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MINORITY REPORT at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

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Credit: Bruce Macaulay. FOX Broadcasting.

Credit: Bruce Macaulay. FOX Broadcasting.

MINORITY REPORT is set ten years after the events of the film of the same name and focuses on Dash, one of the three precognitives (precogs) from the movie.

Still haunted by visions of the future, Dash secretly advises Detective Lara Vega to help stop the murders that he foresees. At the same time, the pair are trying to find Dash’s missing brother, Arthur.

MINORITY REPORT stars Stark Sands, Megan Goode, Wilmes Valderrama, Laura Regan and executive producers Kevin Falls, Max Borenstein and Darryl Frank all participated in the Comic-Con panel.

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2:05 PM: The first 20 minutes of MINORITY REPORT were screened for the fans in the audience. Borenstein says that because the film ends with the precogs going off to live their lives and they were interested in seeing what happens next for them.

2:08 PM: Sands says that his character Dash doesn’t interact with humans often (in the pilot we saw him live outside of the main city). He doesn’t get sarcasm or jokes, so it’s fun to grow from “being that baby chick who is learning and who, over the course of the series, becomes a more fully-realized human being.”

2:15 PM: Steven Spielberg pitched the idea of a weapon that can assist the police when they are out in the field, Valderrama hinted and then warned he can’t say that much about it.

2:16 PM: When the series starts, Agatha is a recluse, but her brothers have taken a totally different path according to Regan. As time goes on, she may have to fulfill another role. Agatha and Dash share a strange history, with Agatha feeling like a sister and a bit of a mother to her younger brothers.

2:17 PM: When describing the history between their characters, Valderrama and Good hint that Vega and Blake “may or may not have had something in the past”. They came up together in the ranks and he got a promotion that she thinks she deserved instead, which creates a lot of tension. But “it’s a fun dynamic,” Valderrama says, “because — she may not want to admit this — but they’re kind of brilliant together”.

2:20 PM: Good says there is a softness to Vega that people don’t really get to see, but Dash will tap into that. He is very child-like, so the way she originally handles him goes over his head. But interacting with him more starts to break through her shell and they both want to change the world and they connect over that. She yearns for the days of the Precrime Unit and is eager to work with Dash. Falls did say they don’t want to push a romantic relationship between the pair. If it happens in a few years it might be a possibility, but it certainly isn’t planned now.

2:25 PM: We’ll see all of the technology from the film in the TV series as time goes on. The first 20 minutes of the pilot also featured a very cool recreation of a crime scene by Vega.

2:26 PM: The producers confirmed the news that Nick Zano will be playing Arthur, Dash’s twin. When the precogs were in the milk bath in the film, they were a hive-mind. But after the demise of Precrime, they’ve all become different people who receive different pieces of information through their visions. So the information they get will impact how their characters deal with it.

2:29 PM: Amusingly, Falls said in the pilot you will see evidence that The Simpsons is still on television. He also says there’s a lot of fun little hints in there (such as “vacations in Tehran” advertisements and more), so keep your eyes open for them.

2:31 PM: Good says that while the show is quite dramatic, there are moments to be funny, even if unintentionally.

2:42 PM: Megan says that Agatha has an “outer-worldly feeling” to her despite being human, while Sands says he spent a lot of time thinking about isolation as Dash. Both of them went into an isolation chamber to help prepare for the role.

2:45 PM: Borenstein says that as a style of storytelling, in television you have to think about the long game (as opposed to films). They put a lot of energy into the pilot, but now they spend a lot of time thinking about what the story is that we will live with and how the characters will evolve over time. They have ideas that don’t fit right now, but they can get to them eventually.

MINORITY REPORT will premiere on September 21 on Fox.


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