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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Caroline Dries on the ‘Linchpin’ in the Mythology, Bonnie’s Crisis, the Triangle, and More

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has a brand new episode tonight, and to get a little bit of scoop about what’s in store for the show’s final batch of episodes, I spoke with showrunner Caroline Dries before the show’s PaleyFest panel to see what she could share…


There’s a new doppelganger on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and while he may be living a normal life for now, things get immensely complicated when the scope of his importance is revealed.

“Tom is just trying to live his life — a paramedic in Atlanta,” Dries pointed out. “Shit hits the fan when he becomes the linchpin in this whole mythology…without giving too much away, we end up learning less about Tom and more about our characters in their relationship with Tom. Caroline poses the [statement], ‘I’m going to go kill him.’ And no you’re not, do you hear the words coming out of your mouth? And in my mind, it’s less about Tom, and more about our guys.”

Bonnie and the Travellers:

When Dries had to choose what upcoming storyline was exciting her the most, she pointed to what Bonnie will soon be up to.

“There’s a future episode with Bonnie, and Bonnie has her own personal crisis she’s dealing with,” Dries teased. “That definitely impacts so many people. And so I’m so looking forward to that. And it meshes together with what we’ve been seeing with the Travellers, who have been this faction of witches who have been the background for a while, and they want doppelgängers, but what are they doing? So we try to explain why the doppelgängers are important, what this whole prophecy is about that we’ve been learning about, [and] what the heck the Travellers are doing.”

Katherine is gone…for now:

Katherine has never been gone from the series for too long — and death has rarely been a real obstacle on this show — but after she was expelled from Elena’s body and sucked away in the church, it seems like her exit will stick…at least for a little bit.

“The implication could be, I think, that she was dragged away to some dark place,” Dries said. “So for now, I would say the door is closed.”

The love triangle:

While Dries noted that there will be things in store for both Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena fans, in the more immediate future, Damon and Elena are going to try and adjust to their new friends with benefits situation.

“I’m not going to tell you exactly if it’s going to work out, but what’s fun about it is that there’s not a simple solution to it,” Dries said. “They know in their brains this is not quite a great relationship. But they feel in their hearts [a pull]. What I love about it is that it’s so complex, it’s grey, it’s very realistic, I think of interactions — you can’t be by your ex day in and day out without [complications].”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs Thursdays at 8 PM on The CW.


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