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CLAIM TO FAME – “Good Cop Bad Cop” – As alliances solidify, others work on new theories about their fellow housemates. In a revealing challenge, competitors must prove themselves masters of deception as they are subject to an interrogation while hooked up to a heart-rate monitor.  MONDAY, JULY 31 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Let’s talk about Monday night’s TV!

STARS ON MARS: Oh my goodness, Cat made it too personal. She wasn’t at risk of going home! And while Lance was at least smart to not target Ariel while he was safe, Cat took out Andy. And, yes, Andy didn’t have the alliances Ariel does, but…eesh.

CRIME SCENE KITCHEN: The producers had a sense of humor in letting Joel pick the dish—while also keeping it from the judges. It was fun to see them actually go through the kitchen and make their own guesses/see how hard the game is.

All of the decoys were insane, especially because oatmeal could have been in the baked ingredient, too. (In theory.)

I’m bummed for Steph and Cherry, though. It makes sense they were eliminated—sadly—because their dish was most removed from the actual cake. But they had seemed like clear favorites after so many safety round wins.

CLAIM TO FAME: Well, Karsyn was correct that her person wasn’t Jeff Gordon!

WOW, did not see the Olivia/Jenny McCarthy thing coming…I actually thought if anyone was related to Jim Carrey, it was her. (But, in theory, you’d think there wouldn’t be a Jim Carrey tie now, given their long relationship? Surely their relatives would know each other?)

Honestly, it’s smart to try and outplay the lie detector; Hugo did well by laughing nonstop, because that (combined with his fast heart rate) had to mask a lot of his answers.

FUTURAMA: Amy and Kif as parents? Oh boy. (And of course they’re part Leela/would be enamored by her, too.) I’ve been watching my screeners a week at a time, so I’m truly in the dark right now about how much it might play into the rest of the season. Fingers crossed, if they are, it goes as well as this episode.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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