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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS Post-Mortem: DJ Nash and Terrence Coli on the Gary-Maggie-Cam Triangle, Katherine’s New Flame, and More

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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS – “any way the wind blows” – Gary learns some new things about Maggie on their road trip to Albany. Eddie helps Rome in a time of need, and Regina sets boundaries with her father. Katherine reunites with someone from her past on this episode of “A Million Little Things,” airing WEDNESDAY, FEB. 23 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/David Bukach)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Wednesday, February 23 episode, “any way the wind blows.”]

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS’ midseason return brought a number of possible shifts for its relationships.

After spending an entire roadtrip together bonding, exes Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie (Allison Miller) seemed closer than ever—but Maggie was equally surprised to discover her NHL player boyfriend, Cam (Ryan Hansen) faked an injury during a game so he could leave early to support her. Later, Maggie expressed thanks—and love—for someone who helped her during her recent rough patch…but the very real question remained who she meant.

A little bit clearer was Katherine’s (Grace Park) desire to make amends with her childhood friend, Greta (Cameron Esposito), who Katherine rebuffed when it was clear Greta wanted more. With Katherine now more aware of her own sexuality, she sought Greta out, and the two hooked up.

But what comes next? AMLT creator DJ Nash and executive producer/episode co-writer Terrence Coli offered a few teases about what’s ahead…

Gary and Maggie’s relationship is a little bit messy, because she seems to be really happy with Cam and we’ve seen certainly Gary happy with someone, too—but they have an undeniable bond. What is next for the triangle?
Terrence Coli: Well, I think we can say at the end of the episode, when Maggie is on the air, and she says, “I just want to thank somebody who helped me get to the place that I’m at today, and who I love very much,” that could apply to either one of these wonderful gentlemen in her life, right? It could mean Cam, it could mean Gary. And I think that was very intentional that that the audience leave this episode not quite sure how this is gonna play out. I think both guys, on some level, think she means them.
DJ Nash: If you polled the 12 writers in our room, you would not get 12 similar answers. [Laughs.] Same way you wouldn’t get who broke up with whom, Gary or Maggie.
Coli: But what I love about Cam is that he seems to check every box that there can be for a great guy, and he seems like he would be perfect for Maggie. And yet with Gary, there’s always this history and the shared experience of everything they’ve been through together. And even the journey that they’re on in this episode, which is that Maggie is really wanting to help someone who she feels like she had a hand causing pain to so many years ago, Gary is kind of the perfect person in her life right now to go, “Tread lightly. Remember what I did, and where it got me.” And I think it’s a cool way of showing how far Gary has come in his own journey—how he’s done a lot of self-acknowledgement, self-work, and, in some ways, he’s better than ever.
Nash: I mean, Cam is so great that even Gary has a crush on him. We wrote it with Ryan Hansen in mind, and then he agreed to do it. And so he’s doing it. Like, he’s really very charming, both when the cameras are rolling and when they’re not.

Katherine and Greta took a big step in this episode. Was this Katherine getting a bit of closure with Greta, or is this the start of a real relationship?
Nash: What I saw at the end of the episode didn’t feel like closure…

I’ll just say that I was looking at a cut of that episode when I was in the car. My wife was driving us somewhere because sometimes [I have] to work a lot. So I was looking at a cut of that, and from the backseat, my child saw two women kissing for the first time. And the idea that they saw that in a show that I have a hand, in much less created, I think it was one of my most proud moments as a creator of the show. And I called TC, and I was like, “Dude, you wrote that episode. That’s you and Elizabeth [Laime]!” And I’m so proud that our show has been allowed to tell the stories it’s been able to tell.
Coli: In terms of Greta, I think it’s a really exciting character for us, going forward, because she knows Katherine from an era of her life, a long, long time ago. Katherine was just a middle schooler and still figuring out who she was going to be and who she wanted to be wants to be in life. And so as she goes into the new chapter of her life, the next chapter, she has someone at her side who can remind her of all of the best things about herself in a very unique way. So we love exploring that side.
Nash: And Cameron Esposito is so funny. And it was Elizabeth’s suggestion and just she’s so perfect in it. And I just had the honor of being up on set for the last two weeks, which I haven’t been able to do in a couple years. And she’s so funny. And she does, obviously does the humor so well, but then there’s the heart that she brings in such a wonderful way. So we couldn’t be more thrilled to open up our friend group a little more.
Coli: DJ just directed his first episode of A MILLION LITTLE THINGS after creating the show and however many episodes we’ve done, he was behind the camera on this one. So we’re very excited about that.

Looking ahead, we haven’t seen much of Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) since she left. What can you share about how she might return in the future?
Nash: Well, we’re talking about that right now. Because TC pitched something to me like, “Is this crazy?” And I go “Yeah, let’s do it.” [Laughs.] We’ll see if we can make it happen. Stephanie’s an incredible actor, and she’s an incredible mom—and those things sometimes challenge each other. So just looking out for some of the creative things we want to do and see whether that fits within her commitment to her kids, fingers crossed, we will see more of Delilah.

What else is coming up that you can tease?
Nash: I think we’re building towards our biggest season finale ever, which after last season, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say. But there’s a cliffhanger and there’s emotion and stuff that [goes down].
Coli: I think we can talk a little bit about Rome’s next chapter. He’s going to find a bit of a new career path in the second half of the season, which will allow him to connect with people that he works with in a new and exciting way.
Nash: I think in confronting some traumatic stuff that happened to him earlier in his life, a door opens, which is sort of keeping in the theme of our show.
Coli: Regina has a new business venture with her friend, and that’s going to take us in some new directions that are very exciting.
Nash: As excited as we are about the [midseason] premiere, the next two episodes are sort of a two-parter in a really big way that I do believe fans will be talking about for more than a minute.

Well, on that note, the next episode is called “surprise,” which could mean virtually anything in this world. What can you tease about the episode?
Coli: I think that the thing we can tease is that we probably should have called it “surprises.”



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