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LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT Recap: What Secret Was Velasco Hiding?

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LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “King of the Moon” Episode 24015 — Pictured: Octavio Pisano as Det. Joe Velasco — (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Thursday, February 23 episode of LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, “King of the Moon.”]

The characters on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT took drastic steps on the Thursday, February 23 episode to find out what exactly Velasco (Octavio Pisano) meant when he told an inmate he had committed a double homicide: they put him in interrogation.

Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) asked for Fin (Ice T) to help her get to the bottom of things—with an assist from Churlish (Jasmine Batchelor), whose recording of Velasco’s jailhouse conversation kicked off this entire investigation.

Initially, Velasco was indignant—pointing out that Churlish committed a felony by recording him without his consent—and claimed he was messing with the guy. But then Churlish pulled out a (BX9 branded) dime bag, which she got from the prisoner Velasco gave it to.

Though it tested positive for heroin residue, Velasco insisted he emptied the bag; he had given the prisoner powdered sugar. To be safe, Fin had Velasco do a drug test.

Velasco was put back in interrogation, where he was still annoyed. But Fin was more concerned about the alleged murders: a dead father and son in Fort Worth, Texas, who were killed two decades earlier. Velasco finally copped to being there, but insisted he didn’t do it.

After more fighting with Churlish, Fin finally got Velasco talking. “My first job was delivering bread in Juarez,” he said. “One day, I met a guy on my route who offered me and my boy Chilly a job. He said if we went through the training, we’d be security guards. It was 180 a week. I was 15 years old.”

“So they sent us to a camp,” he continued. Of course, it wasn’t what it seemed: it was a school for hit men. “The guy that recruited me said the only way to leave was in a body bag. So me and my boy Chilly, we were there for three months training how to use weapons. And then, as a final test, they made us go to Fort Worth.”

Velasco acknowledged he was “ready to do the hit,” but when push came to shove, “I love my nerve; I couldn’t do it.” Chilly could and covered for Velasco with the cartel.

When Fin asked for Chilly’s real name, Velasco declined to give it. “Chilly is the only reason I’m alive,” he explained.

“You’re not half a hitman from Juarez anymore, you’re an NYPD officer,” Fin replied.

Velasco tried to plead his case to Fin—”I didn’t kill anyone, Sarge”—but Fin remained resolute: Velasco needed to show his loyalty to Olivia, not Chilly, not the NYPD, not Fin. Privately, though, Fin told Olivia he thought everyone deserved a second chance.

Olivia and Velasco met up, outside of work, and she told him he passed his drug test. “You know, Captain, if my loyalty was ever questioned, I think that—” Velasco started.

“I feel bad for you, Velasco,” Olivia interrupted.

“Bad?” he questioned. “Bad how?”

“Because you’re 180 pounds of water in the shape of a man,” she replied. “And you take on the shape of anything you’re poured into. Duarte asked you to flip a banger. And you end up playing just as dirty as the guy we’re hunting. Up until now, Velasco, you’ve been living a performance. Not a life. That changes now. Understood?”

Velasco questioned what he should do. “You owe a debt,” Olivia answered. “To the two people who were killed. Even though they were drug dealers. It doesn’t have to happen today. It doesn’t have to happen tomorrow. But you will find that friend, and you will bring him to justice.”

Velasco pointed out people change. Olivia was undeterred: “Being a cop isn’t some sort of penance. Putting your friend away for murder is.”

“That’s what it takes for me and you to be all right?” he questioned.

“That’s what it takes for me and you to be all right,” she confirmed. And then Olivia left Velasco there to think about his next move.



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