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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS’ DJ Nash Previews the Final Season: It’s ‘A Plan That’s Been in the Works Since Day 1’

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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS final season spoilers

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS – “the last dance” – The family of friends gathers once again to celebrate the life of a loved one who dies unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Katherine shows Maggie the secret to registering for baby gifts, and Rome supports his father through a difficult transition on the season premiere of “A Million Little Things,” airing WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Sergei Bachlakov)

When A MILLION LITTLE THINGS kicks off its fifth—and final—season on Wednesday, February 8, the ABC drama will be wrapping up with a very long-planned end game.

“I have an incredible writing staff that I’m fortunate enough to work with,” AMLT creator DJ Nash tells Give Me My Remote. “So I always come in with a plan, and then if they make it better, we go with that; I try not to be too precious. [But] I knew as soon as we made the pilot how I wanted the series to end, and I have known that in every series that I’ve had; it hasn’t been relevant before, because the [others] series have ended [prematurely]. But in this one, I was really grateful for us to have a chance to tell this last season.”

“One of the reasons I wanted us to make this our last season is I wanted to make sure…we had an opportunity to close up the series,” he continues. “So the ending that fans will watch over these 13 episodes, there’s absolutely new stories that the writers brought in that we were telling, and there’s certainly quite a few loose ends that we tie up because of stories that happened along the way. But the crux of what we’re telling the season is a plan that’s been in the works since day one.”

And while the fifth season might be most satisfying to those who know the show inside and out, Nash notes they’re cautious to also make the drama accessible to new or casual fans.

“You don’t really even have to watch the previously on; we like to have something within the episode that will make the story satisfying, even if you haven’t watched previous episodes,” he says. “You’ll certainly be able to follow along and appreciate it. If you watch this from the beginning, there are certain Easter eggs and some thematic ideas that will run even deeper because you have taken the journey with us. For instance, there’s a storyline we did a couple seasons ago about Delilah having trouble breastfeeding, and Maggie steps up for her friend in a real, huge way and says, ‘When I am a mom, I won’t be able to breastfeed, and yet I’ll be a great mom.’ And now Maggie’s [going to be a mom].”

“That storyline is a great example of if you just saw our episode this season and experienced it, it would still be meaningful to you,” Nash continues. “But if you take the journey with Maggie and know where the story first started for us, it operates on an even deeper level.”

For the writers, in addition to wrapping up the storylines, they had an additional challenge (and perk) of this final season: the shorter episode count.

“I’ll tell you, making 13 episodes is so much easier than making 20,” Nash says with a laugh. “I think about those streaming shows that do eight episodes a season? And we [did] two, sometimes almost three, times as many. So it’s so much easier. I think there’s a fatigue that sometimes sets in on a staff when you have to make 18 to 22 episodes, and we just never had that.”

“Coming into the season, I think we knew what eight of the episodes were going to be before we even got together as a writers’ room,” he continues. “So filling in the rest of the space was very, very simple. We have episodes that will highlight different actors in different episodes, but this season does go full circle about the guy who helps everyone get through it now needs their help. And [it’s] just everyone coming together for Gary.”

Season 5 will also see series stars Romany Malco and Christina Moses making their AMLT directorial debuts, as well as some next-level performances on-screen.

“We [recently] did our table read for our second-to-last episode and…Allison Miller is amazing, and I know everyone knows that, but I saw her operate on a whole other level,” Nash teases.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, Season Premiere, Wednesday, February 8, 10/9c, ABC


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