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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME Post-Mortem: Rick Gonzalez on the Reyes Twist: ‘This is Bobby’s Moment’

October 27, 2022 by  

Organized Crime Reyes brothers

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Everybody Knows the Dice are Loaded” Episode 302 — Pictured: Rick Gonzalez as Det. Bobby Reyes — (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Thursday, October 27 episode of LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME, “Behind Blue Eyes.”]

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME’s Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez) got an unexpected blast from his past on the Thursday, October 27 episode, “Behind Blue Eyes”—his three former foster brothers.

Unfortunately for Reyes, the reunion came as the trio were posing as cops and violently attacking people in their way. (Including raping a mother and daughter, which brought SVU’s Rollins over.) OCCB was able to catch the two of the three men, and Reyes told Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt) their foster experience might be why they’re doing this.

For Reyes, who will also have to contend with the past, “I think the interesting thing is these are things that you sort of sweep under the rug,” Gonzalez tells Give Me My Remote. “You think if you just keep moving forward, then you’ll be fine. And to a certain extent, yes. But I think once he’s hit with the realization that my foster brothers are here, then it’s like, ‘The thing that we’ve dealt with as foster brothers is now in front of our face and the elephant in the room.'”

The reveal is “the thing that’s inside of him that he’s holding on to and it’s sort pushing him,” Gonzalez notes. “And I think it’s also motivating him, in a weird way, because I think Bobby sort of feels like, ‘You know what? Let me take care of this, once and for all. It’s time.’ Maybe this is Bobby’s moment, because he felt like, ‘I’ve joined this task force, I’m taking matters into my own hands. I need to grow in a certain way, and I just got to take care of this. And I have the ability to take care of it now. I didn’t have the ability before, but I do now.’ So I think that’s the powerful thing that happens to Bobby in that episode.”

Viewers know the task force is no stranger to taking on cases that are very close to the team. But Reyes is still new and hasn’t quite learned it’s practically an OCCB tradition to get too close to a case. As such, he quasi-tries to keep himself out of it…at first.

“Bobby has to finesse his way to hide this from them until he can’t anymore,” Gonzalez previews. “He’s going to try to keep this away from them as much as possible, in order to try to do it on his own. Obviously, it’s not going to work that way. But everything is sort of connected.”

“Ultimately, he’s gonna do the best he can to try to keep them out of it,” he continues. “And they’ll be saying, ‘Wait, what’s going on over there?’ They’re trying to figure out how this is all connected to him as well. At first, they’re like, ‘Wait, what’s going on here? Why are you behaving like this?’ Everything happens so quickly.”

As Reyes struggles with his past, Gonzalez hopes the show will dive into Reyes’ current family life in the future. (Scenes with his family were cut from an earlier episode.)

“I don’t know if we’re gonna see the family life,” he acknowledges. “I would love for us to show that. But I do think, for the audience’s sake, [it’s good] to know Bobby is somebody who does care about his kids. He has three of them. He’s married and he loves his wife. [This episode and next week’s] show that duality of somebody who’s grown up in really difficult situations and pulled himself out of it to try to create a healthy environment, as a husband and as a father, and to not replicate certain things.”

“Bobby is like, ‘I know what I went through. But I would never have my kids go through it or I would never put my kids through what I’ve went through,'” he continues. “That’s who Bobby is. I really do hope that we could see some of the home life or at least show some of the complexities of home life.”

In the meantime, OCCB has their own trouble at home: the task force could be disbanding. Deputy Inspector Lillian Goldfarb (Janel Moloney) told Bell she should move on, and given the team was crafted to take down Richard Wheatley and they did, they should “end on a high note…it’s time for everyone to move on.” Bell, for her part, doesn’t tell the team what’s going on—and doesn’t know Jet (Ainsley Seiger) overheard the conversation.

When will the other detectives figure out what is going on? “They’re slowly putting the pieces together,” Gonzalez teases. “Obviously, everyone in this task force is pretty smart. They’re all detectives. They’re putting it together in real time, and, obviously, understand that something’s wrong.”

“In the beginning, the idea was we’re a unit now and we’re single-handedly going to disband a lot of bad things in New York City,” he continues. “But when things start to sputter, then you’ve got to ask like, ‘Wait, why are things feeling disconnected?’ We’re no dummies—something’s going on.



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