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HEROES Recap: One of Us, One of Them

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HEROES Cast Season 3

It’s Randi, back again to dish some Heroes. This week was more focused than the premiere and focused on some core players with a side of Tracy Strauss. It opened on Angela Petrelli and Sylar exactly where we left them and Angela came bearing gifts for her baby boy. I knew that Mrs. Petrelli had a dark side but was this a little over the top for her? Noah shows back up at the company and it’s partner time for him and Sylar. Nothing like tracking down villains with a murderous guy who knows how to find the root of powers and take them for his own, eh?

Peter Petrelli was still locked inside Jesse’s body. This week, Peter was whiny again which is always a big disappointment for me. Even Future Peter was getting sick of Present Peter’s whining. Thanks to Future Peter, though, Present Peter is finally free from the confines of Jesse. Present Peter is going to get a glimpse into Future Peter’s life which may help stop the whine fest. I hope.

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CHUCK Kicks All Kinds of Spy Ass

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SB is back and ready to take on another season of one of our favorites…CHUCK.  The second season premiere kicked things off right last night, and coming from someone who has seen the next few episodes, things only get better from here (which is pretty awesome considering the awesomeness of last night’s awesome episode…which featured a half naked Captain Awesome…ok I’ll stop.)


So let’s just get this out of the way right now—last night, when Casey said he had a single white female pining for the beastmaster, did anyone think of me? Because really … I think somebody’s been reading the recap!

Unlike many of you, I opted to skip the early viewing of Chuck so I could maintain my enthusiasm for this recap (I’m here for you, kiddos), but I did read what Kath had to say about it and a couple of your comments, and I am SO with you all that it was awesome. I had forgotten how much I love this show.

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Front & Center with GOSSIP GIRL

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Just who is the real Serena van der Woodsen?  Is she the reformed bad girl trying to right her past wrongs, or is she secretly the bitch who has just been fooling everyone?  Perhaps a little bit of both?

When we last saw Serena she was starting the scarf trend and blacklisting Dan Humphrey. It seemed the blonde we never really knew was back in full force, much to the dismay of Blair Waldorf.  It seems that Serena has had some tea and calmed her nerves a bit, but she’s building up some pretty high walls and I don’t think she’s going to let a guy like Dan Humphrey get to her like that again any time soon.  She’s ready to take charge once again. But with Serena in a position of power, where does that leave Blair?

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How I Met the Best Burger in New York

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You know how people tell you to not go to the grocery store or watch the Food Network when you’re hungry? Even if you just ate big bowl of dumplings and are completely full (case in point: me!), you will still crave a gigantic, juicy, mouth-water burger by the end of this episode. I can’t wait to go to work just so I can get a burger. Like Marshall, I really just need a good reason to put on some pants. Now I know what my goal is for Tuesday. Pants, work, burger.

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What to Watch…Monday, September 29, 2008

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TV Listings

Monday, Monday, Monday!  Nothing like kicking off the week with a kick ass night of TV.  The embarrassment of riches that is Monday night on the tube still has me playing catch up (Sorry TERMINATOR and PRISON BREAK…I’m trying to find the time to watch you), but I’ll get there.  I’ve had a long and stressful day and I’m so excited to get lost in some fantastic TV tonight.Let’s do this. Here are some highlights from tonight’s TV schedule…

Chuck | 8pm on NBC | Season Premiere
Chuck, Zachary Levi, NBCIn the Season 2 premiere, Chuck mixes it up with a formidable operative (Michael Clarke Duncan) out to obtain a device that would potentially give rise to a new Intersect. Later, believing his spy career is behind him, Chuck asks Sarah out on a true first date. At Buy More, Morgan uses quirky means to hire a new assistant manager.

The Big Bang Theory | 8pm on CBS
A jealous Leonard reacts to Penny’s new guy by rebounding with Leslie (Sara Gilbert). [GMMR: I know there’s been mixed feelings, but I’m excited to have Sara Gilbert back on the show.  Leslie is a great match with Leonard.]

Gossip Girl | 8pm on The CW
Eleanor gives Serena and her new socialite friend, Poppy Lifton (Tamara Feldman), front-row seats to her Fashion Week show, and this infuriates Blair. Elsewhere, Dan takes a walk on the wild side and tags along with Chuck, and Lily discovers a secret of Bart’s. Designer Michael Kors has a cameo.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | 8pm on Fox
Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesCameron delves into her past after a software glitch lands her in a halfway house with no memory of her identity. Elsewhere, Agent Ellison probes Catherine Weaver’s background on the heels of a meeting between the lawman and the Zeira Corp. CEO. [GMMR: I’m two weeks behind but I’m not giving up. I will get caught up…just not sure when. Soon though.]

