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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME: Rick Gonzalez Previews a Case ‘Intimately Connected’ to Reyes

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law and order organized crime rick gonzalez interview

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Spirit In The Sky” Episode 304 — Pictured: Rick Gonzalez as Det. Bobby Reyes — (Photo by: Zach Dilgard/NBC)

Rick Gonzalez is no stranger to television, appearing in over 30 shows—including ARROW, REAPER, RUSH, THE LOST SYMBOL, and BOSTON PUBLIC, as well as guest spots on shows like LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, BONES, and MR. ROBOT—so when he heard his (eventual) LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME character, Bobby Reyes, was “dynamic,” he was intrigued.

“When I read [the script], I felt it,” Gonzalez tells Give Me My Remote. “This idea of somebody being invisible to the world, only to use those talents to extract information, to blend in, to be a detective that no one can see, on purpose, that was interesting to me. And so the key [thing that intrigued me] was creating this character who was dynamic for the squad—I just perked up my ears.”

“I love the idea of someone who, in so many ways, is capable of thriving in chaos,” he continues. Gonzalez shares he learned that real undercover operatives could be working multiple cases at the same time “and not bat an eye, not feel any fear, or anything like that. They were just so calm in the face of danger—I just got excited. And I thought, ‘Okay, well, who is he then? Who is Bobby Reyes? And how does he help the squad? And what does that mean? Why does he want to do this?'”

Though Reyes has only been with the squad for three episodes, he’s already been through a lot. In “Spirit In The Sky,” he went undercover in prison—and got stabbed. (He did end up getting the information OCCB needed, as well as help keep their asset alive.) “Being stabbed was not a big deal to Bobby, that’s the thing,” Gonzalez says. “It’s not a big deal at all—he planned to be stabbed. He understood how to get underneath Kenny Kyle, how to manipulate him, and to get his trust. Bobby has so many talents in this world; he’s definitely a bit of a soldier at the same time as a really good undercover detective. There’s so many layers to his abilities as a cop, as a detective.”

Despite the ordeal, Reyes won’t be experiencing any lingering trauma from he went through while under. “Last week just showed a little inkling of his ability,” Gonzalez notes. “And so he’s not dealing with any PTSD in terms of, ‘Hey, I just got stabbed. This is really bad.’ He’s totally okay with it; this is the part of the job—he knew he was gonna get stabbed. If anything, he’d probably have to figure out what he’s gonna say to his wife, smooth that over.”

“But is he really okay?” he continues. “What is the thing that’s inside of him that he’s still wrestling with? These next two episodes, we’re going to dive right into [that]—the thing that he wrestles underneath and propels him to be such a good undercover detective.”

law and order organized crime rick gonzalez interview

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Catch Me If You Can” Episode 303 — Pictured: (l-r) Rick Gonzalez as Det. Bobby Reyes, Danielle Moné Truitt as Sgt. Ayanna Bell — (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

Things come to a head for Reyes in “Behind Blue Eyes” when OCCB is asked to track down a group committing violent acts—who are posing as cops.

“We’re going to learn that there’s a certain group out there that’s connected to Bobby’s life, intimately,” Gonzalez previews. “What does that mean? How are they intimately connected? What’s the nucleus of it all? What does that do to Bobby? Does that stir the pot inside of him? And I think immediately we’re going to sort of see that play out.”

“What’s great about episode 5 is we need to get to know who these [fake cops] are first,” he continues. “And then we’ll figure out, okay, how does this connect to Bobby? It’s a connection that is going to be very heavy.”

For a character who excels at blending in and becoming other people, “this does a really great job of showing who Bobby Reyes is and why he is the way he is,” Gonzalez acknowledges. “We’re gonna learn a lot in these next two episodes about what he’s carrying…why is he so fearless and why does he put these things to use? What’s his purpose in wanting to be a part of this Organized Crime unit? To answer all those questions, you’ve got to go on the journey of who he was and what he went through and the people that he used to care about and where he was hurt before. How does he feel about that?”

“I just love that this show is really taking opportunity to get to know him and what makes him tick,” he continues. “I’m excited to show people that, and I’m excited for us to go on this journey. I know it sounds cliche, but it is pretty intense in terms of what we’re talking about—especially the subject matter that we’re going to dive into. But it only enhances the idea of what this guy is dealing with. So that makes me excited.”



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