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THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: Mark Pellegrino on Jedikiah’s Decline, Strained Relationships, and More

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THE TOMORROW PEOPLE’s Jedikiah is in quite the bind: he’s lost the trust of his colleagues, the people he cares about, and he’s on his own.

So what’s next for him? I asked THE TOMORROW PEOPLE star Mark Pellegrino (Jedikiah) what he could share about his character’s troubles, the strained relationships, upcoming episodes, and more…

Jedikiah is in quite a bit of trouble. What can you tease about the next new episode?
Mark Pellegrino: Well, he is in quite a bit of trouble. He’s outside of Ultra now and on the lam, and alienated completely from pretty much the only person in the world who sometimes is loyal to him, and that’s Stephen.

The Founder has taken over Ultra, and he’s instituted a new [rule] there’s no open season on the Tomorrow People, it’s never been about trying to control them, it was originally about trying to integrate them into the world and promote their existence, not oppress them in any way. And he frames — and I think, believes — that after he took his eye off the ball, during his experiments, Jedikiah let this organization become a monster.

So now Stephen is on the side of the Founder and Jedikiah has nothing. Stephen is the most important element to his overall plan with Roger and the Founder, so he has to not only try to contact him, but bring him over to his side.

John is also someone Jedikiah has had a complicated relationship with. What can you tease about their next encounter?
MP: John vacillates back and forth with Jedikiah, and the overall resentment with the way Jedikiah used him, I guess. But he’s very skeptical about the Founder. But even though there’s a breakout in the episode, and the Founder uses it to show his benevolence, John’s not necessarily buying it.

So he’s a little more open to Jedikiah and Jedikiah’s attempts to get him to bring Stephen back into the fold. So there’s definitely going to be an encounter between the two of them, and I think in order to bring John over to the other side, Jedikiah is going to have to show him some overwhelming proof, or throw something in his lap that will emotionally bring him over to Jedikiah’s side, so he can get Stephen to come over to my side.

Does Jedikiah have that kind of ammunition to actually achieve that?
MP: He does.

Is it something fans might have already had a hint about? Or is it something that will completely shock viewers?
MP: Well, it’s definitely going to shock John. I think the fans may have an inkling of it.

Interesting. How is the idea of becoming a father impacting Jedikiah’s life choices?
MP: It’s definitely playing a part of things, and it’s going to play a pretty huge part of things. But a number of other things have to fall in place before he can even consider that. I think Jedikiah is the type of person who would sacrifice himself for his cause. And so, initially, there are bigger fish to fry than worrying about Morgan and the child, even though it’s got to be in the back of his mind; right now, he’s got pretty much all of humanity hanging in the balance. So, he’ll put his own needs aside until it’s appropriate to deal with that.

Will Morgan’s pregnancy become more widely known?
MP: All the principal characters know, that’s for sure.

There’s a tease that Ultra and the Tomorrow People will have an uneasy truce. How does that impact Jedikiah?
MP: The whole universe is going to change. Everything is going to be turned upside down.

Just for Jedikiah, or for everyone on the show?
MP: For everyone.

The show has been progressing pretty steadily. Have you gotten any sort of heads up before big scripts, or are you finding out when you actually get the chance to read them?
MP: I’m given a heads-up because Robbie [Amell (Stephen)] reads the episode pretty much before everybody else. He gets a production draft when they’re in the make-up and hair trailer, and he goes, “Wait until you see this episode.” But for the most part, the writers don’t tell us what’s going on until we get the episodes in our hands and get to see them ourselves.

The finale seems like it’s going to be pretty massive. What can you tease about what’s in store?
MP: Jedikiah will be dealing with a very clever Founder, who is able to make people believe he’s actually benevolent. So he’s going to have to try to out-do this guy, who is now in the seat of power and has all this power. And that is going to be a nearly impossible task. But in the attempt, many, many, many crazy things are going to happen.

Will those events be dealing with Stephen’s family as well? Or is it more centered around Ultra, the Tomorrow People, Jedikiah, and possibly Roger?
MP: All of the Tomorrow People get pulled into it, and Stephen’s family is at the epicenter of it all.

How much will Roger and Jedikiah’s relationship being played with in these final episodes?
MP: Quite a bit. You see the real affection between the two, and you see that at the base of everything Jedikiah has done. You’re going to see less Cain and Abel and more something else: two great friends, who really love each other.

Is there anything you’re particularly excited for fans to see in these next batch of episodes?
MP: I’m interested in Jedikiah’s whole decline and disintegration, because that’s kind of what it is. Jedikiah comes apart as he’s trying to keep it together, and I think that’s interesting. I’m interested in the next series of episodes to see what fans think, when they see a guy who has been very good at keeping it together slipping. Slipping, and really making desperate attempts to see his plan all the way through to the end.

If the show gets renewed, do you see Jedikiah being in a completely different place than viewers have seen him so far in season 2? Or is it a fairly straightforward shot and he continues down a familiar path?
MP: I see him in an entirely different place. And it ain’t going to be on a beach sipping Mai Tais. [But] I’m not even sure if Jedikiah knows how to relax. He’s been too busy and too focused for too long.

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE airs Mondays at 9 PM on The CW.


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