Dancing with the Stars | 8pm on ABC
Lacey and Lance, Dancing with the Stars The dancers hit the floor for the second week of performances.  [GMMR: How’s the new season going?  All I’ve heard about is Cloris Leachman’s potty mouth?  How is the dancing though?  Any standouts?

How I Met Your Mother | 8:30pm on CBS
Marshall runs into Regis Philbin during his search for the restaurant where he ate his first New York burger. [GMMR: I’m assuming ‘Relly’ award winner Neil Patrick Harris will have a chance to showcase his Regis impression tonight.  Can’t wait!]

Heroes | 9pm on NBC
HeroesAngela recruits Noah Bennet and his new partner to diffuse a hostage situation at a bank; Peter looks to the past to stop the future; Hiro and Ando have a run-in with the Haitian while following Daphne; Claire seeks advice from Meredith; and experiment results shock Suresh. [GMMR: Oops..didn’t watch last week’s ep yet. I guess I should do that tonight before the second ep airs.]

Prison Break | 9pm on Fox
After successfully transcribing the fourth card at an L.A. racetrack, Mahone is arrested—with the transcribing device on him—for being in a restricted area (and for punching a cop). Meanwhile, the Company hones in on Don Self; T-Bag’s boss at GATE finds more “irregularities” in his sales reports; and Gretchen surfaces at her sister’s tidy suburban home. [GMMR: Avoiding spoilers on this one…it might be a late night because I’m an episode behind]

One Tree Hill | 9pm on The CW
One Tree Hill, James LaffertyNathan gets an offer from a professional basketball team, and Haley unknowingly puts Jamie’s life in danger. Meanwhile, Peyton learns a secret about her new recording artist, and Haley discovers what’s going on with Carrie and Dan.

Two & a Half Men | 9pm on CBS 
Two & a Half MenAlan loans Charlie money, but takes things a step too far when he tries to get the cash back. Herb: Ryan Stiles. Ginger: Lisa Jay.

Worst Week | 9:30pm on CBS
Worst Week CBSSam tries to charm Angela in an effort to win Dick over, but has a mishap involving Dick’s birds. Sarah: Jessica St. Clair. David: Ronreaco Lee. Phil: Ken Jeong. [GMMR: So is anyone watching? The pilot wasn’t good enough for me to take on yet another Monday night show. Are you digging this one?]

Life | 10pm on NBC | Season Premiere
Life on NBCIn the second-season premiere, Crews and Reese track a serial killer who’s placing victims into numbered trunks around the city. Elsewhere, Ted and Crews look for the surviving daughter of the murdered family from Crews’ past. [GMMR: Another show I wish I was watching. It’s got great buzz. NBC needs that.]

Boston Legal | 1opm on ABC 
Boston Legal A close call for Denny involving prescription drugs inspires Alan to go after a pharmaceutical company for its unscrupulous advertising tactics. Meanwhile, Carl defends Shirley’s 17-year-old granddaughter after she’s caught voting illegally, and Jerry and Katie help a girl who was sexually assaulted in a private detention facility.

Raising the Bar | 10pm on TNT
Raising the BarJerry handles an intricate case involving a hit-and-run accident and a robbery. In other events, a domestic-violence case turns personal for Bobbi.

CSI: Miami | 10pm on CBS 
CSI Miami What to Watch Rising gas prices fuel a crime wave in Miami, and it leads Horatio and his team to encounter a sadistic gang of criminals.

So much to choose from….what are YOU watching tonight?

Don’t Forget to Check out CHUCK Tonight!!!

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Oh heavens…a VERY important TV day and GMMR has been down for the count.  Not good!  Mondays are one of TV best nights and especially tonight as one of my personal favorites, CHUCK, debuts for its second season.  I had so hoped to get you all psyched up for CHUCK today, but with my issues I wasn’t able to do that.  Let’s hope you can pick up on the enthusiasm through the internets 🙂

SB will be back covering CHUCK for us this season, so check back tomorrow for her take on tonight’s episode.  I’ve seen tonight’s ep as well as the next few weeks worth of shows, and I must say that CHUCK has really found its voice.  Everything is so right on and the combination of the drama, action and comedy has NEVER been stronger!  Zach Levi did a fantastic job of anchoring the show last season but so far in this season he just nails it.

CHUCK has lived as the intersect for a little while now, and although he’s bound to get himself into some tight spots (as you’ll most certainly see tonight), he’s a little more equipped in handling his life as a semi-super secret agent.  So much so that he’s the one doing to saving now – and he does just that tonight in what is perhaps my favorite all time scene of CHUCK to date.

If you missed out on the first season, don’t worry because tonight’s episode will most certainly bring you up to speed.  This show is one of my personal faves and it’s so worthy of your precious TiVo time.

So definitely give CHUCK a chance tonight…you’ll dig every spylicioius minute!

