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GHOSTS Season 2 Finale Post-Mortem: Rebecca Wisocky on Hetty’s Trial and That WTF-Worthy Final Twist

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Ghosts Who Went to Heaven

“Woodstone’s Hottest Couple” – When teen ghost Stephanie (Odessa A’zion), who lives in the attic, awakens to find that her crush Trevor is now dating Hetty, she decides to sabotage all the relationships at Woodstone, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, April 27 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): Asher Grodman as Trevor and Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty. Photo: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Thursday, May 11 season finale of GHOSTS, “The Heir.”]

With GHOSTS’ Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) on the outs with her ghostly roommates on the Thursday, May 11 season finale, “The Heir,” the spirits find their own way to get justice for her secret-keeping: A trial.

“Hetty’s not used to admitting that she’s wrong…[and] she really is,” Wisocky tells Give Me My Remote. “There’s no way around it, and that’s a delicate tightrope to walk to justify your actions, to seek forgiveness, but to still admit that you’re wrong. There’s a lot of tension in the room. Alberta gets to control the rules of the world at that moment, and Hetty lets her have that, because she is deeply, truly sorry.”

And while this is the first time we’ve seen ghost justice play out on-screen, “whether it’s the zaniest, pratfall-iest comedic moment or the most heartfelt, deep, dramatic revelation, we shoot the show with the same sensibility,” Wisocky notes. “And the crew that we have up in Montreal are such true artists. The way the show is lit, the way it’s designed; the care and humor and generosity that surround us every take, every scene. That’s what makes it. And we all have…a uniform understanding of what the music of this type of show is. Everyone’s playing the same game and on the same team.”

“Talia Bernstein wrote [‘The Heir’],” she continues. “She’s a wonderful writer. We love all of the writers on the show. And, yeah, we’re very excited to see what they are cooking up for us post-strike.”

Ultimately, the ghosts banished Hetty to the woods for a year…but Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) had second thoughts when she realized it meant she’d lose her friend for that duration.

“Hetty has had such dramatic character growth over the course of our first two seasons,” Wisocky points out of the bonds that have developed. “I’ve said this before, but it’s likely because she’s had the very farthest to go. She’s changed so much. And yet she gets so many of these lessons so horribly wrong. Of course very funny, but those moments, those very truthful moments that I think surprise Hetty even as she’s experiencing them, even if she’s saying how deeply Alberta’s friendship has changed her—those are wonderful gifts that the writers have given us and those are very important scenes that she’s not just narrating that she has changed, but she’s actively changing in the moment. Our director Christine Gernon handled that stuff so beautifully.”

“She’s changed due to them, due to their influence,” she continues. “And I think that’s the great message of the show. These ghosts, they would have never known one another in their own time and their own lives. They would have never been exposed to one another and such different points of view and ways of walking through the world. And only through that, are they capable of change. For me, at least that’s the thing that’s the most remarkable about the show and the thing that will I think provide storylines for hopefully many years to come.”

But will everyone actually be around for it? In the final moments of the season, Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) seemed to witness (from afar) a ghost being sucked off—AKA brought up to heaven.

When the actors found out about the twist, “it was at the end of the season,” Wisocky recalls. “I think it might have been one of those [times] where we got the [script] draft for the table read as we were shooting the previous episode… I think it’s very possible that that one really was a jaw-dropper at the read. So someone has the Zoom video footage of that moment of shock, for sure.”

And while the actress knows which ghost was impacted, she’s staying mum about their identity.

“I think there will be a lot of theories,” she allows. “I think there will be a lot of concern. But that’s a testament to how deeply the fans have grown to love these characters and become invested in them.”

Right now, though the show has been renewed for a third season, when it’ll be back in production is a big question as the writers are striking to achieve a better deal from the studios.

“We all support our writers,” Wisocky says. “We’re hoping and counting on them getting an equitable deal as soon as possible.”

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