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THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Picks Her Guy

August 2, 2011 by  

Another season of THE BACHELORETTE came to a close Monday night, as Ashley chose between her final two suitors.

Would it be J.P., the guy who always seemed to have a natural chemistry with her? Or perhaps Ben, the man who clicked with her family?

If we believed the editing on the final episode, Ben had Ashley’s heart. She talked about him being perfect, she talked about wanting to rub mud on his body, etc.

But was he her choice?

Nah, of course he wasn’t. J.P. was the clear frontrunner, and despite Ashley’s sister completely dismissing the relationship, Ashley was smitten with him.

However, things got super awkward when Ben showed up to the final one-on-one rose ceremony and immediately proposed to Ashley. Oh, Ben. Did you not see that she was clearly distraught? Maybe you should have let her finish what she started, versus cutting her off and making assumptions. Honestly, at first, I thought he had noticed how upset she was, put the pieces together and was going to break it off with her so she wouldn’t have to say the words. But, no.

I was a little surprised to see Ben get so angry. Obviously, he has the right to be devastated and crushed that the woman he loved was choosing another person. But even Ashley seemed to be shocked by how much he lashed out.

Luckily for Ashley, J.P.’s proposal went much better. Was anyone really surprised it ended up being J.P.? Ever since Bentley returned and J.P. was Ashley’s immediate source of comfort, the duo seemed to fit together.

Will they last forever? Who knows. I certainly feel better about them as a couple now than I did earlier in the season, when it really appeared Ashley’s insecurities and hang-ups over Bentley would ruin the experience. Given what we saw of them in the past couple of weeks, let’s hope Ashley and J.P. can make it work.

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2 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Picks Her Guy”

  1. alli on August 2nd, 2011 2:12 pm

    I wish i could agree that JP was the obvious choice, but i can’t. It’s right there in her description of their relationship, she talks all about the passion and she’s skipping over the obvious red flags. JP was almost always saying things steeped in jealousy. I think that is the appeal to Ashley, she has a need to be reassured of every thought she has or action she takes and his jealous streak was something she thrived on. I wish i could see JP and Ashley with a bright future ahead of them, but i think this is a final rose that will lose its bloom for her after the honeymoon phase.

    She lost a good guy in Ben. He made her laugh and she was herself around him, he was sincere and grounded in the way he fell in love with her. I understand that someone had to lose in this competition for her heart, but in my opinion i think the real loser here was Ashley.

  2. alli on August 2nd, 2011 2:18 pm

    I just realized that i made it sound like i think JP is a bad guy, and i don’t. I’m sure JP will be great for someone, but a jealous guy and an insecure girl doesn’t seem like a good combination to me, which is why i don’t think he is the perfect guy for Ashley. Ashley needs someone who will boost her confidence and jealousy doesn’t do that, it breaks down a person’s confidence in a relationship.

    So just to be clear, i do like JP, just thinking he was not the perfect pick for Ashley.