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CHICAGO P.D. Post-Mortem: Benjamin Levy Aguilar on Torres’ Unexpected Dynamic with Gloria

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CHICAGO P.D. — “Escape” Episode 11004 — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Dante Torres, Yara Martinez as Gloria Perez — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Wednesday, February 7 episode of CHICAGO P.D.]

Torres’ (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) attempt to turn a drug trafficker’s wife into an informant on the Wednesday, February 7 episode of CHICAGO P.D. had an unlikely side effect: a possible new romance.

The dynamic between the duo in “Escape” was complicated when he was undercover, with the two bonding…until Torres revealed to Gloria (Yara Martinez) that he was actually a cop. She agreed to work with Intelligence, but her husband, Perez, never showed up…he sensed the trap and ran. Making matters worse? A member of the organization was killed, with his tongue cut out, the consequence of Perez thinking the man snitched on him.

When Torres gave Gloria the update, she panicked, fearing for her own life. The two fought, with Gloria telling him, “You try to hide it, but you can’t—you’re just like me.” And then their embrace turned passionate.  

“It was definitely something that was unexpected,” Aguilar tells Give Me My Remote in the video below. “And he’s in deep now because that’s a very complicated situation to be in. For his job, for her, for everything, really.”

“That the relationship is definitely…there’s something behind it; there’s a magnetic pull that brings them together,” he continues. “It’s not just like a physical attraction. It’s something deeply rooted in who they are. So I foresee a lot of struggle and some sort of love in some way. I don’t know what type of love it is, but it’s definitely some sort of love there. And a lot of pain, maybe, too.”

Torres came into the hour carrying a large burden after taking care of his mother for months. Now, on his first case back with Intelligence, he’s gotten involved with a key player in the case. Will he be able to keep it from his colleagues?

“Torres, since he’s still new to this, he doesn’t really understand…that part of himself,” Aguilar says. “He’s never really pursued that part of him. He’s always been so caught up with surviving, that these things kind of happen along the way and he tries to navigate as best as he can. With Mia, for example, there was this connection since childhood. But I think this time, he’s really.,..I don’t know how to answer that question. I’m getting anxious just answering it, because I feel like right now I’m Torres! I don’t know how he’s gonna handle it. I really don’t know.”

And with Perez still in the wind, the case will be coming back at some point, too. “That story isn’t over,” Aguilar promises. “He’s still out there and I’m sure we’re gonna get back on that case. [With Gloria,] that relationship is tricky, because the more time we spend together, the more complicated it’s going to become. But yeah, I’m excited for it to come back—and it’s definitely coming back.”

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