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“My Boys” Series Finale Redux

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 If you are looking for information on the September 2007 season finale of MY BOYS click here

The following contains spoilers for the season finale of My Boys (December 2006). If you haven’t yet seen it, you might want to stop about…now.

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Scrubs the Musical: “Everything Comes Down to Poo”

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In the words of Barney Stinson, January 18th is going to be a ‘wait for it…wait for it…LEGENDARY’ night of television.  Why?  Because at 9pm ET/PT Scrubs will premiere its first ever musical episode. And the writers brought in the big guns for this one. Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, the Tony Award winning composers of the Broadway hit Avenue Q, wrote the songs for the show.  This is going to be a special night for TV – “must see TV” if you will.

Check out a sneak peek of the Scrubs musical in the second music video released.  Of course this is still Scrubs and not Broadway,hence the aptly titled “Everything Comes Down to Poo”
[gv data=”2QqhW54RBQA”][/gv]

And if you missed make sure you check out the first music video released from this episode – Scrubs the Musical: “Guy Love”

Weekend Watchlist: The Last TV of 2006

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Dickclark Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2007
Ryan Seacrest helps his idol host this annual favorite from Times Square in New York City, where Christina Aguilera, Ludacris, Rihanna and KT Tunstall perform. If you’re looking for Fergie — she’s handling hosting duties in Hollywood.

MeeVee recently got a chance to talk to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve co-host Ryan Seacrest. They talked about what’s in store for New Year’s, the future of American Idol, and of course….his hair regimen. Click here to read 5 Questions with Ryan Seacrest

Carsondaly_2 New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly
Carson Daly proves he’s nothing like Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest by ringing in the New Year in New York City’s Times Square. Panic! at the Disco performs. I have to say I am vaguely intrigued to watch Carson Daly bring in the New year. I mean, how interesting will it be if high winds invade New York City and the poster boy for manorexia carried off like that annoying feather from Forrest Gump. That will be something.

2020 20/20The Year Caught on Tape
The title pretty much sums it up, but in case you’re still confused, the year would be 2006. And don’t get too excited, this is still 20/20. So some of the most interesting (and nasty) footage caught in 2006 probably won’t be appearing on this program. But really, do we really need to see Britney’s vajayjay again? Yeah, that alone is enough to want me forget 2006 every happened.

Artem_2 Dirty Dancing Artem
The world of ballroom dancing gets even heavier when demanding dancer Artem trains three women at a cha-cha boot camp. Yes, but will be teach them on a log over water? Or how about jumping off stage to do “the lift”? And will he rescue these women from a corner? He better if he’s going to call it Dirty Dancing.

Rudy…You Get Me Everytime

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Rudy...You Get Me Everytime

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that can manage to watch Rudy without crying?  I’ve seen it at least 50 times now and I cry from the minute he leads the team from the tunnel through the end when they carry him off the field. I just finished watching it on HBO, and even though I’m running late to meet friends (sorry Lari & Steve) I can’t ever manage to shut this movie off once I see it on the tube. God, I think I need a drink.  Rudy drives me to drink…thanks.

EW’s Year in TV Sound Bites

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EW's Year in TV Sound Bites

Every month Entertainment Weekly gathers the best quips and quotes from TV. Now as we get near the end of the year, they have compiled a bunch of the quotes from each month and have posted them as a treat for all of us. Here’s my favorites from each month, but head over to to read all of the quotes.


Uh, Jason…when you’re filling out a female patient’s exam report, her breasts can be ‘Healthy’ or ‘Unhealthy.’ Never ‘Bangin’ Double Ds.’


Hold on a second…. Jon, I’m being told Whittington’s condition has now been upgraded from ‘stable’ to ‘stable, but still shot in the face by the Vice President.


I swear to God, Cristina, I like you, I really do. But I grew up in a trailer park, and I am not above kicking your pampered little Beverly Hills ass. And I do mean physically kicking your ass.


Should I go and get a ruler?

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The Year in TV (Part Uno)

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The Year in TV

I can only begin to imagine how many Best Of…Worst Of lists you have been subjected to over the past few weeks. But I have to say, moving into a new year doesn’t seem right without reflecting back on the year that was. And what a year it has been for TV. We are smack in the middle of some of the best television we will ever see. Enjoy it people – it only goes downhill from here.

So I guess it’s my turn to look back, and share the best and worst (*cough* Happy Hour *cough*) of TV in 2006. A scientific panel was gathered and consulted to bring you this list (yes, the GMMR recappers are all scientists, you didn’t know). So here’s the best of the best and the worst of the worst…of the shows we watched in 2006. Oh and since this is my blog, and I can pretty much call the shots, be warned that there isn’t any rhyme or reason to my 2006 review (but this is GMMR you should be used to this by now). And in some categories…well, let’s just say that some decisions were just too hard to make. This is the first installment of GMMR’s “The Year in TV”, so check back later to read more about my take on TV in 2006. And I fully expect for my good little GMMRers to share your thoughts with us too.

On we go….

