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Natalie Zea Reflects on DIRTY SEXY MONEY

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Dirty Sexy Money

DIRTY SEXY MONEY season 2 cast. Credit: ABC

In 2007, ABC debuted the delightfully soapy family drama DIRTY SEXY MONEY. The series followed the ultra-wealthy Darling family and their quasi-reluctant lawyer/long-time family friend Nick George (Peter Krause).

DIRTY SEXY MONEY also boasted an incredible cast—Krause, Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh, Natalie Zea, William Baldwin, Glenn Fitzgerald, Seth Gabel, Samaire Armstrong, Zoe McLellan, Blair Underwood, and Lucy Liu—but the writers’ strike cut its first season short. Then, only nine of the second season episodes aired in-season, before the network burned off what would be the final four hours of the series in the summer. (The finale aired a decade ago, on Saturday, August 8, 2009.)

Though the series bounces around on streaming platforms (it’s currently available on ABC’s official site), it has remained beloved…including to those who worked on it.

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THE DETOUR Exclusive Clip: Have Nate and Robin Found Delilah?

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the detour the sister

The Detour – 403 “The Sister”

On the Tuesday, July 2 episode of TBS’ THE DETOUR, Nate (Jason Jones) and Robin (Natalie Zea) think they have a new lead on where their daughter, Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich), might be.

In an exclusive clip from “The Sister,” the duo encounter a, um, helpful duo—including Zea’s real-life husband/former PASSIONS co-star Travis Schuldt—who point them toward someone they think is Delilah. But, naturally, things are a bit more complicated than they may appear.

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THE DETOUR: Natalie Zea Previews a Potential Breaking Point in Season 4

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Detour season 4

Credit: TBS

When THE DETOUR season 4 kicks off, the Parker family is going through arguably their biggest obstacle yet: Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich), frustrated with her parents, has run away.

Naturally, that doesn’t go over well with Nate (Jason Jones) or Robin (Natalie Zea), who take drastic steps to try and track down their daughter. “The fundamental core of this show is based on these four individual units being a team and a unit,” Zea says. “So when they get splintered, no one handles it well.”

It’s a big season for Zea, who once again steps behind the camera to direct an episode and reunites with her real-life husband (and former PASSIONS co-star) Travis Schuldt when he joins the series for a mini-guest arc. She breaks down what’s in store this year… Read more

THE FOLLOWING: ‘The Reaping’ Photo Preview

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THE FOLLOWING only has three episodes left this season, and tonight’s episode is called, “The Reaping”…that can’t be good, right?

Check out some photos from the hour…


Picture 1 of 8

THE FOLLOWING: Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) runs into an old friend in the "The Reaping" episode of THE FOLLOWING airing Monday, April 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Giovanni Rufino/FOX

THE FOLLOWING airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.


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THE FOLLOWING: ‘Freedom’ Photo Preview

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Will Natalie Zea Return for Season 2 of THE FOLLOWING?

July 12, 2013 by  
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When THE FOLLOWING season 1 concluded, things didn’t look so great for Claire Matthews: after being saved from her serial killer/cult leader ex-husband, Joe Carroll, Claire returned to the seemingly safety of her former boyfriend, Ryan’s home — only for both of them to get brutally attacked by one of Joe’s followers with a vendetta against Ryan.

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THE FOLLOWING Cast Shares the Moments That Shocked Them

May 6, 2013 by  
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If you watched the first season of THE FOLLOWING, you know there was no shortage of “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!” moments.

But as viewers, we experienced those things a bit differently from the people who were tasked with acting them out. So when I hit up THE FOLLOWING finale carpet last week, I asked the stars what moments from season 1 shocked them the most…

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