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CHICAGO MED — “A Square Peg In A Round Hole” Episode 707 — Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

THE GOLDBERGS: Loved having Lainey back, and really wish she could be around more, especially as Erica really needs her. (I know the continuity with SCHOOLED and their former 90-something timeline makes it harder to do, but…yeah. I miss that friendship a lot.)

CHICAGO MED: I mean, Stevie absolutely should not have been honest with her mom. I get why she was, and in a perfect world, it would have been ideal to be upfront. But…eesh. You’d hope she would have at least come at that with the offer to get her mom her car back?

It makes sense Ethan is not 100% yet, but my heart hurt seeing him struggle.

Uh, yeah, Crockett is going to end up in a love triangle with a mother and a daughter.  Zero percent chance this ends well.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: The Bullet Blondes were really fun to watch performing, even if they had to incorporate a last-minute Hoover clone into their act. But, ugh, I truly wish Gideon, Astra, and Spooner had caught up with the other Legends…they were. so. freaking. close. (I am glad Astra and Spooner were able to save a woman from an abusive boyfriend, timeline be damned.)

THE WONDER YEARS: Spending time with Dean and his grandfather was absolutely bittersweet. A beautiful episode.

CHICAGO FIRE: Obviously a long-distance relationship wasn’t going to be easy, but poor Brett she’s already having to cancel plans to see Casey because of his schedule changing.

It makes a lot of sense the team would have some issues adjusting to their new lieutenant, but they handled things better—at least for now—than I expected. I imagine, to some degree, it’s because Casey opted to leave versus him being fired or killed. But let’s see what it’s like when Severide is actually really back with the firehouse and Stella (eventually) returns.

THE CONNERS: Despite how Darlene and Ben’s relationship has fallen apart, I’m really glad he’s still there for Mark. And though it may have killed Darlene a little, I’m really, really happy that she was able to at least listen to Mark talk about his problems rather than try to actively fix things.

CHICAGO P.D.: Oh, Voight. That birthday breakfast was heartbreaking.

I’m really glad Trudy picked up on the tension with Intelligence, because…yikes. At what point will things come to a head, because Voight/Halstead/Upton, Voight/Halstead, and even Halstead/Upton can’t continue on like this. It’s not good for them, personally, and it’s definitely a mess for them professionally. Halstead directly disobeying an order—even if he truly believed he was doing the right thing—could have ended up putting the entire team and their source in a whole lot of danger.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: Gary. Rage. Singing. (Yes, please, forever.)

I’m brokenhearted for Gary with the Darcy twist. That door was pretty firmly shut before, and it makes sense given what he did, but now she’s having a kid with her ex? Gary needs to catch a break.

I loved that Eddie has been proactive with his life in the time since we last saw him. And, man, I forgot how much I missed the Eddie and Sophie friendship that was such an important part of the show before she learned about his affair with her mom.

(Also, Maggie’s stalker is totally the girl who took a photo with her, right?)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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