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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME: Watch Randall and Elliot Stage an Intervention for Joe Jr.

April 9, 2024 by  

Organized Crime Joe Jr intervention video

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With Joe Jr. (Michael Trotter) seemingly deep into a drug addiction, his big brothers Randall (Dean Norris) and Elliot (Christopher Meloni) decide to ambush him with an intervention on the Thursday, April 11 episode of LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME.

“It’s my idea to do the intervention and I think it’s gonna go [easy],” Norris recently told Give Me My Remote. “Chit chat and we talk a bit and we walk out, holding hands, and we take him to rehab. Spoiler alert, doesn’t happen that way.”

“It winds up being a little bit messier than that,” Trotter added.

In a clip from the intervention scene from “Semper Fi,” Joe is shocked to discover Elliot in his hotel room.

“Broke into my room?” Joe asks in the video below.

“And your safe,” Randall confirms.

“Jesus,” he says. “You had no right. I oughta call the goddamn cops.”

“You could,” Elliot says, before lifting a room service cover and showing Joe Jr. what they found. “But I wouldn’t. How long you been using?”

Joe Jr. claims he’s holding for a friend, but Randall accuses him of also dealing. “You guys both have lost your minds,” Joe says.

When Elliot questions how the drugs are being brought in, Joe Jr. quickly deduces this isn’t actually about him. “I’m just another one of those dirtbags in one of your investigations,” Joe Jr. accuses his brother. “That’s what’s happening?”

“That’s not true,” Randall insists. “We’re concerned about you, Joey. You’ve been acting all cagey ever since our family dinner.”

“Really?” Joe asks. “This coming from the two guys who get into a brawl at ma’s dinner table?”

And things only spiral from there when Elliot insists they’re just trying to help him.

“I think what you’ll see is a shift in mindset,” Trotter said. “He thinks it’s going to be one thing and it winds up being something completely different. And the transition between the two is the recognition that they, in his mind, betray him. Like any addict, he doesn’t see the very issue that’s right in front of them. Not at all, and not like other people, especially the ones that love him, can see it. And I think what you’re going to experience is the denial that oftentimes comes when faced with your own problems. You just don’t want to hear it. And you generally don’t believe that it’s a problem. And I think the manifestation of that is what you’ll see in the scene which is anything but pleasant. And anything but Kumbaya.”

Watch the scene now…



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