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BONES: ‘The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck’

December 3, 2010 by  

Hello, BONES pals! This episode, like all BONES eps, has given us much to discuss, so I think we’d better just get right to it!


A man in a truck is blown up, leaving behind what appears to be melted bones. Brennan quickly declares this to be impossible, and while Booth, Cam, Daisy and Hodgins agree, they still can’t quite get over the fact that the bones do indeed appear to be melted. When Hodgins and Daisy figure out that magnesium was used, they have their answer: magnesium combined with fire would result in the crystallization of the bones, giving them the appearance of having melted. With one mystery solved, it’s now up to the team to determine cause of death.Meanwhile, Angela is able to get the VIN from the truck and Booth does the research to learn it belongs to a man named Jesse Wilson, owner of a metal shop. Booth questions him and learns that the victim was George Liferd, Jesse’s best friend. Booth is suspicious, but Jesse seems honorable. When Booth questions his military tattoo, Jesse admits that his grandfather fought in WWII. Booth is still not convinced that Jesse isn’t a suspect.

He and Brennan go to the school where George’s wife, Kathy, is a teacher. While Booth tells her about George, Brennan monitors the students in detention, quickly learning that she is ‘cool’. Kathy insists that she didn’t kill George, despite the large insurance policy she took out on him the week before. Once again, Booth is not convinced.

Sweets questions Kathy and discovers that she made many online payments for Star Wars trading cards, grossly overpaying for each one. Kathy reveals that she was paying off Paul, one of her students, because he caught her having an affair with another one of her students, Randy. Randy is employed at Jesse’s metal shop, thus making him a prime suspect.

When Sweets questions him, Randy reveals that he loved Kathy and he was sure she loved him enough to leave her husband. Sweets recognizes that the 17-year-old is mistaken and feels sorry for him.

Angela figures out that the victim was stabbed near the neck, and B&B find a knife in Randy’s locker. But Hodgins determines that it’s not the murder weapon. The knife used to murder George was an old military knife. This puts Jesse Wilson back in the spotlight as a suspect. He insists he’s innocent and that the knife was stolen from his shop. He suggests Randy’s girlfriend Amber.

Booth and Brennan question her, and she shows no remorse, blaming her broken home and childhood. Though there’s not an official guilty verdict or confession, it seems clear she’s the murderer.


Angela: She wasn’t in this episode much, but I think we can all admit that the way she straightened out the skeleton’s image was amazing.

Cam: She was in even less of the episode, it seemed. I did like the way she dealt with Daisy and also held her ground.

Daisy: Speaking of her, well, I just don’t know, BONES pals. I know I have a blind spot where she’s concerned, but really, wasn’t she a little ridiculous trying to manipulate Sweets into helping her with the test? She was a little less annoying when she was excited about helping Hodgins with the experiment. Someone please explain to me why I should like Daisy, because honestly, I just don’t.

Hodgins: I loved him in this episode, declaring his “King of the Lab” status and proving once again why he deserves the title. There’s an underlying confidence to him these days that is very attractive and refreshing. Do you agree?

Sweets: Our “Star Warrior” was terrific, and his “Miss Daisy” stuff was actually kind of cute. I really liked his work in the interrogation room, and I loved how pleased he was when Booth wanted his “professional opinion on something personal.”


That “personal” something was the fact that Booth was slightly nervous about Hannah meeting Parker on account of the fact that Parker (though he’d never met Hannah) has already declared that he hates her. Sweets encourages him that things might be rough at first, but that in the end it will likely work out.

I liked that Booth also ran it by Brennan, asking for her opinion, and it was nice to see Brennan give her honest thoughts. Also in the nice column was the way Brennan asked about it later. Booth was happy to report that Hannah and Parker got along pretty well. I’m happy about that too. But now I want to talk B&B.

Part of me feels that Booth might be slightly clueless if he can’t see the looks Brennan is throwing his way along with the tone of her voice. I believe he once called it her “lost little girl” voice (in “Santa in the Slush”). But I don’t think Booth is clueless.

So where does that leave us? Some argue that this knowledge he has puts him in a spot where he must declare his love for Brennan, and if he doesn’t, he’s a jerk. I think that is slightly unfair to Booth at this point. I don’t know exactly what he should be held accountable for; we’re all trying to figure this out together. It stings when he tells Hannah she’s amazing, especially when Brennan is sitting right there.

But it’s also where he’s at as a person, a man, a partner…everything. So can we really judge him on that? I just don’t think so. Brennan said no. He said in the season five premiere that sometimes we have to settle for second best, and perhaps he’s fulfilling his own prophecy here. What do you think?

As for Brennan, what’s interesting is this idea that maybe she has discovered her feelings for Booth. But I would argue that she’s always been aware of her feelings for Booth; she mainly just never thought she was good enough for him, or to quote her, she didn’t have that “kind of open heart.” So what we’re seeing now isn’t a new awareness of feelings for him: it’s an awareness of the opening of her heart, perhaps. Does that make sense? Brennan HATES to lose. Do you think she’s just reacting to the feeling that she’s been defeated by someone? Her comment that “everyone loves” Hannah was fascinating to me. It’s all fascinating to me actually; that’s the plain truth of it.

And I know you feel the same and that’s why week after week, you share from your hearts. I love that very much. So, don’t let me stand in the way. Let me know what you think!

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34 Responses to “BONES: ‘The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck’”

  1. Kali on December 3rd, 2010 6:44 am

    I couldn’t agree more, it really is all very fascinating.
    But, I have to admit that I often find myself confused and clueless as well, trying to figure out what is going on in the heads and hearts of our favorite two.

