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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Caroline Dries and Ian Somerhalder on Enzo’s Return, and Damon and Elena Tension

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Enzo took his own life last week — kind of — when he willingly let Stefan kill him, but his tormenting of the Salvatore brothers is hardly over.

“We purposely had him show up at the end [of last week’s episode] as a ghost to show, it’s not over,” THE VAMPIRE DIARIES executive producer Caroline Dries told reporters. “His story is not over. And so, he is going to become this ghost villain moving forward. We’ll see him all the way through the finale.”

And while you might think a ghost couldn’t cause too much havoc…well, you’d be wrong.

“You just wait,” Dries laughed. “You just wait and see. You can do a lot from the other side. He’s determined to make Damon’s life and Stefan’s life a living hell. We realize why and how he’s able to do that. And it’s because what’s happening on the other side is giving him more liberties than other ghosts have had. So his story isn’t just about him being the villain, but it’s also about us getting a new set of eyes into the other side world. And it’s like, ‘Oh, God, what’s going to happen over there?'”

“He’s pissed that he’s dead, but that’s amplified by the fact that around him, people are being sucked out of the ether just like Vicky was,” she continued. “So his big concern was, ‘I want out.’ You’ll see in the episode [tonight], Damon’s going to promise Enzo, ‘I will help you get out of here.’ So Enzo’s like, ‘I want to get out of here.’ So he has a very clear drive of what he needs.”

But even though Damon will make the promise to Enzo, actually delivering on it is a whole other matter.

“Damon makes the promise under extreme duress,” Dries teased. “Damon has no idea what he’s talking about when he makes that promise, which just adds to the complication that he makes this promise and he has no clue how to get Enzo out. No one has really come out of the other side successfully without massive consequence. But Damon says it to get out of the moment.”

The Enzo drama won’t be the only thing going on in tonight’s episode: Damon and Elena — who have been awkward since their breakup — end up spending a lot of time together.

“In [tonight’s] episode, we purposefully throw these two in a world together where they can’t help but literally be on top of each other — the cabin in the woods story,” Dries previewed. “They can’t be away from each other, they can’t be close to each other. So we’re just playing into the drama of them now; this weird purgatory in their relationship where it’s like, ‘How will we act when we can’t escape each other?'”

And while Ian Somerhalder (Damon) allowed that Damon is “definitely not very happy” about the Enzo situation, the tension with Elena is a big he’s grappling with, too.

“Something with Damon that has always been since the conception [of the character]…is the push and the pull,” Somerhalder said. “It’s always been that way with Elena, because [she] was my brother’s girlfriend, and looks like this woman I was in love with. There’s always this pushing and pulling, and it really does make a very dynamic component to their relationship. It creates tension, it creates chemistry, it creates all this cool stuff, and [the writers] know how to do it very well. And it’s evident. It’s just there.”

“Every time one of them is in the room with the other, they don’t have to say anything, but their tension and chemistry exist,” Dries added. “And I think that’s what makes them as a couple so powerful, even if the storyline is them not dating, it’s actually a love story.”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs Thursdays at 8 PM on The CW.


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