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Sunday television is getting intense as shows gear up for their finales and/or midseason finales. Let’s talk about what went down…

ONCE UPON A TIME: I really loved the flashback to when Regina first adopted Henry. My frustration with the hour more came at the fake out of us being done with Pan. Admittedly, I didn’t believe we were finished with it for a second — not only was it entirely too easy, but everyone associated with the show has been so upfront about the Neverland arc lasting for all of season 3.0 — but clearly the intent was for it to be another twist. The longer the Neverland/Pan arc drags out, the more I wish they hadn’t tied themselves to playing it out over 11 hours. I really feel like this could have been a really compelling story if it had been told in six or eight hours. The show started off this season solidly and I feel like it’s had moments since, but it’s very much felt like parts were dragged out just to make sure they reached the 11 episode mark. Here’s hoping the final few hours make it worthwhile.

HOMELAND: Another solid episode. Claire Danes’ face was pretty freaking incredible as Carrie had to watch from afar as the mission potentially fell apart and Brody’s vehicle hit what seemed like a landmine. But what stands out to me the most is the question of how important the final conversation between Carrie and Brody will be. What will she now sacrifice to make sure he gets home? Right now, I don’t feel like Carrie would die, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she miscarried while doing something dangerous in an attempt to get Brody home. And if Brody doesn’t make it, how thoroughly will that destroy her?

THE WALKING DEAD: After weeks of feeling rather bored when watching the show, I’m glad I at least enjoyed the midseason finale. Hershel’s death was quasi-expected, but completely heartbreaking. The Governor’s death was long-overdue and deserved; I’m glad Michonne was the one who did it. I’m curious how they’ll pick up the second half of the season since there are now multiple groups of “our” guys out there, and they would conceivably be spread out in every direction. The question for me: which group has Judith? (Come on — if the zombies ate her, there’d be SO much more blood and/or remains.)

MASTERS OF SEX: They were both in the wrong, but it was kind of gratifying to see Bill punch Ethan. With only a handful of episodes left this season, I’m curious what they’re building to this year: is it a possible birth for Libby? A reconciliation for Bill and Virginia? Lillian’s death? No matter what, I’m along for the ride. (And as phenomenal as Allison Janney and Beau Bridges have been as the Scullys, part of me wonders what their commitments to MOM and THE MILLERS, respectfully, will mean for their involvement in season 2. I do hope they still are able to do both shows, even if this season was completed before they were needed for filming of their CBS sitcoms.)

Enough from me — what did you watch last night?

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2 Responses to “About Last Night…ONCE UPON A TIME, HOMELAND, THE WALKING DEAD, and More”

  1. Sarah on December 2nd, 2013 12:07 pm

    OUAT- the really dug themselves into a hole with this. A whole half season has made them flounder into ridiculousness. The arc I could stand if it was 6 episodes max but nearing the end I just want to laugh at the contrivances they’ve pulled.

    TWD -I wanted them to leave the prison so bad all season and it finally happened. They should never stay in one place too long or it starts to feel stale. Even with the infection and treachery and whatnot they need to be in constant edge of their seats danger or it’ll always start to feel complacent. I hark back to season 1 when they were scrambling to figure the world out and ALWAYS on the run and the opening of s2 when it became clear the walkers would grow no matter how many they killed.

    MoS- Couldn’t agree more about Janney and Bridges. They are astounding in Masters of Sex and I don’t even watch their CBS sitcoms but I can already know that they aren’t up to caliber with the work they are given in Masters of Sex. I’d hate to see them not be able to do both, the way cable shows film whole seasons makes me hope so but then contracts sometimes say ‘Nope can’t do this even if you have the time’ I’d hope CBS wouldn’t be greedy about it.

  2. Marisa Roffman on December 2nd, 2013 9:18 pm

    @Sarah: I think it might end up being more about when the shows film re: MoS. Not sure when they’ll start shooting season 2, but hopefully they can work something out!!