou on November 11th, 2010 5:43 am

    Nous n’en somme en france qu’a la fin de la saison 2, on a bien compris que notre olivia est coinçée dans l’univers parallèle. En regardant la suite sur le net j’ai été trés déçu de voir q’elle reste là-bas encore pour un trop long moment !!!!! l’histoire à bien moins d’intéret sans le trio Walter/Peter/et la vrai olivia !!!!!!!!!!! Ceci dit chapeau pour l’actrice : je déteste l’olivia de l’autre monde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. margot on November 13th, 2010 7:03 pm

    I missed the first season and got addicted in season 2, but now I love the show, and I have to say that I love the plot of this season, with a few exceptions. I agree with what others have been saying; that is, that seeing Olivia’s character in the alternate universe is fascinating, but I am not all that thrilled about “our” universe’s episodes. Mostly, what I have the biggest problem with is that Peter doesn’t realize that Fauxlivia is not his real Olivia. I mean, come on! I like where the show is going, as long as they realize soon that Fauxlivia is the wrong Olivia, because I think that there comes a certain point where you can’t go back, and Fauxlivia and Peter’s relationship is going to go too far for him and real Olivia to ever be together.

  62. Anita K on November 15th, 2010 4:42 pm

    Has anyone else gotten the feeling after watching the last episode, that Alternate Olivia is beginning to realize that OUR world is kinder, gentler and more appealing as Peter revealed that he intends to find a way to safeguard both worlds??? My theory is that she will abort her mission.

  63. Laura on November 15th, 2010 4:59 pm

    I loved this show up until this season, I’m sorry I want to continue to like it but I don’t! I think its boring as hell. I watched to see the different cases they solve this is the same old thing over and over. Peter is a smart guy and Walter is suppose to be one of the brightest minds of his time and they can’t tell this is not really Olivia pleassssssssse! And last season Olivia had her neice and sister living with her now all of a sudden they are not living with her?? Sorry to all you people who are still loving the show I think it sucks and have stopped watching.

  64. Jason rice on November 16th, 2010 6:20 pm

    I think the show is perfect just the way it is!! I want Olivia to come home when the writers are good and ready for her to. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled cause usually every show I ever like usually does. But this seasons storyline is far superior to the past seasons!!! Perfect!!!

  65. Fabsie on November 17th, 2010 1:15 pm

    I think, this year, Fringe writers chose kind of a porn movie storyline with threesome stuff it’s what they call endless possibilites ? personally I’m not very happy about that, it lowers the interest, and seriously damages the caracters. hope they can make a miracle, like wiping all the memories that Peter has of Altivia. Despite that, I still watch every episode, it was my favorite show I’m looking forward of seeing all this little family reunited again.

  66. Rachel on May 20th, 2011 3:37 am

    I just don’t like Olivia’s character anymore. Wish they’d kill her off. She’s annoying.