Best TV Trend of 2006:
No nominees needed here, because there can really only be one winner: Towels. From what I know, the trend started with Battlestar Galactica and has been growing steadily all year. No one expected McSteamy to blow back into Seattle for the ultimate booty call and leave Addison’s shower covered by just that little towel, but no one complained about it either, did they? Nor did they when McDreamy wore nothing but a towel and a smile in his trailer later earlier in the season. The towel trend also hit Supernatural and Jericho, allowing us to see what Jared Padalecki and Skeet Ulrich have been hiding. And I, for one, can’t wait to see who’s next.

Worst TV Trend of 2006:
Jeffrey Dean Morgan dying. He’s a crazy talented actor. Can’t he play someone who DOESN’T wind up kicking the bucket? We lost him on Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy, and now we are ready for him to be among the living in 2007.

Best bitches:
Marc and Amanda (Ugly Betty). I thought these two were the weakest part of the Ugly Betty pilot, and now I find myself tuning in every week just to see their shenanigans (sorry, but I just love that word). More Marc and Amanda…please!

Angela Kinsey (The Office). A bible beating, no-nonsense accountant by day, and I suspect a kinky dominatrix my night. Angela Kinsey’s judgmental glare can burn right through your soul, and don’t even get her started on wearing green orange.

Best Newbies:
Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend, The OC). Ok, technically Taylor isn’t new to The OC, but let’s face it, we’ve NEVER seen the likes of this Taylor Townsend before. She’s brought a new energy to the show, and is a big part of why The OC is worth watching again. (Watch)

Ed Helms (Andy Bernard, The Office). He may be nothing but treble, but Andy Bernard has “merged” seamlessly with his cohorts at Dunder Mifflin-Scranton (well almost) and we’ve been laughing harder ever since. A new nemesis for Dwight, and perhaps some competition for Jim – watch out for Andy in 2007. Unatay! Areway ouyay iddingkay emay? (Watch)

Best Nickname:
“Swarley”. There was almost an entire episode dedicated to Barney’s (How I Met Your Mother) loathed nickname. Fans haven’t seemed to let the name go, and a website was even created on its behalf ( Let’s hope we haven’t seen the end of Swarley.

Best Show of Skin:
There are a lot of boys in the running for this one. The aforementioned “towel” boys of Apollo, McDreamy & McSteamy were definitely in contention. As were the shirtless Wentworth Miller and Josh Holloway. But in 2006 no one worked it like Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres, Grey’s Anatomy) did dancing around in her undies. She owned her curves and showed the boys a thing or two about the bootylicious ladies. (Watch)

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“The Office” Chat NOW

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Yeah, so it’s super last minute but since I’m home I figured I would open up The Office chat over at  I’m not really expecting a big crowd, but if you are online, click here to join me.

Stephen Colbert on his Awesomeness

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Stephen Colbert

Entertainment Weekly named The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert as one of its Entertainers of the Year, and rightly so. Everything he touches turns to funny. Here’s an excerpt of the interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congrats on being named one of EW’s Entertainers of the Year.
STEPHEN COLBERT: I’m honored. Not surprised. I don’t want anyone to think that this comes as a shock to me.

What did you hope to accomplish in 2006?
SC:I set out to change the world — not a lot, just by tiny degrees — and grab the wheel of this nation and turn the great ship of our national destiny.

(You were) Named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive.
SC:I get it, you know? I’m not going to argue with them — I just hope that when the people who did not consider me one of the Sexiest Men Alive see that, they can admit they’re wrong. I’ve got some old girlfriends I sent several copies to, because I’m sure the first ones will get tear-stained.

So, really, 2006 couldn’t have gotten any better for Stephen Colbert. Are you not America’s sweetheart?

SC: I think I might be the new Meg Ryan… All I ask is for the world to understand that I’m going to expect more from them next year. I’m a love junkie. Keep it coming.

What are your goals for 2007?
SC: The world hasn’t changed as much as I like. The world and I had an agreement: I would come on, and it would be fixed. But the world dropped the ball on this one… I’d like to see my wife and kids more. Maybe put on five pounds of muscle. I’d like to bulk up. Get ripped. Jacked up. I’m doing a lot of protein shakes.

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Mama & Papa Krasinksi on the Big Screen?

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John Krasinski

Looks like we’re not done with License to Wed news for today quite yet. I have a little EXCLUSIVE casting scoop for ya.

As you probably know by now, my boy John Krasinski plays groom-to-be Ben Murphy in the upcoming License to Wed. Well, a little birdie told me that the casting director wanted to make sure that the actors they cast as Ben’s parents had at least a passing resemblance to Krasinski. So rather scour the planet for Ben’s family, they went straight to the source and cast John’s real life parents in the film. It looks like we might finally be able to see those special, special people that gave us JKras. I for one might just have to stand up and applaud them right in the middle of the movie. Cheers to the future in-laws on their big screen debut.

Wentworth Miller Down Under

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Nah, the joke is way too easy, so I’m not even going to go there.  Instead I’m just going to share these nice, wholesome pics of Wentworth Miller enjoying the holidays in Australia.  Wentworth’s sister lives in Aussie land so he went to visit her for the holidays.  Of course, it wasn’t all family and fun – the Prison Break star also did a little publicity on behalf of Fox while he was there. Don’t forget, Prison Break returns on January 22nd.

