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THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: Luke Mitchell Previews Monday’s Big Episode, John’s Decision, and More

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THE TOMORROW PEOPLE is gearing up for a crazy-packed end of the season, and things really kick off with this Monday’s brand new episode.

To get a little bit of information about what’s in store, I spoke with THE TOMORROW PEOPLE star Luke Mitchell (John) about John’s decision, the push-pull of the John/Jedikiah relationship, the impact of Roger’s “return,” and more…

What can you tease about Monday’s episode?
Luke Mitchell: It is indeed a very big one — not just for my character, but for the show. It kind of sets off the rest of the season: lighting the fuse for the explosion of the finale. My character, John, has a big decision to make, and it’s not an easy one. It kind of turns things on its head.

I think by the end of this episode, if the audience wasn’t confused already, they’re going to be absolutely dumbfounded. Just in terms of who to trust, and who the real bad guy is. It’s going to be a real division between The Founder and Jedikiah. I’m really excited to see the audience’s reaction to who they think is the real bad guy.

Is John torn about whether Jedikiah is redeemable? In addition to their very deep and twisted history, John also now knows that Jedikiah is about to become a father, and that could change a man…
LM: Mhm. Absolutely. At this point in time, at the beginning of this episode, John has [issues] with Jedikiah. And Jedikiah knows that, and he tries to get him to be on his side and be the go-between between Stephen and John. John pretty much puts Stephen in his place, saying, “Why would anyone believe a man that lies for a living?” And then something happens, and it forces John to set up a meeting with Jedikiah, and they have a conversation that doesn’t exactly go well. [Laughs]

And, yeah, it doesn’t bring them closer, but Jedikiah has some information, that [makes] John more inclined to let down his guard, slightly. To allow things to move in a certain direction. And by the end of the episode, John feels like he’s been duped, and he’s very angry.

How does Cara fit in to this? Is John keeping this trouble with Jedikiah from her?
LM: There’s a character from Cara’s past that’s reintroduced in this episode that will help sway Cara in a way that makes her OK with the decision that is being made between John, Stephen, and Jedikiah. So she is actually a part of the process, he doesn’t go behind Cara’s back at all, and she actually gives him a nudge in a certain direction, due to a character from her past.

Well, they’ve hidden a lot from each other, so that’s a good step.
LM: Yes. They’ve done so much behind-the-back stuff. At this point in time, John is doing his best to support Cara in her leadership. It would be wrong of him to again go behind her back. He’s struggling to maintain balance within himself, let alone the Tomorrow People. There’s a lot going on below the surface for John. But he’s putting on the poker face and doing his best to appear cool, calm, and collected, but he’s not.

Does Astrid get drawn into this at all? In some ways, she’s seemed like John’s escape from reality, so does he go to her with all this Jedikiah insanity?
LM: She certainly will at some point be drawn into the danger of it, against her will, just because of her proximity to the Tomorrow People. She doesn’t play a huge role in the next episode, but John and Astrid will have a bunch more scenes leading up to the finale. I can’t say whether they’re going to be romantic scenes or not, but they certain form a bond and get closer.

It’s fun to see play out, because I agree, their dynamic is a bit of fresh air. They bring out different colors in each other, and you get to see a lighter side of John, which I think is nice to see.

How will Stephen finding Roger impact John?
LM: We don’t delve into that immediately in 17, but in 18, John has to face that reality. And that brings up a lot of emotions in him.

That’s a huge thing, that reveal, Jedikiah having Roger frozen, because it begs the question why? Why has Jedikiah been keeping him frozen? Is it a good reason or a bad reason? Most likely it’s a bad reason. We’ve already seen the episode with the twins and Jedikiah broke down emotionally when one of the twins died. We got to see what experimenting on family meant to him. You kind of feel like if Jedikiah is keeping him alive — or has frozen his body — to extract his powers or something like that.

You want to hope there is a good side to Jedikiah somewhere, that he’s actually keeping him frozen in the hopes of bringing him back from limbo at some point. But I guess that’s the big question we’ll be chasing down towards the season finale.

When I spoke with THE TOMORROW PEOPLE boss Phil Klemmer earlier this month, he teased that as the season played out, the Tomorrow People’s secret would basically be blown up. If they got to a place where John didn’t have to hide who he truly was, how do you think that would change him?
LM: I don’t even know! I don’t know how John would even deal. That’s a long way away, because for the Tomorrow People to live without hiding, that would mean there’s no more Ultra. And that doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon. But we certainly head in the direction where it’s less about hiding and more about fighting for the bigger picture.

The season finale, which I have read, is massive. We are literally dealing with the prospect of the end of the world as we know it. So that kind of brings people out of hiding and literally fighting for their lives.

As we gear up for the final episodes, are there any that are specifically John-heavy?
LM: There are some pretty heavy John-centric ones coming up. 17 is not actually a lot of John, but the main storyline does revolve around my character. There are a lot of flashbacks and there’s also a very interesting side story. But then moving forward, 18…17 starts off another very interesting journey for John and Jedikiah, and we delve deeper into that by the end of the episode, and moving into 18 where there’s this pretty dramatic scene, and that leads to a very dangerous and interesting sequence of scenes between John and Jedikiah — I don’t know how much to say, but it’s very interesting because you do get to see the love and the hate between these two. It’s very conflicting and it’s very confronting for the both of them. That was nice for me to play out.

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE airs Mondays at 9 PM on The CW.


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