CHUCK airs at 8pm on NBC.

DEXTER Season Premiere: “Our Father”

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Dexter Recap

One of the great travesty’s of my life (clearly I’m feeling dramatic today) is that I missed out on watching DEXTER from the beginning.  I wish I had the time to get caught up, but I don’t…at least not right now.  But I heard your clamoring and who am I to ignore you.  So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you, Philboy – our new DEXTER expert here on GMMR.——————————-

Hello, kids! Philboy, your brand new resident “Dexter” obsessive, here with my thoughts on the awesomeness that was the “Dexter” season premiere. I can’t explain how excited I am to be talking about Dexter with all of you guys on GMMR this season. There were a lot of great plot threads presented here, so let’s get started!

The Code and Harry’s Memory
One of the most compelling things about the show is that Dexter lives on the fringes of what we all would consider a reasonable ethical code…and, yet, we root for him. To see that he has lost his accidental murder virginity, it will bring a lot more humanity to Dexter as well as causing him to perhaps rethink the entire Code and how he must adapt it to fit his uses now. Plus, he has to find “Freebo” before Deb and the rest of the cops do to save himself, both from his breakage of the Code and his possible arrest.

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CALIFORNICATION Recap: “Slip of the Tongue

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 Talk about starting of on the wrong foot! Hank Moody and the gang returned last nightfor Californication’s sophomore year. The season opener started off with Hank’s new lifestyle in full swing; apparently he’s trying to keep the lady happy! And what better way to enter the mature realm of coupledom then by kicking things off with a vasectomy and a nicotine patch! Yes, Hank is irresistible to the ladies even while having his vas deferens sliced off! While on the table Hank manages to get hit on by the nurse.Of course.

After the minor surgery goes off without a hitch Moody and Karen end up heading back home where they end up interrupting Becca’s rock out session on Guitar Hero. The family gets into what is said to be the 73rd squabble of the week about Hank’s insistence that they “get out of dodge”. Hank wants to move the family back to New York while Karen seems to side with Becca, who wants to stay in L.A. The argument ends with doors slamming and Hank wishing he had a cigarette while holding an ice tray to his manhood. Poor Guy!

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BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: “Glass Houses”

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Brothers & Sisters Cast

Welcome Back Walkers!!

Hey all, I’m Jamie and I will be your Brothers and Sisters gal this season. The B&S season premiere was filled with drama, oh the drama. So let’s jump right in to it.

The opening scene begins with Sarah voicing over each Walker family member current state. She starts to really emphasize how wonderful Nora is and that Kitty is basically amazingly perfect. Turns out it way Kitty reading Sarah’s over the top reference letter for Kitty and Robert’s adoption file.

I found it a brilliant way to do the obvious. Although it was quite cheesy it was a funny way for the writers to recap last season by showing where and what the family is doing now.

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GMMR…More Technical Difficulties

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UPDATE:  The GMMR issues have been fixed.  Please feel free to comment away now that you can!!  A very special thanks to Karen & Dana from for all their help.  If you are a WP blogger and need any help or services related to your blog, I highly suggest you reach out to them.

Hey all  –

Well it sure is a Monday.  GMMR has once again been hit with some technical difficulties.  I’m trying to get the worked on right now, but I ask for your patience.  Hopefully things will be fixed soon and we’ll be up and running again.

My apologies,


Back to the Future with the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

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The ladies of Wisteria Lane and back! There’s a lot going on in the lives of the ladies, and with the show jumping forward five years into the future, there’s a lot to discuss. Lucky for us, Tricia is on board to cover all things DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES this year. Give her a warm GMMR welcome!
Hey everyone! I’m Tricia and I’ll be reviewing Desperate Housewives for you this year. I’m very excited to contribute to GMMR. I can’t wait for this season to kick into gear, and if the premiere was any indication it looks like our favorite housewives are back with a vengeance.As we all know, Desperate Housewives had quite the cliffhanger last season when the show jumped five years into the future in the last minutes of the finale. We were left with quite a few questions; Bree’s a celebrity chef?, Lynette’s dealing with delinquent teens? (that one’s not much of a shocker honestly), Gabby’s got kids?, and Who’s Susan’s new guy? What happened to Mike?. We got some answers tonight but I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a while before we find out the extent of what’s happened on Wisteria Lane over the past five years. So, without further ado, here’s a housewife-by-housewife review of what’s happening on Wisteria Lane.

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What to Watch…Sunday, September 27, 2008

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Sorry for the lame ass ‘What to Watch’ list for tonight, but I just got back from a weekend road trip to NYC and I’m hurrying out the door to the New Kids on the Block concert here in Boston tonight.  But there’s a lot of new TV on tonight so I wanted to at least remind you of some of the shows worth checking out.