    After last season’s 100th episode, many of us predicted that Booth would move on, that he had to in fact, if he wanted to be happy – and since Brennan told him she couldn’t be the one to make him happy – he found someone who would. So, I’m not judging or blaming Booth at all for the current situation – he poured his heart out (admittetdly without telling her that he loved her, which I think is awesome because it means we can be looking forward to the moment where he will) and got it handed back to him by Brennan.
    I will say what I said right after the 100th episode: the ball is in Brennan’s court now. It’s for her to claim her man, and hopefully, it won’t be too late when she does.

    As far as her feelings for Booth are concerned, maybe she knows that she has them, but I don’t think she’s aware of their nature and what to do with them…a higly rational being like her who has a very hard time accepting that love is more than a chemical reaction in the brain and isn’t something transient, would have trouble with what Brennan has been experiencing ever since Booth came into her life. It must be very hard for her, seeing Booth with Hannah, but maybe this is exactly what she needs in order to figure out what she feels. To finally decide to stop being so afraid and take the plunge because failing to do so will cost her a very high price. And I think that’s what next week’s episode will explore. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Stephanie (stephpook) on December 3rd, 2010 8:06 am

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode either – that promo looked incredible. Now back to this week’s episode. I liked it. And it made me like Hannah again too. While I admit that a tiny part of me wanted Parker to prefer Brennan over Hannah, it was nice to see the way they opened up to each other and that scene in the park was just plain sweet. I also really liked hearing about Brennan and Parker and the cannonball. That she, Booth, and Parker all hung out together at the pool in her apartment complex (and that she and Parker played together while he looked on) was…I don’t know, I wasn’t expecting that at all and it made me happy.

    As far as what Booth realizes about Brennan’s feelings regarding him – I agree, he has to know something’s going on. But honestly, what CAN he say? If I were him I’m not sure I would KNOW what to say. And as much as it pains me to think about it, if she does open up about her feelings next week as it looks like she might, can you really blame him if he says, “yeah, you missed your chance?” While some of his actions towards Brennan over the last few weeks have irritated me, I still think he’s trying to protect himself from being hurt again and at the same time hold onto the happiness he’s found…however fleeting that happiness might be.

    Anyway, as far as the actual case is concerned – I thought it was good. Daisy and Hodgins experiment (“you shot me!”) was pretty funny and Sweets kicked butt in the interrogation room (loved the C-3PO quote). I thought the scene where he told the victim’s wife that she wasn’t a good teacher was especially well done (and actually quite sad). Daisy wanting Sweets to help her with the psych exam was kind of annoying, but hey, that’s Daisy. And the similarities between her and Brennan (“what’s your favorite color?”) – well it’s just downright freaky sometimes.

    All in all, I thought it was a good, solid, well-balanced, thought-provoking episode.

  3. Lenora on December 3rd, 2010 9:42 am

    I thought Sweets was pretty good this week. That he told Kathy Liferd that she was a bad teacher was great. You could see that Sweets was angry that an adult woman would think it was fine to be in a relationship with a boy. She needed told off and Sweets did a good job without being over the top about it.

    I don’t think very much of Daisy. That she is willing to get Sweets into trouble with the FBI and have him help her cheat on a test is disrespectful. She thinks it ok to manipulate him and Sweets is too kind (or in lust) to tell her no.

    I think Booth is between a rock and a hard place. Brennan told him no last season and he is trying to settle with second best, Hannah. He is really trying to make his relationship work but now it seems that Brennan is having second thoughts about her “no” to Booth. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Can Booth trust Brennan and turn back to her if she declares she wants him or will he try to brave it out with Hannah. Of course, Hannah is no fool, so may just wash her hands of Booth if he starts looking back at Brennan. I want Booth and Brennan together; but, this could end up being very messy.

    I just think it is so neat that Parker thinks bones is Cool. She doesn’t really think she is and you can see she just loves Parker and will go along with his requests to see him happy. I just loved that. I also think it is neat that she, Booth and Parker hang out at her pool. It is sort of family time for all of them. She isn’t a cold fish, just carefull. You can see that she is trying to be more normal with her trying to joke around. That her jokes are lame is very funny. I thing Booth should have laughed even if he didn’t understand her joke. He sort of did but you could see he was struggling to see what she was joking about. I thought the guy with the clipboard was just rude. Brennan thought he was joking (because he said he was) but I just think he was being sarcastic.

  4. Monica (@texmex327) on December 3rd, 2010 9:48 am

    Good episode last night. Sweets as usual rocked, Daisy annoyed me just a bit, Hodgins is king of the lab (YAY) and Parker is so freaking adorable.
    I am gonna admit, part of me cheered when Booth told Sweets that Parker hates Hannah but then my heart broke when Parker & her got along (what can I say, I am a B&B shipper LOL)
    To me, it sounded like Brennan was a bit jaded or hurt when she asked how things went with Hannah & Parker, a friend of mine says its like she’s losing her family, which is something we all know she will not handle well. I loved hearing how Parker kept calling Brennan cool, but seeing the look on Brennan’s face when Hannah & Booth held hands was so sad.

    I can’t wait to see next weeks episode, I am sure I will need plenty of tissue for that one.

  5. Andrewsmom1996 on December 3rd, 2010 10:06 am

    I couldn’t agree more with your entire post. I loved last night’s episode, mostly for all the personal stuff although I did find the case enjoyable as well. I love Booth and Parker’s relationship and I am so glad that last night’s episode showed once again what a great Dad Booth is. I was also glad that Booth asked both Sweets and Brennan for input on the Hannah/Parker situation and was very happy with the way it played out with Hannah opening upnto Parker and him accepting her. I also loved that while Brennan was trying to be supportive, she appeared to be disappointed (? Maybe, IMO ) when Booth told her how well everything turned out. Also loved hearing that Booth and Parker are using her pool and the cannonball. I think this entire Hannah arc is helping Brennan grow tremendously and really start to face her feelings, I truly believe it is going to make B&B even better and stronger in the long run. I also agree that even though Booth is probably not blind to Brennan’s feelings, he is not being a jerk for not reacting to or pushing them openly. He poured his heart out, was rejected, and is doing his best to move on, it is up to Brennan to be open about her feelings and make the next move, not Booth. I can’t wait until next week.

