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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME’s Mykelti Williamson on the ‘Bonnie and Clyde Meets Robin Hood’ Webb Family, Plus the Dueling ‘Ticking Clock’ Threats

April 13, 2022 by  

Organized Crime Mykelti Williamson

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Guns & Roses” Episode 216 — Pictured: Mykelti Williamson as Preston Webb — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

When Mykelti Williamson signed on to LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME in summer 2021, it was a bit of a leap of faith. Sure, the actor/director was a long-time collaborator in the Dick Wolf world—appearing in two seasons of CHICAGO P.D., as well as directing episodes of CHICAGO P.D., CHICAGO MED, and FBI—but his OC character, Preston Webb, would appear in the season 2 premiere…and not return until episode 14.

“They were collaborative, because I’m really not…the actor [where it’s only them telling me], ‘You come here, you do that, you say this,’ because the journey may not ring as honest to me,” Williamson recalls of saying yes to the role, knowing the bulk of his work would be in pod 3. “I know the Wolf company, and I’ve had experiences with them when I was on CHICAGO P.D., and they are collaborative. And the door is open all the way to the top. I’ve got Dick Wolf on speed dial, if I needed. So I was assured that it would be no different: that I’d be able to collaborate and we kind of talked a little bit about the character’s journey and made some modifications. And so I signed on.”

Taking on the role of the Marcy Killers boss also allowed Williamson the opportunity to reunite with his former REBEL daughter Danielle Moné Truitt, who stars on OC as Sergeant Ayanna Bell. (Unbeknownst to Webb, Bell is actively trying to take his entire organization down.)

“She’s awesome,” Williamson gushes. “Danielle, she calls me Pops. Ever since [REBEL], she calls me Pops—she’s actually one of my industry daughters. My wife and I had dinner with Danielle [a few] days ago; we had the time and we squeezed in a dinner just to catch up. But I love her, I adore her, I think she’s talented.”

Williamson has also been enjoying getting to collaborate with Christopher Meloni, whose Detective Elliot Stabler has become entangled with the Marcy Killers via his new undercover operation.

“There’s no question how talented Chris Meloni is,” he praises. “Every scene we do together, Chris is not the kind of guy who just looks at the page—we’re cut from the same cloth. He’ll elevate whatever it is. If there’s an opportunity to tighten it and elevate it, Chris Meloni, [CHICAGO P.D. star] Jason Beghe, those guys are cut from the same fabric. Kiefer Sutherland—those those cats will elevate whatever it is in front of them every single time. Timothy Olyphant is another who elevates everything he touches. So I’m just having a good time being surrounded by other giants on this show. It’s a lot of fun.”

Webb and Stabler collide in a more meaningful way on the Thursday, April 14 episode, “Change The Game,” when Preston and his wife, Cassandra (Jennifer Beals), realize someone has robbed them. To get to the bottom of it, Preston recruits dirty cop Frank Donnelly (Denis Leary) and Stabler.

“Listen, Webb is a man who doesn’t flinch,” Williamson notes. “If you steal a million or 2 million, 3 million from this man—he’s got so much money stashed in so many places, that that would not move him. He’s only moved by disrespect. So Webb, it’s more important to get to the bottom of who disrespected him, as opposed to getting the money back. He really doesn’t care about that. It’s more important for him to send a message to the next potential perpetrator of an act against him.”

“What Webb needs from these two guys is for them to make sure they don’t waste his time, his energy, and that they find what he’s sent them to go find, which is his guns and his money,” he continues. “But he needs them to show up, or they’re going to be eliminated.”

By Webb’s side through it all? Cassandra. “That is what separates us from a lot of other mob couples: there’s no dissension between the two of them,” Williamson says. “The fact that they are harmonious, that Cassandra Webb knows very well the kind of man she married in Preston Webb. He was in this life before they met.”

But this isn’t their ultimate end game. “She knows, just as Preston knows, that—at some point—they’re going to wash all this money and go legitimate by building the next Amazon,” Williamson notes. “They want to build an empire so that they can achieve generational wealth for the generations to come. All of the sacrifices that he’s making, even though they torture Webb internally, it’s worth it for him, because he feels that the kind of work he wants to do going forward—he and Cassandra will redeem any dark thing that they’ve done, that they’ve left in their wake. So it’s a really interesting, fun journey to be on. And we’re having fun doing it.”

 Organized Crime Mykelti Williamson

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Guns & Roses” Episode 216 — Pictured: Mykelti Williamson as Preston Webb — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Those aspirations of a more noble life could lead to tension within Preston, as he has to balance what he’s done with where he wants to go.

“What I can tell you is that it will be very clear how tortured Webb is over what he’s doing, and that there’s a ticking clock internally with Webb—and there’s also a ticking clock externally, with Stabler trying to close in and with Nova being right in Webb’s camp,” he teases. “He has no idea who she really is. He sincerely loves her. But the audience will get to see how tortured Webb is over what he’s doing and how he’s trying to atone for his sins.”

One of the ways, so far, has made Nova’s (Nona Parker Johnson)—a longtime undercover operative—life more complicated: Preston and Cassandra donated money to start a charitable foundation with Nova’s brother.

“The Webb family, they’re sincere,” Williamson says. “It’s almost like Bonnie and Clyde meets Robin Hood, because they take from the dark side of life to give to the lighter side of life. That’s where they really want to [exist]: where they’re truly respected for good works, and not criminal works. So it’s an interesting dance. It really is. And we’re navigating that all the time.”

Another possible complication Webb might have to look out for? Dirty politician Congressman Leon Kilbride (Ron Cephas Jones), who is also on Bell’s radar.

“They will interact, because they grew up together and Webb and Kilbride ended up bumping heads along the way,” Williamson previews. “That situation is going to come to a crescendo, and these men will face off—but I won’t tell you how it how it turns out.”

As the show rapidly approaches its season finale, things won’t slow down. Williamson teases, “We’ve got some really juicy stuff up up our sleeve.”



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