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THE BACHELORETTE: Bentley is a Creep, William Gets a Break

June 7, 2011 by  

As irrational as it may be, I find myself incredibly angry with THE BACHELORETTE tonight.

I understand the show is not the highest in terms of “quality” — okay, let’s be fair, it’s a guilty pleasure. But at the same time, human decency shouldn’t be unheard of, even if this is a reality show.

Was Bentley good TV? I don’t know. He got people talking. But whereas in previous cycles of THE BACHELORETTE when there have been ridiculous contestants and they got their rightful blame, much of the anger I saw expressed on Twitter Monday night wasn’t towards Bentley — it was towards the producers for allowing him to do what he did to Ashley.

The producers don’t want to tell her the absolutely despicable things Bentley was saying about her while he was on the show? Fine. I don’t agree with it, but I understand that by showing her that footage, it would have changed the game — especially when she had been warned against Bentley before she even met him.

But as soon as he took himself out of the show — as soon as Ashley crawled into her bed, heartbroken and crying her eyes out because she guy she was crazy about was leaving to “be with his kid” — how did someone not step in? Bentley lied to Ashley. He told her he was leaving to be with his kid when in reality he was just done with her, having never really liked her all along. Given the fact that the producers surely had to have known what was going down and saw that he left her hanging by saying things might not be over for them, how could someone not say, “Look, we understand you felt a connection to him, but your initial warning was right. Take a day, get yourself together and then we’ll move on with the show.”

By not stepping in, they allowed Bentley to inflict further damage to the series. Ashley’s date with JP ended up being mopey and angsty and she was too distraught to do the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Ashley said she was as upset by Bentley leaving as she was by her breakup with Brad last season! (To be fair, I can’t believe Ashley thought Bentley was “it” for her. Blech. But she was invested in the guy and his leaving devastated her.)

Let’s be blunt — Bentley was arguably the biggest jerk the franchise has showcased so far. There is a ton of blame that should be placed squarely on his shoulders. After his cruel words about Ashley, his uncaring nature and his general idiotic-ness, he deserves all of the blame he will get in the upcoming days. But unless those confessional interviews where he made his harshest comments were filmed after the actual show was taped and the producers didn’t know how terrible he would be, there is no excuse for letting him get the last word.

Do we really think Bentley will come back to any reunions? No. He got what he needed from the show and to come back now would be allowing himself to be rightfully dragged over the coals. So how great would it have been if Ashley could have had hard proof that Bentley was the jerk she was warned he might be and she had gone after him like Ali went after Justin when she was THE BACHELORETTE?

Instead, Bentley won. He got his airtime, he made Ashley cry, and he could have potentially sabotaged relationships she was forming with the other guys.

And you know what? I’m freaking annoyed I spent several hundred words writing about a jackass (sorry to any kids who stumbled upon this post, but there is no nicer way to put it. I tried.) who really didn’t need more publicity than ABC already gave him. We didn’t need to see him lie to Ashley again and again and again in Monday’s episode. We didn’t need to see him doing his hair at the tag at the end. Hopefully I never have to write Bentley’s name again. (Oh, and this arc should serve as a warning to all potential contestants…under the right circumstances, you too can be set up by the show to look like a complete idiot, plus have the person you were crazy about badmouth you for weeks without anyone stopping them. Yay!)

As for the other contestants, a few other notes from tonight’s episode…

  • Ben C. was charming and held up well with the flash mob. While his dinnertime declaration of what he wants love to be was romantic, I wonder if it will inevitably scare Ashley off. He seemed intense.
  • William is lucky his first date with Ashley was so successful, because if anyone else had made the crack about wishing she was one of the other BACHELOR rejects during the roast, they’d likely be gone. Instead, William survives another week.

Okay guys, what did you think? Are you okay with how the show handled the situation?

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4 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE: Bentley is a Creep, William Gets a Break”

  1. Emily on June 7th, 2011 9:34 am

    I love my guilty pleasure every Monday night and recognize it for exactly what it is…a trashy “reality” show, but even I’m totally annoyed and uncomfortable this season. Moreso than usual. From that weird wedding date with William, to the horrible idea of a roast, to the unacceptable behavior of Bentley (really, what is his agenda? I don’t get it.), I can’t figure out what the producers are thinking this season. I think it would be great if one season they let the bachelor or bachelorette watch the confessional videos without the contestants knowing.

  2. mehva on June 7th, 2011 11:58 am

    ok i read her blog and says this is not the last of him….. hate to break it to you but suspect she will get him to come back and he will come…. and do more damage. and i do think they should have allowed her to see the footage mid show

  3. alli on June 7th, 2011 2:38 pm

    Oh God no…if he comes back to get more air time…don’t even want to go there. Poor Ashley is just being made to look so pathetic by the producers this year. If i didn’t know better i would think she had some how pissed them off. The only redeeming thing i’ve seen is that Chris Harrison seems to really want to tell her what is going on, but unfortunately and probably contractually can not. He seemed very irritated when talking about the “B” boy last night ( yes…i refuse to say his name.)

    I don’t want to say Ashley is blameless though, she knew better and i think it fed her very fragile ego to think that she was somehow changing B into a better person than she was warned he would be.

    Not happy with William right now either. Yes, he screwed up and that was bad but what was worse to me was his inability to say he was sorry for what he had done…he just gave up and ran away. Please…grow a pair William, a real man would not only own up to his mistake, which he did, but he would also try and rectify them with an apology. Honestly if William is the funniest guy in the house, then i hate to say it but Ashley should probably cross a funny guy off her list of wants. The only thing William roasted on that date was his chance of making it to the end, because as much as she might forgive him, lets be honest…will she ever forget? And a girl with a high level of insecurity like her, well that comment is going to eat her up every time she is with him.

    Loved Ben C. Thought he handled the dancing in front of people well. It is such an awkward thing to do, but he did it for her. He seems like a really good guy and JP’s date may not have been exciting or fun filled, but it was definitely the most real. I thought he handled the situation really well and that he showed he can be counted on to have empathy and a strong shoulder to lean on in tougher times.

    If Ashley can let go of B…she has some very strong contenders still left in the game. It would be a very sad statement of the network to allow her chance at finding love become a sham just to boost ratings.

  4. laurie on June 7th, 2011 3:43 pm

    The producers just dug their own grave. They allowed this asswipe “Bentley” to bring the show to a new low. Bentley seems to think he is adorable. I find him repulsive. All he is is a SOCIOPATH. I don’t find him attractive in the least. He is vile; I turned it off. I thought, “How could they do to her what this moron has done?” Lie and deceive her. She’s going to emerge completely broken from this and never trust anyone again. They have damaged her. She clearly isn’t the most confident, together woman on the planet. The producers mishandled it.