  6. Bridget on December 3rd, 2010 10:10 am

    I was a bothered in a way because there was a lot less of B&B together in this episode. With the exception of the school scenes and the actual crime scene, B&B are working together noticeably less than usual, even less so than other season 6 epidodes. Booth questions the suspects out in the field by himself, Sweets questions the suspects in the interrogation room by himself (more than usual), and Brennan has herself holed up in the lab. There was a definite separation between B&B, and I’m wondering if that was intentional.

    Re B&B: This was the first episode where I think Booth got a solid glimpse of Brennan’s real feelings. When they’re in the SUV and after Brennan extends the invitation of the use of her pool to Booth, Parker, Hannah, that shadow of sadness passes over her face when she thinks Booth isn’t looking, but when she turns her head down from Booth, he looks right at her, sees the look on her face, and then clenches his jaw. I don’t know if what he saw fully registered with him, but he saw it.

    The rest of the case was good. Though honestly, I forgot all about it once they ran that promo.
    -Sweets was awesome (and who knew John Francis Daley could rock a C3PO impression like that?!).
    -Missed not seeing more of Cam, Angela, and Hodgins. Of all the times this season Hodgins should have whipped out a “King of the Lab” declaration, it felt kind of cheap and anticlimactic they way it was done in this episode.
    -I don’t think Daisy is ever going to grow on me. blah.

  7. lori on December 3rd, 2010 10:28 am

    I have a different take on it. When I saw episode 100, I cried not because Bones rejected Both but because I believed that the writers had allowed the show to implode and they had killed the central dynamic of the story line. Last night’s episode confirmed that for me. I think the writers put themselves in a big hole and they can’t find a way out of it. So the more they dig and stall over the Hannah addition and the B- B dilemma , the emptiness of the series increases. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show but it is lacking the juice that made it special and at times came be boring to me. Do you remember in season 2( ?) when Brennan asked Rebecca why she didn’t marry Booth and she said relationships have their moments and we missed our moment. Well I believe that B and B missed their moment . Bones’ longing for Booth may be increasing but so what, the emotional distance and drifting apart between them is also on the rise. Bones just lacks the social skills to move on gracefully and for Booth maybe she beginning to looks more like an annoying sister than he tolerates out of loyality. My sense is that each episode makes it less likely that B & B as the center holds and I think all the players are bored with Booth’s new relationship. Even Anglea has nothing to say to him. To me the show has become entertaining but nothing special . Too bad. I really loved it but not so much any more.

  8. Vee on December 3rd, 2010 10:52 am

    I think B&B is going to move into a different phase soon. I get the feeling that Hannah is a literal stand-in for Brennan and that when Brennan, Booth and Hannah are in the same scene, and Booth says sweet things to Hannah, it is words he would really want to say to Brennan – like last night’s You’re amazing! – I have thought this in other Hannah episodes. She is making herself fit, but she is not really a good fit for Booth and we all know she doesn’t really know him or his past the way Brennan does. Hannah is a superficial relationship that could be kept going but even in the real world is the type that would just fizzle out one day. The honeymoon phase can only last so long. I figured Parker would be the deal breaker and he may still yet. Any of us who have kids know that amusing a child vs raising a child is very different, and a career/adventure-driven character like Hannah probably would prefer war zones to kid zone. She summed it up by saying she would approach it like a journalist, essentially manipulating for a certain reaction, which is not the same as caring. Brennan is just herself with Parker, and he really likes her anyway. The sad looks (of Brennan) just tear me up. ED is such a good actress, so emotive without being over the top. I really enjoy that about this show. The promo for next week was so dramatic I have re-watched it several times – to see her cry with grief like that – I wonder what she had to think about to bring that out! I cant wait to hear the surrounding dialogue and see Booth’s reaction to it. I just hope the pay out on these set up episodes is good and doesnt leave me yelling at my TV…. Daisy is highly annoying on so many levels, so I guess that makes her successful in this role as written. The cases are getting a little bit farcical but that is okay – at least they are a forum for the science and to see the rest of the cast. At some point, no matter what happens and who else is involved, I believe that just like the last scene of Aliens in a Spaceship when Booth and Brennan each say to each other I knew you wouldnt give up I think they will say to each other I have always loved you – and the other will respond I know. Because in reality they do, they just need to be brave enough to put it out there for everyone else and take that next step. Somewhere HH is laughing because he knows he has viewers like me who will watch to the bitter end, even if we curse his devious plot diversions weekly!!

  9. Samantha on December 3rd, 2010 11:53 am

    I enjoyed the episode, and actually didn’t cringe at the Hannah scenes, which I suppose is good.

    On a side note, I was watching Two Weeks Notice and Hannah is in that movie!! Check out the scene where Hugh Grant is walking out of the building with a blonde “lawyer” and Sandra Bullock is coming up to him to talk about the community center. I was like hey, I recognize her!!

    Anyways, back to Bones. my thought on why Booth and Brennan didn’t work together as much in this episode was likely due to the complex nature of the bones. There was that whole scene where Bones is pouring over the bones to find something, maybe that is why they weren’t in the field as much.

    Daisy doesn’t annoy me as much as some people mention, I actually find her a bit endearing. She wants so much to please Brennan and be seen as successful, that I kind of like her, kind of!!

    I think Parker does favor Brennan, you could totally see that in the dinner, when he was gushing over her to Hannah, calling her cool and saying she knows everything! But obviously, he likes Hannah too, he is 10, they generally are pretty easy going!!