Wentworth Miller in Austrailia (1) Wentworth Miller in Austrailia (2) Wentworth Miller in Austrailia (3)

Pics courtesy of Splash News

NEW!! Pics from “License to Wed”

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Check it out…brand NEW pics from the upcoming John Krasinski/Mandy Moore romantic comedy License to Wed.
Click once (or maybe twice) to get the full picture in all its glory!!!
John Krasinski and Mandy Moore in Mandy Moore, Robin Williams and John Krasinski in
Special thanks to LostontheRocks for the tip, and of course to the fab for finding the pics in the first place. Please make sure to head over to and thank him for the new pictures.

Click here for more pics and news from License to Wed starring John Krasinski and Mandy Moore

All photos courtesy of Warner Bros

C’mon GMMR…Give it a Chance

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GMMR LogoUm, it’s already Wednesday. I have this week off from work and it’s flying by. I mean, Wednesday…already?! I really wanted to use some time this week to get caught up on some of the shows that I missed during the Fall. As I promised in the last GMMR|Ducky podcast, I have caught up on Friday Night Lights (a show I only watched twice during the season). More on this later, but I will say that FNL has made its way to the Season pass list on my TiVo. In the words of Kelly Kapoor, it’s “A-MAH-ZING”. I mean I had heard it was good TV, but wow…just wow. And Matt Saracen – bless his heart. Well, I’m not going to gush too much right now since I plan on posting about Friday Night Lights later in the week.

So now that I’ve caught up on one show, its time to move on to Heroes. I know, I know. But listen, I just didn’t have the time during the season. Monday is a VERY busy TV night as it is. But I plan on getting caught up this week, and then I can actually read all the comments you leave every week when Julie posts her Heroes episode recaps.

This is where you all come in. I think I can fit one more “catch-up show” in, but I’m not sure which one to choose. I’ve head some really good things about a few shows, but I really can only take on one more at this point in time. So I was thinking that maybe you all could help me out. Let me know which new show I should watch during my vacation, and perhaps add to my repertoire come January.

Here are a few shows on my shorts list. Should it be one of these or do you have another suggestion?

  • What About Brian?
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Men in Trees
  • 30 Rock
  • Jericho

P.S. Don’t bother nominating any shows that air on Mondays or Thursdays between 8-10pm, because I’m already overextended during those hours as it is. Ha!!

Krysten Ritter on

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1143076847_lYou may not know Krysten Ritter’s name, but you definitely know her face — especially if you’re a 14-year-old girl. Her unique look and comic timing make her the ultimate scene stealer in just about every show she guest stars on. After playing pivotal characters on Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls, Ritter is now taking on the role of Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher’s daughter on the Fox sitcom, ‘Til Death. GMMR’s friends over at TV with MeeVee caught up with her while she was on break in New York.

MeeVee: It seems like every time we turn on the TV, there you are. This week you’re guest-starring on ‘Til Death as the daughter of Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher. What was it like on the set?
Ritter: Everyone in the cast made me feel so welcome. [Brad] is hysterical. All day long he’s doing standup. It doesn’t stop. It’s like [I’m] not working.

MV: Any advice from your costars?
I got some industry advice from Joely Fisher — some good business stuff that I probably shouldn’t repeat — you know, how to deal with my agent and how to basically not get screwed over (laughter).

MV: Many of your fans discovered you on Veronica Mars. What was it like working on such an amazing show, with such a smart cast?
KR: I love that show, and I liked it before I started working on it. It was so exciting — not only because it was wonderful to have an acting job, but because it’s a mystery there are a lot of interesting conversations going on in between takes. Everyone’s always trying to figure out, “Oh, who’s the killer?” The cast doesn’t know what’s going on, either. It’s not just the actors — it’s the transport people, the crew. Everybody is just constantly trying to figure out who did what.

(click here to read the rest of TV with MeeVee’s interview with Krysten Ritter)

TV Guide’s Best and Worst in TV

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Filed under TV News has just launched it’s list of the best and worst of television in 2006. Favorites such as 24, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy were a shoe in but there were a few newbies on the list too, like Heroes and Friday Night Lights. And the worst of TV, well it was mostly reality shows with a few forgettables thrown in for good measure.

TV Guide’s Best in TV

Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway, Veronica Mars, The Office, 24, Lost, Deadwood (click here for more on each show)
TV Guide’s Worst in TV

Unanimous, The One: Making a Music Star, Twenty Good Years, Master of Champions, House of Carters, Celebrity Duets, Flavor of Love, Tuesday Night Bookclub, Celebrity Cooking Showdown, Happy Hour (click here for more on each show)

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

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Annnnnnnnnnd we’re back.  Ok, kind of, and only kind of because I don’t have much to say right now.  I’ve missed my GMMRers over the past few days and I’m more than ready to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. For those of you who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I had relaxing time with the family, and I’m personally looking forward to celebrating Christmas Part Deux this coming weekend when I get to see my little nieces open up their gifts.

So, I’m here…I’m back, and I’m going to be looking for some good ‘ol TV news to get us back in the swing of things.

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