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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS’ David Giuntoli on Stepping Behind the Camera: ‘Directing is Something I Want to Do For the Rest of My Life’

May 3, 2022 by  

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS David Giuntoli directing

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS’ David Giuntoli directing. Credit: ABC

More than five years after David Giuntoli made his directorial debut (on his previous series, GRIMM), the actor stepped behind the camera again for the Wednesday, May 4 episode of A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, “slipping.”

“Directing is something I want to do for the rest of my life,” Giuntoli says. “And [show creator] DJ [Nash] knew this since I signed on to the show—but for very good reason, showrunners can’t just be giving out shows to random actors who think they want to direct an episode.”

On a basic level, “it is very technically difficult storytelling, from the writers’ point of view, to write me very light in the preceding episode [for pre-production prep] and in the episode that I’m directing,” Giuntoli notes. “In order to do that, you can’t be shooting, so it is quite a heavy lift for people in order to give me a shot at directing.”

But things fell into place this year when a planned director dropped out. “In knowing and seeing how it all runs on our show—because each show is sort of different—I was prepared and there, and they approached me,” he recalls with a laugh. “I immediately was terrified. I said yes and got to work to try to suppress and vanquish all of the anxiety that I had. And I did…I think.”

Helping matters was the fact that Nash and co-star Allison Miller made their own directorial debuts before Giuntoli took his turn behind the camera.

“It was really a wonderful fraternity-sorority,” he says. “I think had a benefit of seeing both of them still standing on day 8 [when they wrapped]. I’m like, ‘Okay, well, they’re still here. So I can still be there without turning into a glob like the SPINAL TAP drummer.'”

“I also had the added benefit of being in their scenes,” Giuntoli adds. “They were so giving and being like, ‘Hey, flag this. This is something I wasn’t ready for. And this is something you should know.’ So everybody was giving me really good intel, and it was as if we were all arm-in-arm. It was quite a lovely bond we all established.”

With the episode under his belt, Giuntoli acknowledges there was a difference between his two primetime directing experiences.

“GRIMM was more action-visual, and a bigger, heightened show. A MILLION LITTLE THINGS is all in the reactions of the actors, the moments,” he says. “So it was different. It’s all about performance [on AMLT], frankly—or at least ninety percent of it is. And both of the shows are just [filled] with incredible actors.”

“We have such a great cast—little moments are enormous moments on our show,” he continues. “Sso it was really about the performances, watching what the actors were doing, coming in with a few choice words—and not in a bad way—and seeing what they can do. And they always impressed. It was really remarkable and I stand humbled by everyone and their performances.”

Of course, things won’t be exactly smooth sailing ahead…and that includes the newfound relationship between Giuntoli’s Eddie and Anna (Erin Karpluk).

“A lot of his life is tense at this point, and he wants to be the grownup that he wasn’t for Katherine, that he wasn’t for the previous however many years of his life,” Giuntoli previews. “I think we’re seeing him really try to do that with Anna, his friend group, and Katherine, who I’m sure he has residual feelings of love, hate, [and] all of that stuff that people have for their exes.”

“He’s really trying to just be the grownup [with Anna], and I think they have such a beautiful relationship that viewers really seem to be responding to,” he continues. “And the thing about the writers on our show, if there are little landmines out there, you don’t know when you’re gonna step on one. Of course, something’s gonna happen.”

Can’t wait to watch “slipping”? Watch a clip from Giuntoli’s hour…



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