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NEW AMSTERDAM — “I’ll Be Your Shelter” Episode 422 — Pictured: (l-r) Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin, Sandra Mae Frank as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder, Conner Marx as Ben Meyer — (Photo by: Ralph Bavaro/NBC)f

Let’s talk about Tuesday night’s TV!

NAME THAT TUNE: The movie theme was interesting, because in some ways it made things harder? (Like the theme from the Clint Eastwood film?!)

FBI: INTERNATIONAL: Eesh, what a bittersweet hour for Scott. On one hand, his mother was ultimately loyal to the U.S., which has to be a relief to him. On the other…she was compromised, and it certainly didn’t look good. There’s zero way he’s going to forget her, so I’m curious how/when they bring her back into the mix.

(Jaeger can’t really be leaving us…right?)

NEW AMSTERDAM: Sigh. Honestly, my fear going into the hour was that Helen’s plane would crash, and we’d spend all summer worrying if she survived. (They could have easily pulled the “oh, she never got on the flight” card in the first five minutes of the premiere, but…going into this hour, that was my concern.)

To some degree, I’m still quasi-willing to bet we’re going to discover there’s a twist to Helen’s refusal to get married. She alluded to it being a long day…did something happen on the flight and he had to get off? With her mom? She just agreed to elope, so what the heck changed in the past few hours? (And, really, the audience is entirely in the dark given Helen was almost entirely absent from the finale.) But even if Helen’s feelings about Max didn’t change, good lord, phrase what you’re thinking more clearly? Because that dude certainly thinks he’s been dumped/stood up.

Okay, yeah, I think we’ve reached the point of return with Iggy and Martin. Yikes. I don’t think they can come back from this, even if they want to, next season.

I find Lauren and Leyla to be very sweet, but the fact is…Lauren is right. They are completely imbalanced in their power, and I don’t know if they’ll be in a place for that to be different for a while. It’s not fair to build a real relationship under those conditions, and it really wouldn’t be fair to Leyla. I’m glad Bloom realized it, even if it sucks.

But, man, everyone broke up. It’s going to be a tough summer before the final season.

[For more on what’s to come in season 5, here’s what showrunner David Schulner had to tease.]

FBI: MOST WANTED: This was probably my favorite season finale so far. It was interesting, tense, funny, and emotional, as they tried to stop an oligarch who really just wanted to get what he wanted. Sarkov was terrifying and ballsy, but what made MW’s approach interesting is that when the families were threatened, we got to see them all brought together to be protected; other shows normally do throwaway lines about where loved ones have been stashed. And Remy’s speech?! My heart.

[For more on the episode, here’s what Dylan McDermott had to say about the finale.]

Which shows did you watch last night?

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