    Oh, the sadness on Brennan’s face when she said that Hannah could go to the pool, just broke my heart. And it certainly is not the first time she has given those looks and they just hurt everytime. This time Booth definitely saw, I mean, how could he not have. And I am sure he has seen them all along. He is very keen on people, and sees those little things. So my guess is he has seen them but I agree, what is he supposed to do. Yes, I want him to dump Hannah and get with Brennan but he isn’t going to leave a relationship with someone who does love him to get with Brennan if she isn’t sure, even if Hannah is second best! And I totally agree with Vee, I have thought Hannah was a stand in from episode 1… it is like Booth went out and found someone who is just like Bones but not quite as great/amazing, etc.

    The promo for next week looks AMAZING! My only fear is the end with be with Brennan telling Booth she loves him and Booth standing there not sure what to say or do. Not that I can’t blame him, I mean, what would you do if the woman you truely love tells you she love you and you have another woman back at home… hard choice. Hope it lives up to my expectations!!

  10. Frankie707 on December 3rd, 2010 11:53 am

    I’ve been thinking for a while now that Brennan came back from Maluku knowing that she had made a mistake in turning Booth down and that she was ready to tell him that, only to be hit in the face with the fact of Hannah before she could make any statement. Once she knew that Booth had met someone and was “serious as a heart attack” about this person she determined that she would not mess things up for him. It’s just been getting harder and harder for her to hide her true feelings as the season has progressed.

    With that in mind my heart just breaks for her everytime they show her pain at the current situation. Last night when it looked to me like she was about to cry I found myself tearing up. Then in the last scene at the diner, oh so sad.

    Now Parker, ok I was a little happy that Parker didn’t like Hannah without even meeting her. I mean if whenever I had visisted my dad his girlfriend made herself scarce even though I knew they were living together. I wouldn’t want to know her either. It was actually good to see that Booth was concerned about the two of them meeting even though he was hiding that from Hannah. Even with those feelings I was not upset that Hannah was a success with Parker once they met. She was actually somewhat like Brennan in her interactions with him, just treating him like an adult and answering him honestly. I was so relieved though that he was still so excited about Brennan, still so happy to see her and exclaim how cool she is. It was also quite a treat to find out that Booth and Parker had taken her up on the offer of her pool, and that she joined them in swimming there…even doing a cannonball! I loved it.

    Now Daisy just made me so frustrated. I had more problems with her last night than I’d ever had before. The way she was manipulating Sweets was particularly irritating. I cannot stand manipulative people, it just grates!

    Hodgins once again declaring himself “King of the lab” was great. I really missed it when he didn’t do that in Shallow in the Deep.

    Angela and the science was great, but I particularly liked when she said Yada, yada back to Booth after he had done it to her. The man has to get back to being more patient with the science…afterall it’s what has helped him to be so successful as an FBI agent!

    Cam was great, and she had more patience with Daisy than I would have.

    Overall I did enjoy the episode (and the case even though I haven’t commented on that), but it was pretty much pushed right out of my mind by that promo for next week. I can’t beleive they showed that much. I just wonder if it’ll really play out the way it looked.

  11. carl on December 3rd, 2010 11:53 am

    agreed last nite show was really good,parker will be the one to help bones/hannah wore the coat said that about a baby trying to be bones,booth was a good dad and that was made clear, think he may be a good guy after all/but them just living together still bothers me and I THINK WHEN she hears bones tell that something she wouldnt do/she will find an excused to move out/to me THERES more to the story. hannah was more likeable but still the clips about next week when bones almost walks in front of a car hurts.

  12. Lisa (BoothyBones) on December 3rd, 2010 1:28 pm

    As much as I liked this episode and how much personal information it revealed about Booth & Brennan, I did feel like a knife was twisting through my heart a few times. I can only imagine how next week will be…

    I had to laugh a few times at Brennan….her humor is soooo bad, it’s funny!

    Ha! Hodgins is powerless to refuse an experiment with Daisy when she defers to his ‘royalty’. LOL

    I’m proud of Sweets for how mad he was at the teacher and how he wouldn’t let her rationalize her bad actions. I’m not sure I’m proud of him for helping Daisy though…

    I think I feel like Parker….I want to dislike Hannah, but she’s just too cool. I have to admit, she dealt with Parker perfectly.

    It was fun to finally get references to pool time, etc. between Booth, Parker & Bren…but it made me so sad to see Bren realize that it might never be just the 3 of them again 🙁

  13. Peggy on December 3rd, 2010 1:47 pm

    I agree with so many of the fans who have posted here that this season has not been a favorite. Everything is just “off” about it. I have a feeling that we are all going to be left hanging next week when the emotional scene where Brennan breaks down and cries is the last scene of the show. I think that is the last new episode scheduled for awhile, so we will probably be left wondering for weeks what Booth’s reaction is. I’m not getting my hopes up for any type of resolution or declaration of love between B&B. Wish they would have made a new Christmas show or a Thanksgiving show like they did a few seasons ago.

  14. Gata on December 3rd, 2010 1:48 pm

    I watched last night, I can’t say that I hated it, but I can’t say that I loved it either. I am sooooooooooo sssssiiiiicccckkkk of Booth acting like a love starved fool about Hannah, he acts like everything she does is great, when she is just regular…

    The snippet from next weeks episode, made me sorta teary eyed. I can’t wait for that episode, I wish it were already next Thursday.

  15. Janet (ProfeJMarie) on December 3rd, 2010 2:02 pm

    Case-wise, I struggle with the whole teacher-sleeping-with-a-student scenario because, well, I’m a teacher, but really, it seems to show up on screen as though it is more common than it actually is, and that troubles me. I don’t have data on hand to support it, but it just isn’t a common occurrence at all.

    However, I LOVED how Sweets called the teacher out on it. It was so NOT understanding of him and both surprised and delighted me. “No, no you’re not a good teacher.” I literally praised him out loud “You tell her, Sweets! Good for you!”

