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A lot of dark television last night (both literally and figuratively), so, um, I hope you found something bright and shiny to lighten up your night/morning.

But on that note, let’s talk about what went down with Sunday night’s television…

ONCE UPON A TIME: We’ve had so much backstory for Rumple at this point — and even had a fair amount about Rumple’s toxic relationship with his son — that it bummed me out that so much of what we got tonight was basically a rehash. The most fascinating bit of the hour was the knowledge that Rumple was with Pan when he was younger; THAT I would have loved to see explored. I don’t need to see the Dark One losing his son and not trusting that love, etc. We got it. I would be much more fascinated about how Rumple’s experiences as a kid might have shaped him. Because, really, what did we get from the hour? Basically, Rumple knows Neal is alive. And Henry now is hearing Pan’s magical music. Those were the lone progressions we got in the entire hour because everything else was basically set back to where it started. (However, Regina’s smirk when she found out Tamara and Greg were dead? Fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. And valid)

HOMELAND: We were being played?! Since when??? It’s really curious, because when I started watching the hour and Carrie was getting prepped to see if she could be checked out of the psychiatric hospital, I was struck by the memory of Saul’s smile at the end of last season when he saw Carrie after thinking she was dead, and it made me sad to see how drastically they fell apart. And then the end twist revealed they had planned this all along? Since when? Was her “fuck you” to him at the hospital staged? Is this an off-the-books operation, given that he seemed to be keeping up appearances at the office? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. But I’m glad it seems, finally, that there is at least a plan for where this season is going. I just wonder how long it will take to get Brody more fully in the mix.

(I don’t seem to hate Dana/that storyline as much as many other HOMELAND viewers, but man, this week’s storyline didn’t really work for me.)

THE WALKING DEAD: Do. Not. Kill. The. Pigs.

Sigh. I knew as soon as they showed them, those poor piglets were going to be doomed. I did not care for them being zombie bait. I am, however, glad that we didn’t get a redux of the pilot and see Michonne’s horse get devoured, too, because I had a moment of panic over that.

Aside from that, I thought episode 2 was a significant improvement over the premiere. Michonne broke my heart, and Carol and those girls…ugh. Just pain. But really compelling to watch.

MASTERS OF SEX: Um, I didn’t realize Mather Zickel (who has most recently been appearing on BONES as Aldo) was going to be on the show. I certainly didn’t expect to see so much of him. It’s so, so, so twisted to see George and Bill’s “research” develop after Virginia disclosed her ex-husband had participated in the study and Bill figured out which man it was. Bill seems to be focusing on (or perhaps obsessing over?) Virginia, whether it’s because he’s genuinely drawn to her, or it’s because with his wife’s fertility issues — and subsequent pregnancy — and his mother showing up, his home life is too much for him. This is going to get super messy super fast.

So, what did you watch last night? Or what stood out the most to you?

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