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It may be the second week of December, but there’s still a fair amount of Sunday television on. Let’s talk about the shows that aired last night…

ONCE UPON A TIME: For as dragged out as the Neverland arc felt, it equally seemed like they rushed to put a whole lot of stuff in last night’s hour. I really, really, really hope that the second half of the season is better paced. Pan trying to bring the curse back is…unexpected. I’ll give them that. But I’m not entirely sure if it works it’s something I’m going to be interested in seeing play out.

THE SIMPSONS: Wouldn’t the school need some kind of insurance if they were taking the kids on a sub? Nooooooooooo way they would have gotten that if Bart had made the trip. I did kind of love that Homer and Bart got Agnes to agree to fake her death to trick Skinner. Poor Skinner.

BOB’S BURGERS: A cute episode, but nothing made me laugh as hard as seeing “Edward James Olive-Most” as the Burger of the Day. I don’t know if that was an intention BSG nod (the show debuted 10 years ago last night), but the timing was absolutely perfect.

HOMELAND: When HOMELAND is at its best, it’s one of the most freaking stressful shows on air. As I watched last night’s episode, I was tense, very aware it could have been very HOMELAND-y to buck convention and actually just kill off Brody in the penultimate episode and have the finale be the fallout. (And how much would it have messed up Carrie if she witnessed it all go down — unable to stop it — right after she failed to convince him to leave?) And then when Brody was making his “confession,” I had a very season 1 vibe, where I just didn’t know what to believe. It felt extraordinarily stupid to spill all that, and probably even stupider to kill someone in a guarded facility with very little help at your disposal…but he put it on Carrie to get him out of it. Again.

Next week’s finale (which I haven’t seen) is going to be brutal. I sincerely doubt people will get out of there unscathed. Right now, I’m expecting Brody to die. (Which, honestly, concerns me, given how much stronger the show has been this season when he’s been involved, but that’s another issue.) It wouldn’t shock me if Carrie miscarries. And there’s a tiny, tiny, tiny part of me that wonders if the show has been pulling a long-con on our expectations: where much of the season has felt like Brody’s last stand, arguably, the same could apply to this being the end of the road for Carrie. I think it would be a much bigger risk to kill off Carrie, but it would also be much, much more shocking and shake things up considerably more for season 4. I guess we’ll see next week.

FAMILY GUY: Did not like Vinny in the new credits. Nope, not at all.

MASTERS OF SEX: Though Bill and Virginia shared very little real screen time together, it was a great device to have Bill’s mind basically summon her every time he was reminded of her/he needed perspective. I also appreciated his mind’s version of her wasn’t some weak “yes” woman, but she pushed him and challenged him, the way the real Virginia would have. I’m curious how much time has passed, because clearly Libby is very pregnant at this point. As much as I get this is a 12-episode season, I do hate missing chunks of time…I want to see it all!

I did love that Lillian finally told Virginia the truth about her cancer…and hinted she wanted Virginia to carry on her work. Hm…

What did you watch?

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