    Fun lines: “What are you driving at Miss Daisy” and “You said that with a great dramatic flourish. Please continue!”

    Very happy that things worked out between Parker and Hannah. I assumed it would, but nice confirmation. I loved that scene. In fact, I love the fact that I like Hannah a whole lot more because of this episode. I also really liked that Parker thought Brennan was cool – I mean, it’s not like he’s going to suddenly not like her – and, as the writers often do, it was a minor thread that carried through – the high school students thought she was cool and so does Parker.

    There was definitely a moment in the SUV between Booth and Brennan where Booth reacted to Brennan’s discomfort/sadness/whatever – he is definitely aware, but I am in agreement that he can’t possibly know what to do with it. I don’t know what he should do with it either! I confess to not really being sure with what is going on in Brennan’s head or with her feelings . . . I find that I can’t fully commit to whether or not she’s aware of feelings or whether or not she said no to Booth in 100th to “protect” him. I am just not sure. I *feel* like Brennan is already fully aware and has been pretty nearly since she returned (and probably before) from Maluku.

    A final thought – did not like how Sweets gave in to Daisy. Sarah and others are analyzing it as Daisy’s fault, but certainly it is Sweets – only he can control himself, right?
    The thing is, I find it fascinating that we are seeing a string of dishonesties going on: Cam is writing college essays for her daughter behind her back, Brennan is lying for Booth and Booth is going along with it, and now Sweets is previewing evaluation questions for Daisy. Once again, the writers are masters at subtexts and underlying threads and themes . . .

  16. Aileth on December 3rd, 2010 2:22 pm

    I have slightly different takes on the whole B&B at this particular point in time. Booth’s already demostrated his feelings for Brennan in every possible way, he’s even there by her side despite her rejection. He’s now merely following Brennan’s advice, which I think she should notice as a compliment. Now it’s Brennan’s turn to realize what’s going on and exactly what she wants from Booth. I’d say Booth is in the best place he could be at the moment and let the rest develop along the way. The poor guy deserves a break after all the struggle with his unrequited feelings for so long.

    As for Daisy, I can’t help you there. She annoys me to no end. At least I can say she’s a good person despite her constant power hunger and endless annoyance of the people around her. I can accept her… as long as she doesn’t become a permanent member of the squints! Small doses are the best of all.

  17. Owl on December 3rd, 2010 3:16 pm

    This episode was OK for me. The case didn’t intrigue me, Daisy annoyed me (she said hurtful. Hurtful is not a word.), and I don’t like plots relating to high school.

    I LOVED the scene where Hannah and Parker get to know each other. I wish that happened with my parents’ significant others after my parents divorced.

    The focus on Hannah’s being good with everyone — you’re right, there has to be significance to that. Brennan’s “cool” to the kids, but Hannah’s got a bit more. Hannah’s worry about Parker made me want to hug her. The end made me want to hug Brennan.

    Did I laugh? Um… maybe? Did I cry? Um, no. I was a little sad at the end. Did it make me think? Um…. Not enough to make me think too much — not enough science to interest me, and the end only held me for a little while (and I spent half the time yelling at Daisy). Overall, it was still, good, just not great. I still love season 6, though. And Hannah. Just not this episode. Oh well. Life goes on.

  18. cecilia on December 3rd, 2010 3:34 pm

    I really enjoyed episode 8, but I had read that epi 8 was to originally follow epi 9,
    so unless they have reshot some scenes in epi 8 than I cannot see any dramatic twists or surprises in upcoming ep9 , and the only change I noticed is that Sweets is doing all the interrogating, @ B@B are not working as much together, it seems the ‘family” is splintering. Parker was great and if I was directing I would have Parker reach out and hold Bones hand and Hannah noticing at the end and as well Booth. I feel sorry for Booth,,he has always been there for Bones, but Bones has not, eg, Sulley, etc, Jared, [Bones
    implied Booth was a loser after meeting Jared]. Bones deserves heartache
    and Booth deserves happiness,even it is 2nd best.

  19. KM on December 3rd, 2010 4:04 pm

    With regards to Booth recognizing Brennan’s feelings/ what he should be held accountable for…
    I think Booth, in season 6, is being what Brennan was in season 1-5. I think their roles have reversed completely. It’s harder to watch, because we’ve watched him be so adorable and patient and lovesick for so long, but ultimately I think it’s good, and it’s right, to see Brennan be adorable and patient and selfless for once. She needs to learn to accept what she feels for him (I loved what the review said about recognizing the openness of her heart). And it’s clear from her face and her voice that she is recognizing that, and she is reaching an awareness that maybe she needs to act on her love for Booth.
    It’s easy to wonder how Booth doesn’t see it. I’m not sure exactly what the answer is—I’m not sure how much he notices—but I think the same could be said for Brennan over the first five seasons. How did she not notice what looks he gave her? I think, at one level, she did, but she sublimated it, ignored it, pushed it aside–convinced herself that it was friend-love and not real love, convinced herself that even if it was real love, it wouldn’t work. That’s exactly what I think Booth is doing now. He is convincing himself that whatever he might be picking up on, subtle as it is, is just something he has to ignore, to protect his heart, to avoid the pain. So he ignores it and tells himself that it’s not romantic, or at least not the kind of romance that would work. We’ve always known that Booth has his own emotional issues, and now we’re seeing them affect him in ways we never did. He’s as damaged as she is, and we’re seeing that now. It’s his turn to insulate himself. So I think I can buy the way he’s acting. I just hope it doesn’t last too much longer!

  20. marple on December 3rd, 2010 5:28 pm

    Bones has obviously turned into the soap category with no regards of what has been going on in the previous seasons.