  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition | 8pm on ABC | Season Premiere
  • The Amazing Race | 8pm on CBS | Season Premiere
  • Desperate Housewives | 9pm on ABC | Season Premiere
  • Cold Case | 9pm on CBS | Season Premiere
  • Dexter | 9pm on Showtime | Season Premiere
  • Californication | 10pm on Showtime | Season Premiere
  • Brothers & Sisters | 10pm on ABC | Season Premiere
  • The Unit | 10 pm on CBS | Season Premiere

BROTHERS & SISTERS Reunite Tonight on ABC!

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Hey all, I’m Jamie and I will be your Brothers and Sisters gal this season. Im so excited to be on this crazy journey with all of you and I wanted to remind everyone that the season premiere is this Sunday night.When we last saw the Walker family Kevin and Scotty made a commitment to be life partners and had a lovely wedding/commitment ceremony, Nora accepts Rebecca regardless of her DNA, Saul comes out to his family, Kitty and Robert decide adoption is the way to go, and the family discovers that a son or rather brother named Ryan is out there somewhere. The episode ended with a touching yet still slightly disturbing scene between Rebecca and Justin. All those creepy feelings between the two finally came out and resulted in a sweet kiss and embrace.

  • So what are your thoughts about this new season?
  • Now that they are not brother and sister are Justin and Rebecca going to date?
  • Do you think Julia and Tommy’s married can survive the loss of a child and infidelity?
  • Will Kitty and Robert have a child this year?
  • Can Kevin and Scotty’s marriage get through the honeymoon phase?

Tonight on an all new BROTHERS & SISTERS (10/9c on ABC)

Tensions run high when the entire Walker family takes a disastrous weekend getaway together. Secrets can’t be kept for long in the Walker family, as Rebecca and Justin try unsuccessfully to hide their feelings for each another and the Walker siblings hatch a plan to reach out to their long lost brother, Ryan, while keeping it from their mother, Nora. Meanwhile, Kitty calls upon her family to lend support, as she and Robert begin the process of adopting a child. And just as Kevin and Scotty begin their life partnership together, Kevin’s career is put in jeopardy by a member of his own family. Source: ABC

I hear that we’re in store for one of the worst Walker fights ever, and it’s going to leave a lasting impression. I can’t wait till Sunday night.

— posted by Jamie

Your Brothers and Sisters devotee for this season is Jamie aka Jamer (GMMR handle). She hails from Vancouver BC and is pumped to be adding a dash of Canadian flare to the GMMR. So what will the Walker’s have in store for us this year? I don’t know but let’s enjoy the bumpy ride together!


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During the TV off season (not that an offseason exists anymore) there were a number of shows that GMMR readers asked that I cover this year on the site. Since I wasn’t in the position to take on many new shows, we extended our team to bring you more of your favorite shows here on GMMR. One of those shows premieres its second season tonight at 10pm – CALIFORNICATION. Sarah is going to be taking on this Showtime fave, so if you’re watching make sure you come back tomorrow to share your thoughts on the show.But for now, let’s play a little CALIFORNICATION catch up with Sarah.

It’s been too long a wait for the second season of Californication to begin. Just watching Showtime’s promotional ads with that infectious whistling tune makes September 28th seem too far away. Thanks to the help of GMMR though, some of you may have viewed the season premiere early.

For the unfortunate souls who have yet to view the season opener I’m sure the happy ending from season one’s last episode is still burned into your mind with the uneasy question, how and when will Hank screw this one up?

It’s hard not to think such thoughts after witnessing Hank’s wild antics first hand in season one. After discovering that Karen was serious about marrying the Jolly Green Giant, Hank took every opportunity to wedge his way in the middle of the happy couple and their family affairs. When Moody wasn’t exercising his amazing charms on Karen he was busy with the ladies and the booze!

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Two Hours of Philly Fun

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“America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest” and “Mac’s Banging the Waitress”There are so many things that happened in these episodes, it’s going to be difficult for me to even include all of it, but I’ll try my hardest to get you the essentials!

We immediately start off our hour long “It’s Always Sunny” night (aren’t back-to-back episodes just fantastic?!) with Frank berating Charlie, Dee, Mac and Dennis about unnecessary “business expenses,” such as a $5,000 samurai helmet for bar security. Oh, and Frank also spends some hard-earned cash on a billboard, you know, so he can be 40 feet tall and surrounded by two big-breasted models – the important things in life.

Meanwhile, Dee works on her YouTube project – with Charlie as her loyal little assistant (we all know what happens when he’s on the job) – playing different ethnic characters like Crazy Patty (Irish), feisty Martina Martinez (Latina) and a stereotypical Chinese lady with oversized teeth. And because Charlie knows when he has something good going on, the Green Man (reference back to season 3) makes some not-so-subtle appearances in the video segments.

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