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THE FOLLOWING: 9 Teases for ‘Sacrifice’

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THE FOLLOWING has been going through a lot of material in a short amount of time, so it’s a little crazy to realize that Monday’s episode, “Sacrifice,” is essentially the halfway point of the show’s sophomore season. (It’s the seventh episode of the 15 ordered.)

And, as expected with a title like “Sacrifice,” the episode is a emotional roller coaster, with many of the characters out of their comfort zone, and several being in severe danger…or finding the people they care about most at risk. There’s a lot at stake in this hour, for sure.

While there is a ton that can’t be spoken about now (check back with Give Me My Remote after the episode airs for some post-episode content), how about a few teases about what you can expect from the hour?

  1. Joe, Emma, and Mandy place their trust in a new group of strangers, and to say the experience is odd would be a massive understatement. The encounter also puts Joe in a position we’ve never seen him in before.
  2. Viewers will learn a little bit about where Mike’s head has been the past year, and how that’s impacted the relationships he has in his life. (And Shawn Ashmore (Mike) is so very good in the episode.)
  3. Max and Mike have to face the consequences of their actions — going with Ryan’s hunch will cost both of them, professionally.
  4. Unfortunately for Max, her work issues are the least of her concerns. As Jessica Stroup (Max) previously teased, this is the episode where she “gets really physically involved with the story of the serial killers.”
  5. To help deal with the Max situation, Ryan finds himself back in a place he probably never anticipated: working with the FBI.
  6. Guest stars Jake Weber and Lee Tergeson are so. freaking. creepy.
  7. If you have tattoos, this episode might make you particularly squeamish.
  8. By the end of the episode, one character has his/her world so shaken up, that I honestly have no clue where they’ll go next. I could plausibly buy him/her going to basically any place on the emotional spectrum. (Or, perhaps, more dangerously, going through a little bit of everything.)
  9. In case there was any doubt, don’t freaking underestimate Lily: [youtube][/youtube]

THE FOLLOWING airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.


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2 Responses to “THE FOLLOWING: 9 Teases for ‘Sacrifice’”

  1. Pat Brownfield on February 28th, 2014 7:16 pm

    Lee Tergesen is on the following!?!? FUCK YES!

  2. Mary Robertson on February 28th, 2014 8:42 pm

    Loved the comment by Joe about having enough of “your International House of Psycho” Love it/lost it!!!