    I am so amazed that so many think that Booth has been pining for Brennan all this time and she has continuesly turned him down. I have watch every episode since the beginning and most of the several times. Where ? When ? How ? All i´ve seen is the 100 th.

    Then the next which is worse imho. How do so many think that it is up to Brennan to do something. What do they expect her to do ? I beleive she is showing him all the time. She supports him fully and want him to be happy. What a bitch would walk up to a man/ best friend they beleive are happy in love and declare their love. To me that is totally unbeleivable.

    Last Booth is not a jerk for moving on. It is in the way he is doing it. Showing in down Brennans throat every chance he gets. How he lets go of being her friend and show all the time how annoying he think she is. How he interuppts her, roll his eyes when she is speaking.

    So much for all his speaches through the years.

    We are the center and the center must hold. There are all kinds of family. Whats between us is ours. People who are important to us leave marks and they need time to fade away.

    Then my god anyone would see the hurt in Brennans eyes when she looks at him.

    All this imho hurting her is coming from this man who is the one supposedly be the one with a hart, who knows her best. He is not seing her at all now.

    I can´t see them together like this. She should move on, get another partner. Why and how could she ever trust him again ?

    Hate how they just ignore all the history between them and behave like this show started from the 100 th.

  21. CeeCee on December 3rd, 2010 10:20 pm

    Yes, I agree with marple. Ignoring all the history between these two just isn’t right. Hating that. Thanks for reminding me of Booth’s quotes from past episodes such as people leaving their marks and need time to fade away. I continue to watch but I am sad at the loss of my obsession with Bones. Grateful for the great 4 years though.

  22. Mary on December 3rd, 2010 10:52 pm

    I don’t feel sorry for Booth. He’s had relationships with Tessa, Cam, Hannah, Rebecca. He dropped an “or else” on Brennan in the 100th episode, and in 30 seconds, when she said “no”, he said he had to move on.

    Why punish the woman for saying “no”? It was her choice, and she knows it! She lives with that decision every. single. day. She doesn’t deserve punishment for rejecting Booth or any other man!!

    Frankly, I’d like to see her with a BF who’s a lot more respectful to her than Booth. Where’s Sully now that she needs him?

  23. ihatehannah on December 4th, 2010 3:36 am

    Reading Marple’s quotes reminds me just how great used to be. He was so freaking charming, and now he is just….. nothing special. I don’t really agree with the suggestion that it is cool that Bones is having to pine after him like he did for 5 years and be the nice , caring, selfless one. That’s ridiculous. Booth is that person. Why change it? That was his character. It worked. He just looks like a liar now, come on remember when he bought her that pig named Jasper. Season 6 Booth would tell her she is an idiot and no on should have a pig for a pet.

    The biggest problem I have is that I want to believe that Booth is just trying to convince himself about Hannah and he is still in love with Bones, but they havven’t shown that AT ALL. Before they would be talking about other people but they really meant it about Bones and Booth or he would look at her. Now it’s nothing. They aren’t even friends. I would be shocked now if he still had feelings for Bones. If he is pretending, he is doing a great job at it.

    The other problem I continue to have it with BOnes and Hannah’s friendship. Talk about unrealistic. You can tell men must right this show primarily because even if a girl had no real romantic feeling for her male “best friend” there would still be so much tension if he showed up with a new “love of his life” and started spending less time with them. Much less if two people were secretly on the verge of being in love for five freaking years, and we attracted from first sight… oh yeah and she turned him down after he said he “knew” from the very beginning. But yeah, Hannah is perfect so I guess no problems would ever arraise. the most sickening part for me for some reason was reading an ED interview where she also talked about how great Hannah’s character was. Did I miss something? I hope they are all joking or there is a really big episode coming up where Hannah saves puppies from a burning building while she wins a journalism award, and is an incredile gf all at the same time.

    No way the next episode is going to be a break though if this episode was supposed to go first

  24. Emily on December 4th, 2010 8:38 am

    I thought the Hannah/Parker stuff was a great lead in to next week. Brennan looked so crushed at the end. It hurt! But yeah, Booth is in a tough spot, mostly because he’s said what he needs to say, and, Brennan didn’t. If he says something again, it could ruin the good thing he has now and get nothing in return. But poor Brennan!

    And Daisy… usually I don’t mind her, but this episode, god, I hated her. I wanted to tell her to shut up and stop being annoying. Hated it.

  25. Festina Lente on December 4th, 2010 9:18 am

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the review. I’m afraid I have to say that you’re kinder to the episode that I was.There are several things that put me off the whole thing.

    First, the case was totally meh apart from the icky ‘teacher sleeps with student’ thing that necessitated a much more sensitive treatment than it got, hence the ickiness.

    Second, the writers’ attempt to shove Hannah down out throats were blatantly obvious. She’s not good with kids! Hold on, we were wrong, she IS good with kids! Parker likes her! Parker adores her! How can you the viewers NOT like her? CHILDREN like her! You should too! Otherwise you’re all heartless psychopaths! And yes, I have a huge problem with writers cynically using children to carry plotlines across. It’s totally intentional and no one can convince me otherwise: how can we make Hannah more likeable? Let’s show that she gets along with Parker, that’s the universal device for making characters likeable. Well… no. I can relate to Hannah a little better now, but I definitely have no intention of forming a fan club (I almost formed one for Cam though).

    Third, the Sweets/Daisy thing was also almost unbearable. I find Daisy extraordinarily irritating and overaractive and I think waaay too much time and plot was wasted on essentially an uninteresting character. It’s also true that I’m not a great fan of Sweets, not ever since he ‘experimented’ on Brennan in the season 3 finale, so that ay also have had an impact.

    Fourth, the supporting cast of the regular squints in the lab was almost nowhere to be seen, so that was even more of a waste since they’re genuinely talented and funny. I would have liked to see more of them instead of the inane Sweets/Daisy or Hannah/Booth plots.

