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VERONICA MARS: Jason Dohring on Logan’s Big Season

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Veronica Mars Jason Dohring

Veronica Mars — “Heads You Lose” – Episode 104 — Convinced the bomber is still at large, Veronica visits Chino to learn more about Clyde and Big Dick. Mayor Dobbins’ request for help from the FBI brings an old flame to Neptune. Veronica confronts her mugger. Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

It’s been four weeks since VERONICA MARS unexpectedly dropped its fourth season (the first on Hulu)…a week earlier than announced.

The move was a risky one, and also meant the very, very, very big spoilers about the end of the season were on social media within an hour of the entire season dropping.

VERONICA MARS star Jason Dohring was in the center of much of it, as his character, Logan, had, um, quite the season. He sat down to discuss season 4 (including spoilers for the finale), his time with the series, and more… Read more