    Fifth, the continuity in the scene with Parker was appalling. Having read that HH watches every episode several times, I can only reach the conclusion that he must be doing something else while watching. It’s not the first time this is happening. Last year’s Gravedigger trial episode also had some pretty appalling work on continuity that for me at least totally destroyed the emotional scene between Booth and Brennan. All this to say: if yoiu’re going to do it please have it done professionally.

  26. Annie on December 4th, 2010 3:40 pm


    I love reading your reviews, because you are so fair in your treatment of everything about this show (as I often feel like a mean spirited person because of my issues with season 6) – and you bring such positivity to us, and I really need that right now.

    I read the above comments, and I think the one I agree with most is from festina lente. This episode bothered me on several levels. I don’t care about H as a person. And it seems like the writers are spending so much time on scenes about her that we are taking away from time with the others – I really missed Cam and Angela during this episode. It also bothered me that as they show Booth settling into his relationship with H more, we are to expect that he will torpedo the relationship (as we’ve been told he will) in a fashion that will be at all believable. I am so missing the B&B interaction – as Angela said last season (in regards to her celibacy) – I am seeking crumbs. To have Brennan pine and Booth so guarded as to be completely uninterested in her has taken a toll in regards to my emotions regarding the show.

    I sometimes like Daisy, but in this ep they pushed her to such a level of manipulative, annoying, ‘using’ human, that i wanted to slap her. And Sweets acted oblivious to her machinations – and he’s the brilliant, insightful one?

    I love Parker – always a pleasure to see him.

    No more negativity from me – happy week everyone!

  27. Lenora on December 4th, 2010 6:14 pm

    I think that Booth is acting like any normal person would. He and Brennan dated others during the last few years. Booth kept sabatoging Brennan’s relationships as well as his own. He wanted Brennan but couldn’t bring himself to say anything to her. He has a lot of bad family history as his father was an alcoholic abusive father and this has to have made him scared that he may not be worthy to find true happiness in life. We saw in earlier seasons that he was worried that Rebecca didn’t marry him because he thought she didn’t consider him good father material. It was Brennan who pointed that out to Rebecca. When he got his tumor, he dreamt of Brennan being his love. He woke up and worried that maybe he should say something to Brennan. Sweets talked him out of it as well has Cam and Godon Wyatt. He finally was pushed by Sweets (after Sweets changed his mind) to tell Brennan of his love and she said no. She confirmed that he was not good enough for her. What else could you ask of him. He thinks he has now found someone to replace Brennan and is trying to make that relationship work. He probably is very irritated with Brennan at times as he probably loves her but he must harden his heart and forget that any love can come. She said she can’t change. He has always believed Brennan to be truthful so what can he do? He probably wants to believe that Brennan will change her mind but now he is in a relationship that he is desperate to make work. He is not really behaving badly. He is trying to be a friend and partner but he is trying to protect his heart from Brennan at the same time. He is truthfully is a bad situation. If Brennan proclaims her love to him he will have to make some very big changes in his thinking. Can he trust Brennan or himself? Is he worthy of her love or she his? As I said before, I think this is going to get very messy before it is over.

  28. carl on December 5th, 2010 4:06 pm

    will hart hansons every maked booth see the seriousness of social skills for brennan/to me this would maked a really good show and one I WOULD LIKED TO SEE.

  29. Kat on December 5th, 2010 5:15 pm

    THIS EPISODE!!!!! O.M.G.
    -One thing is, when Booth brought up Hannah and Parker, it seemed Bones was REALLYYY hoping that hed hate her.
    -I mean, you guys saw her DEVASTATED face when Booth said it went really well?
    -The PAIN on Bren’s face when Booth said she Hannah was amazing- I ALMOST DIED!!!! its was SOOO sad!!! :'(
    -and REALLY? theyre trying to SHOVE hannah down out throats!
    *play the “Booth deserves love” card
    *make Brennan her friend
    *have brennan save her life AND
    *have parker like her, too?! UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH

  30. marple on December 6th, 2010 8:04 am

    Oh my i just can´t stop ranting. So sorry if you can´t take it don´t read. I am still amazed at those who feels that Booth is so hurt and it´s ok for him to hurt Brennan at that.

    In what world should that be ok ? Everyone is agreeing that he is MOVIN ON. That is ok. If he is still in love with Brennan though as most people claimes. In my book that would still make him an ass, but now toward Hannah.

    As i just read a fantastic ff Cam ask Booth -So are you a crappy partner or a crappy boyfriend, wich is it ?

    So well stated, I would like to see them get that in to the show.

  31. Alex on December 6th, 2010 10:17 am

    Well, to tell you the truth, I can’t really call this a pivotal episode considering that the next episode is so groundbreaking, but then again, it is very important, in its own way.

    Initially, I think that Booth was extremely rushed in his decision to have Hannah and Parker meet – and that isn’t entirely his fault. I don’t think he should have forced anything, but Sweets’ approval and Booth taking his advice is always interesting to see.

    Funny part – “I asked him if he wanted chocolate milk and he said ‘Daddy, I hate your new girlfriend!'” I laughed. Like Frankie707, I was kind of happy when Parker didn’t like Hannah in the beginning, but Hannah is too interesting of a character to not like, really. But like someone else said, she saw Parker as a means to an end, not very interested in him for him, you know?

    I wasn’t that interested in the case much, but the “You shot me!” scene between Hodgins and Daisy was hilarious, even though I’m not much of a Daisy fan at ALL. The “What are you driving at, Miss Daisy?” was cute.

    Sweets’ badassery in the interrogation room made me smile. It’s not often that we get to see him not all smiles as he usually is. It made me happy.

    Quote: “No, you’re not a very good teacher at all. -gets up and leaves-” Something like that…I liked that a lot.

    I do agree that Booth and Bones had spent relatively little time together this episode, but it isn’t the fault of anyone really. I’m not saying that Booth is being a jerk and ignoring her on purpose or that Bones is being an introvert but this was a very Booth/Hannah-centric episode. And although the show is supposed to revolve around Booth and Brennan, it is leading up to something that will ultimately become something Booth/Brennan. Pieces to the puzzle, people.

    Which brings be to next episode. I wish it was Thursday! I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for this episode – the Brennan-centered episode. And when she uttered the words “I missed my chance…” I, like many viewers, knew exactly what she must be talking about. (Though, knowing our luck, she won’t be talking about that at all, watch.)
    And those tears! It is clear that next episode is certainly going to be interesting…

  32. Audrey on December 8th, 2010 1:25 am

    Booth is obviously tying to use his relationship with Hannah to get over Brennan because she hurt him. He’s been super defensive about “being in love” and “being happy” with her all season long because he’s trying to convince himself that it’s true. He’s very good at lying to himself about himself (hence his tumultuous relationships with the shrinks in his life… he never wants to fess up to what’s really going on). The few times he has gone out on a limb he’s been hurt (Rebecca and Brennan), so he tries really hard to convince himself to play it safe. It’s Booth. It’s what he does. Even if he does notice that Brennan is hurting because of Hannah he probably convinces himself that it’s not what it is, or that it doesn’t warrant any action on his part because he already heard what she had to say to him.

    I don’t think this plot line is stupid. In the same way that Brennan needed the loss of Zach to learn that pure intellect wasn’t everything, Brennan needs to lose Booth to face the fact that she’s in love with him. I don’t think it is a rabbit trail or stalling. It makes sense.

    I don’t know if it really will be disastrous when Booth breaks up with Hannah. He seems to be much more attached to her (even though it’s because he’s trying to convince himself) than she is to him. She doesn’t seems to care too horribly much about him. I don’t think she’ll be heartbroken over it. Just go have camel-filled adventures and such.

    I think the main reason I hate Daisy is not the fact that she’s annoying. Annoying people really do exist in life and we must deal with them. What I hate is that Sweets likes her anyway for NO REASON! Sure she’s pretty, but her personality would pretty much ruin her chances with someone like Sweets. Sweets is adorable, smart, responsible, and fun. He could get someone SO MUCH BETTER! It is so rediculously unbelievable that he would be attracted to a girl like that.
    All that, “You know the real me” crap that she whined. I thought, “HH, obviously we don’t know the real her or we wouldn’t cringe inside every time we see that she’s the intern of an episode. Show us the real her or make the torment stop!”

  33. Frieda on December 9th, 2010 11:58 am

    Hey !

    I do not like Hannah and I didn’t read the other comments. But one thing I don’t understand, why do you all hate Daisy? I don’t see what’s the big deal with her and the viewers. I think she’s cool, sometimes annoying ok, but still. All the squinterns couldn’t have the same personnality or it would be boring. They are all different, and I’m thinking they all show us a side of personnality in the main characters, but exagerated …. Think about it !
    I’m French so I may be too optimistic but still … LEAVE DAISY ALONE !

    Now, I already said that I do’t like Hannah, but I’ll say it again. I DO NOT LIKE HANNAH. Not her as a person but her in the show. What is the point of her character ? Make us wait for B&B to be together or not ? I think that’s the thing … I don’t know if Booth and Brennan will ever be together but I think I would feel better (to me at least) if we were not always wondering “what will happen next? // “will they ever get together?” Annoying, annoying, annoying !
    Even though I don’t like the blond lady, if Parker had not liked her, it would have been just a little bit too obvious, better show us the two of them getting along than hating each other.

    I think I finally know why I don’t like Hannah. BECAUSE SHE IS PERFECT ! Who is that perfect in life? Brennan is not, Cam is not, Rebecca wasn’t. But now Booth is dating perfect Barbie. ANNOYING !

    This week’s episode has better be good because I sure did not like this one !

  34. Grace on December 13th, 2010 10:36 pm

    I cannot tell you guys how glad I am that I am not the only one who saw what I did in this episode in particular.

    Overall, this season of bones has been a bitter disappointment for me, but this episode really took the biscuit. It was poorly written, the plot was badly developed and ill conceived to begin with, and the characters… ugh. There were a few bright spots, like Sweets’ telling off the teacher and leaving the room. That was actually the high point of the episode, I think.

    But that was about all I liked in it. Hannah’s interaction with Parker was… passable, but not really very convincing. As a character, I actually don’t mind Hannah *too* much – she’s bearable, but there’s something very contrived about her too. There’s not much depth to her, at least as far as I can see. Again, she’s nice enough, but she just seems such a superfluous addition to the cast, just stalling the inevitable before Booth and Brennan get together.

    Daisy, however… don’t get me started on her. I absolutely despise this character. There is absolutely nothing redeemable in her. I find her neither amusing nor endearing, and like others have mentioned I find it hard to believe that someone with the wisdom and insight beyond their years of Sweets would earnestly be attracted to her. She’s vapid, manipulative and self-absorbed, and never has this been more apparent than it was in this episode. If any of you fans can recall, in Season 5 in the Night at the Bones Museum episode, she basically gave Sweets the cold shoulder for being “overbearing” by trying to help her out too much… but in this episode, she demonstrates that she’s more than happy to accept his well-intentioned intervention when it suits her. Hypocrisy, much?

    She’s not funny, she’s not endearing, and as fond as I am of the character of Sweets after all he has been through in life, I can’t help but want better for him. Daisy is absolutely toxic, both for him and the rest of the show in general. She’s completely abhorrent. Get rid of her, and fast. I for one am hoping that she will be the sniper victim later this season. Her loss would be of benefit to the show, and may instigate some really interesting character development for Sweets as he works through his grief.